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A Spirit Guide Pays a Visit

In the following big dream experienced by a young woman feeling depressed about her life we examined the meaning of her central symbol, The White Woman.

“I was in my bedroom, not my present bedroom but the bedroom I had as a child growing up. I was lying on the bed looking at the closed door when suddenly it opened and a woman walked into the room. She was beautiful. Dressed all in white, featuring a white, fitted coat, she stood just inside the door looking at me. She was an older woman, but she was beautiful and I was excited and happy to see her. I wanted to embrace her but halfway across the room, seeing the look on her face, I stopped in my tracks. She was regarding me sternly, almost disapproving, disappointed, and reserved. She made no move towards me nor did she move her arms in a welcoming embrace. I felt chagrined, humbled and sad.”

My client wanted to explore who this Woman in White was and what message she brought. The message felt dire, ominous, and forbidding.  She felt unable to let it simply go.

The symbolism in the dream itself was rather splashy. A beautiful and mature woman dressed in white represents a paradox:  white as a symbol of purity, honesty and all potential in combination with maturity, experience and wisdom. The fact that my client was in her childhood bedroom was a further clue; the Woman in White was demonstrating an intimate familiarity with my client, hinting, “I have been with you and have visited you in your most private moments ever since you were a child.”
My client’s feelings of humility and sadness over having disappointed this woman was a big clue to the message she brings.  Going through a difficult time, she was being harsh with herself. Indeed this sensitive young woman was being stern, judgmental, and harshly self-critical.

The Cosmic Connection to the Woman in White

Having worked through my client’s own personal connection to this Woman in White, I still felt there was more to be revealed.  A feeling that something extraordinary, indeed cosmic, had taken place in this dream led me to delve deeper into collective associations to the Woman in White. 

I was excited to learn that there are many legendary, religio-cultural connections to her. There is a Woman in White in Lakota Culture which led to the development of several powerful rituals still practiced today such as the passing of the pipe.  Smoke sharing among the Lakota represents an exchange of energy between the world of humanity and the cosmic spirit.

In Lourdes, France, many visions of the Woman in White have been reported beginning with a young woman in 1858.  Since then many have seen this vision of the Woman in White and although initially skeptical, the Catholic Church now believes these visions to be of the Virgin Mary.  Millions flock to Lourdes every year seeking the healing power of this sacred place.

Dream Symbol Interpreted Leads to Sacred-Site Journey

The symbol of the White Woman in this young woman's dream was not only personal but cosmic in nature leading us down a whole new exciting, exploratory path. Shortly after having worked through this dream, this woman booked a passage to Egypt to participate in a special, sacred-site at a sacred-time tour.  Who knows what further explorations will emerge?

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