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Why Study Your Dreams?
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Kathleen Meadows, M.A. Personal Dream Interpreter

Psychic Kathleen Meadows

Welcome to Kathleen Meadows' Dreams Dictionary web site. This dream symbol dictionary was posted in its entirety for visitors to learn to do their own dream interpretation.

Kathleen's Published Psychic Articles Online

Kathleen has been published for several years online with unexplained-mysteries. If you are interested in psychic ability, mediumship and other aspects of Kathleen's work go to unexplained-mysteries.

The Art Gallery

The Gallery is where Erich Rock's artwork is showcased.  His work is a stunning expression of the power in our natural environment similar to our dreams. The connection between dreams and art has always been strong. Authors use their dreams to inspire unique stories; artists utilize their dreams for creations and storyteller draw upon their dreams for story lines. Erich's artwork is inspired by the collective dreams of the aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Why Study Your Dreams

A recent study has determined that in an 80 year life span, we spend 20 years of that dreaming. Twenty years of our embodied existence is spent in pure creativity. We breathe, we eat, drink and we dream. Most people are surprised to learn that their dreaming mind is critical to their good health, spiritual enlightenment and even longevity. Our dreams reveal to us that we are so much more than we can imagine.

Why Yet Another Dream Symbol Dictionary?

Kathleen wrote this Dreams Meaning Dictionary to fix a gap left in the other dream dictionaries on the market. Dream dictionaries typically offer a definition for each object, action or character in a dream, but fail to further stimulate the seeker to a critical personal association with the dream object. The question given at the end of each definition is designed to spark a process of personal and deeper work. By following the process along with the content of the dream dictionary you will learn how to become your own dream translating expert. If after using this dictionary you still cannot figure out what your dream was about then contact Kathleen for a professional interpretation. People have been amazed at how vital this consultation was to making just the right decision at the right time!

To access Kathleen's FEE BASED private and confidiential dream interpretation service click here Spiritual Dream Interpretations Online.

Hi, Kathleen,
Wow - what a wonderful new online resource with your e-dictionary of dreams! Have passed the info along to interested friends, and much enjoy searching and pondering myself. With many recent dreams featuring young men (yup - animus figures), I looked up "boy" and found the word "town' puzzling here: boyfriend be a good friend to your masculine side; someone back in town; an inner, balancing point of view. Who is your new boyfriend? Should it be 'back in time', maybe? Or am I missing an earlier reference to 'town'? Looked up the latter, too, of course ... will gladly ponder further if the word is meant to be there! Knowing will help me in my use of this marvellous dictionary. Thanks, as ever, for your wisdom and generous spirit.

Thank you, Kathleen
It was such a pleasure sharing Thursday evenings with you. Thank you especially for all the insight and dream analysis tools...mind-altering!
Until next time we meet, all the best. :))

Hello Kathleen in Canada!
Stumbled across your Dream Dictionary for the first time today. It was really helpful, very insightful; goes far beyond what other dream dictionaries do. Thanks muchly!
Fran Brizi, Vienna, Austria

Why Purchase an Individual Dream Interpretation by Kathleen?

  • The dream keeps recurring
  • The dream stirs deep emotional responses in you and keeps playing in your mind throughout the day
  • You know the dream is telling you something that is vitally important for you to understand but you simply CANNOT figure it out
  • You are having nightmares that wake you up and are disturbing your sleep.
  • You need dream insights to help you make the wisest decisions based upon a true interpretation of the dream's meaning.
  • You need to know if someone in the spirit world really did visit you in a dream and what their message meant to you at this time in your life.
  • Your dream is too complicated or you are too close to the matter to comprehend the dream's message. Kathleen can help you understand the hidden dynamics and give you some valuable ideas about what you can do to get things back on track.

Kathleen's dreams interpretations provide the insights and information that will help you get clear, so you can know what is in your heart and can then choose the best path to get you where you want to be in life. She is gifted and trained to listen and interpret your soul's calling. Kathleen offers this service: Reading by Phone, Psychic Reading by Skype, and Psychic Reading in Person from Victoria (Oak Bay), BC CANADA.


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