Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams
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cab some part of your life being driven by someone else; relax and let another take over for a change. Who can get you there fast?

cabbage inexpensive food often associated with poverty; Cabbage Patch dolls; where babies come from; Cabbage Town, a poor section of Toronto. When do you feel as if you’re being treated like a cabbage?

cabin you may need to get away by yourself; time to simplify your life; a cabin cruiser. What have you been doing in a cab?

cactus a prickly person to be around; someone has stored up a lot of emotion; associated with desert. Who’s “thorny”?

Cadmus in Greek mythology, he killed a dragon which guarded a spring and sowed dragon’s teeth which grew into armed men; he disposed of the majority by setting them to fight one another. What are you sowing that you are afraid of reaping?

Caduceus an ancient Greek or Roman wand carried by the messenger-god Hermes, or Mercury; two snakes are twined around it with a pair of wings on top; used as an emblem of the medical profession; the snakes, to some, represent the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system and the two wings, the two halves of the brain. What message of healing do you need to take to someone?

cafeteria you can choose what you want in life; there are a variety of things out there; let someone else do the cooking. What are you carrying around on a tray?

cage a part of you feels caged in, or trapped; parts of yourself may need protection. Who is being cagey about something?

cake time to celebrate; eating sweets; something is “a piece of cake” to do; something will sell “like hot cakes”. How can you have your cake and eat it too?

calendar time will not wait, do it now; a busy social calendar. What’s special about to-day?

call a part of you is calling; listen to who is calling you; a call-girl; someone given “a calling down”; being called to make a change; someone else “calling the shots”; needing to call someone; being on call; always within call; leaving your calling card. What have you felt a calling to do?

Calliope in Greek and Roman mythology, the Muse of eloquence and epic poetry; an organ- like instrument with a set of steam whistles producing musical notes. What, or who, has inspired you to wax poetic?

camcorder keeping track of events; wanting to be a cinematographer; being more comfortable behind the scenes; keeping memories intact for posterity. Who always has a camera stuck in your face?

camel be sure you drink enough water; watch your salt intake; a brand of cigarettes; artist’s paintbrush. Who’s carrying all the resources?

camera your dream is showing you a picture of something; look at the past for some clues. Where has time “stood still” for you?

camp perhaps it’s time for a holiday; staying in one place for an extended length of time; memories of camp. Who is acting in an affected, effeminate style?

campus time for some higher learning; an Ivy Leaguer you know is on your mind. Who is camping down in your house?

candle burning a candle for someone who has passed away; can’t “hold a candle” to it. Who is burning at both ends?

candy check your diet for too many sweets; life is sweet; a sugary-sweet person. Who is tempting you with sweets?

cane needing assistance; being punished; a candy cane; going for a walk; raising Cain. Who uses a cane?

cannibal eating yourself up over something; get out of the stewpot and take action; tearing something down to be used as spare parts. What’s “eating you”?

cannon cannon check out your printer; someone mad. How are you being used as ammunition?

canoe time to paddle it yourself; take a nature holiday away from motors and industrial life. Who would you like to take on a romantic canoe ride?

Canopus in Greek mythology, the pilot of the fleet of King Menelaus in the Trojan War; the second brightest star in the sky; only Sirius is brighter. Who is trying to outshine you?

cap it’s time to put a cap (or lid) on it; being a good sport; covering a bald spot; going to someone with “cap in hand”. (See lid) ) What thoughts are you covering up?

cape romantic wish about the past coming up for you; hiding behind your clothing; a mysterious stranger. Who is at the point of no return (sailing around the Cape)?

captain you are the captain of your ship and life; father indicated; take care of yourself first, then you can help others. Why would you rather be sailing?

captive a part of yourself is being held captive; look at the payoff you get from doing this; desiring to captivate someone. Who needs a captive audience to be heard?

car often symbolizes our self-image, as in car advertising; moving through life in relationships and in jobs; using your life energy to get from place to place; put on the brakes, or step on the gas; check who is in the driver’s seat; parked for too long; using your energy wisely; car also represents your body; headlights = eyes, front and rear fenders = shoulders or hips, electric system=nervous system, car fluids = body fluids, motor = brain, etc. How does your dream car reveal how you are moving through life, in your relationships, in your self image and in your motivation to do what you’re doing?

caravan the gypsy in you calls for adventure; following behind others on your journey; look after your car and van. Who needs a holiday?

card time to relax and play; watch out for the jokers; something “in the cards”; someone might have a card “up their sleeve”; putting your cards on the table; someone playing with a stacked deck; tarot cards. What are you betting on?

carnations an occasion for flowers; buy some flowers for a loved one, or a friend; a nation of car-lovers. Who has buttonholed you lately?

carpenter time to rebuild or repair something; Christian spiritual symbol; working with your hands; artist with wood; plan your work and work your plan. Who is the “cut up”?

carpet carpet look what is underfoot in your life; time to take disciplined action toward something; don’t leave your pet in the car; being brought “on the carpet”; sweeping things “under the carpet”. Who is walking all over you?

carriage longing for the old-fashioned days; take things more slowly; check your posture. Who is pulling your around?

carrot get your eyes checked; eat lots of vegetables; give yourself little rewards along the way. Who is impressed with diamonds?

carry get help with the chores; stop pushing beyond your limits; getting carried away; believing you can “carry it off”; someone “carrying on”; you need to “carry through”. Who is becoming a burden to you?

cartoon relax and read the funnies; look at the funny side of a situation. What cartoon would represent your life and what character would you be in it?

carve you can form your own job; be careful what you take apart, you may not be able to get it back together; carving out new plans. What excess needs trimming?

cash look at what is valuable to you; using charge cards excessively; too much, or not enough, cash flow; ready to “cash in your chips”. How are you limiting yourself and is it really worth it?

Cassandra in Greek mythology, a daughter of a Trojan king; Apollo loved her and gifted her with prophecy; when she cheated him, he ordered in anger that no one should believe her; any person who prophesies but is not believed. What prophecies are you not believing, or who is not listening to your predictions?

casserole make your life simple; take a cooked dish to a friend. What is all mixed up and offered as one thing?

Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, the wife of the king of Ethiopia and mother of Andromeda; she boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids, which incensed Poseidon; a constellation near the north celestial pole, containing a supernova remnant which is the strongest radio source in the sky. What has blown up but is still sending out messages?

castle it is fun to build castles in the air but don’t forget the stairways; acting like King of the Castle. How is your home a castle, or how could you make it a castle?

cat (pet) time to be independent; a “catty” person; a CAT scan; the cat’s got someone’s tongue; letting the cat out of the bag; acting like a cat on a hot tin roof; for a particular breed look at what your personal meaning is and any puns associated. How many lives do you think you have?

cat (wild) ) natural instincts; always landing on your feet; a friendly back-scratch; keep your claws in; afraid of a catastrophe. Where could you act quickly and forcefully?

catalogue getting things in order; you will find exactly what you want; a “cat on a log”. What needs ordering?

catastrophe dreams often exaggerate; compare your feelings of the dream catastrophe with waking life. What could you have done in your dream to avert the catastrophe?

catch time to play ball; if you don’t want it, throw it away; someone on the verge of “catching it”; speaking in catch phrases; time to catch up with something; afraid of catching something; caught in a Catch-22 situation. What don’t you want to catch?

caterpillar transformation takes time, or it can be instantaneous; rolling right over things because you’re bigger; when a part of you dies, a new part is reborn; creeping along. What is taking a long time to achieve?

cathedral all life is sacred; the whole earth can be your cathedral; remembering the last time you were in a cathedral. What is huge and awesome in your life?

cave a place of hiding and comfort; primitive and basic; going back to Mother Earth for protection; hide away and meditate; pregnancy. What is caving in?

ceiling glass ceiling; reaching new heights; don’t limit yourself. What are you “sealing” off?

celebrity feeling insignificant; describe the celebrity from your dream and think who in your life fits this description. would you like to be famous for?

cell selling something; feeling closed in and punished; meditating in a quiet place; communication with your cells. (See sell) Who is “selling out”?

cell phone feeling trapped and needing to communicate; time to get a new phone; selling a phone. Who do you call on a cell phone, or who is always calling you at a bad time?

cellar hiding something from yourself; look what you have in your cellar; in cold storage. What are you selling her?

cello a large instrument held between the legs that makes beautiful music; sexuality indicated; part of a group or team that works harmoniously together. Who is making deep and melodious sounds?

cement hard and fastened; a relationship needs some fresh cement to hold it together. What is cemented together and has a great foundation?

cemetery a need to go someplace quiet and relax; letting dead things rest; someone still in mourning; needing to say goodbye. What needs to be put to rest?

Centaur centaur in Greek mythology, a creature with the head, arms and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse; often portrayed as wild and drunken, although some, were learned teachers; a Sagittarian may be prominent; a part of you is not like the other part. Who is acting half-beast or half-human in your life?

Cerberus Greek mythology, a monstrous watchdog with three or fifty heads; it guarded the entrance to Hades; Hercules was to bring him up from the underworld. What large and difficult task lies before you?

cereal the same old thing just keeps coming (serial); eat a good breakfast. Whose life is like a soap opera?

ceremony paying attention to the little things in life; ritual that marks transition in birth, marriage and death; everything is important; doing things “without ceremony”. Who is “standing on ceremony” and making things difficult?

certificate you have all the credentials to do the job; a part of yourself deserves an award. . Who needs to be recognized?

chain look for the weak link and strengthen it; don’t chain yourself in, or down; a part of your work may feel like a chain gang; look at who you have received a chain from; chain reaction could happen; a chain-smoker. What or who are you chained to?

chair something is not “sitting right”; sit and rest awhile. Who is in charge?

chalk write it up to experience; memories of school days. How can you erase what you wrote?

challenge not facing up to something in waking life; time to look at problems as challenges. What or who is challenging you to change?

champagne a celebration; feeling bubbly. What special time is coming up for you?

change a time to change something; a change of heart works wonders; the only constant is change; in the “change of life”; something about to change hands; always changing the subject. How are you changing?

Chaos in Greek mythology, the first created being, from which came the primeval deities Gaia (Earth), Tartarus, (Darkness), and Nyx (night); utter confusion; disorder; pay attention to details before they get out of hand; out of chaos comes order. Who in your life enjoys creating a hoopla?

chapel time to pray for something; a church ceremony. Who needs a song and a prayer?

chariot racing madly for the future and kicking up dust; if life is dull your dreams can supply some exciting adventures. Who are you carrying in such haste?

Charon in Greek mythology, an aged ferryman who, for a fee ferried the souls of the dead across the river Styx to Hades; the Greeks placed a coin in the mouths of their dead to represent Charon’s fee; the satellite of Pluto, probably composed mainly of ice. How is your dream commenting on your beliefs about the afterlife?

chase one part of you is trying to get other parts of you to pay more attention; chasing something away, so you won’t have to look at it. Who is being unfaithful, or is tempted to be so (unchased)?

cheap don’t believe every little bird you hear; spending too much money, or not enough; you get what you pay for; something dirt cheap; acting cheaply; feeling cheap; something has been cheapened; a cheapskate. Where have you been cutting down too harshly?

checkers take turns; your time will come; plan the moves and you can win; play a little more; the person who checks. Who has a checkered floor or background?

cheek afraid to be bold; turn the other cheek; someone “cheek by jowl”. Who is taking liberties or verbally sassing you?

cheer cheer up; relax with some friends; three cheers for you; a cheerleader. Who needs cheering up?

cheese one way to catch the rat; don’t just take the picture, get in and live life; may be lacking calcium; someone always smiling; someone getting “cheesed off”. Who is acting like the “big cheese”?

chef you can be an expert at creating a nutritious and beautiful life; being creative in the kitchen. Who is great at putting things together in new and exciting ways?

cheque look things over carefully; watch how you spend your money; having a check list; someone needing a check up; feeling in checkmate with no escape; an overdue cheque. What do you need to check out?

cherub an angel is with you; someone cute and cuddly in your life. Who has cupid shot his arrow at?

chess life need not be a game of war; use your intelligence and intuition to be in a winning place. Who is the strong, protective female in your life?

chesterfield sit down and visit with someone; an old person who smokes; a couch potato. Who is staying over at your house?

chestnut a colour of hair or a horse; something squirrels store away for the winter; Christmas memories. What are you hoarding?

chew mulling over a matter; hanging on to something; contemplating great truths; breaking something up until you can swallow it; not letting go; chewing gum. Who do you like to “chew the fat” with?

chicken sometimes it’s smart to be scared; don’t let your ego push you into things; figure out just why the heck you did cross that road; being offered “chicken-feed” for your services. Who’s the “chicken”?

chief the main idea or plan; look at what is most important; father relationship indicated. Who’s the boss?

child start at the beginning again; get help when you need it; innocent; remember when you were that age and how it relates to what is going on in your present life. What was remarkable about your childhood?

chilli emotions too hot or too cold; have some friends in; check your furnace; an association with the country Chile. What part of you is cold?

chime you can have your say; tell people what you think; unexpected company. What part of yourself do you need to welcome in?

Chimera in Greek mythology, a fire-breathing monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail; a fantastic or grotesque product of the imagination; an absurd or impossible idea. How is this dream commenting on your sexual expression or lack thereof?

chimney a chimney sweep is considered good luck; perhaps it is time to have your chimney cleaned. Who is all smoke and no fire?

chimp someone or some part of you acting like a monkey; copying someone else’s idea. Who’s the chump?

chin you can take it; feeling self-conscious about a couple of chins; stick your chin up high and be proud of your accomplishments. Who’s taking it “on the chin”?

China or china a country, or a plate; something may feel foreign or mysterious to you; something beautiful, delicate and precious. What is on your plate right now?

Chiron in Greek mythology, a learned centaur who acted as teacher to Jason, Achilles, and many other heroes; asteroid discovered in 1977. What have you recently discovered about yourself?

chocolate you deserve to have some treats; something dark and delicious; take more magnesium. Who is being too sweet?

choice look at recent choices you have made; consider how you make choices. What are you being asked to choose?

choke stopping yourself from what you want to say; learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre it could save a life; all choked up about something. Who do you want to shut up?

chop time to break off with something; don’t chop off anything before you think it through. Where are you feeling hurried?

chopstick there are alternative ways to consume things; cut some firewood. What foreign thing are you trying to take in?

chorus repeating the same old song; look at where you can sing out your good news; all together. What is the group singing about behind your back?

Christ don’t crucify your values or parts of yourself to please others; love yourself and the spirit in everyone else on the planet; in need of comforting. (See Jesus) For what do you need to make a sacrifice?

Christmas a time to give and receive gifts; missing someone; childhood memories; seeing family; love; strong emotional reaction. What are you wishing for with all your heart?

church there are many ways to worship; tired of sitting still and listening to others speak; time to pray. When were you last in church?

churn something being pounded and worked into mush; repeated motion and sound; churning out the same old stuff. What is making your stomach churn?

cigar as Freud said, "sometime a cigar is just a cigar";a phallic symbol; stop smoking. Who do you know who smokes a cigar?

cigarette trying to break a habit; take a deep breath without the cigarette; successfully quit smoking. What are you craving in your life?

Cinderella a European fairy tale character; a young woman exploited as a servant by her family; helped by her fairy godmother to attend the royal ball; meeting and being captivated by Prince Charming; the need to flee at midnight; being identified only by a shoe left behind. Who is still waiting for Prince Charming to take her away from poverty, exploitation, boredom, or abusive relationships?

cinema cinema time to give up the act; you can be anyone you want to be; pick a role; being angry at someone for doing the very same thing you do. What have you made yourself believe?

circle complete; whole; no beginning and no ending; get together with a group of supporting friends; coming full circle; repeating patterns; going in circles; a vicious circle. What is going around and around in your life?

circus circus life feeling like a three-ring circus; performing; flying high; nervous about your turn in the ring; traveling without roots. Who is clowning around?

city busy place with a lot happening; anonymity; industry; a city slicker. Who needs more stimulation?

city hall a place of counsel; laws are passed; someone judging. What have you been fighting in vain?

clam time to open up and say what you think; if you have been talking too much, maybe you should “clam up” for a while. Who has clammy hands from fear?

class time to hit the books; something needs to be studied; a classy person; feeling stuck with a certain group. How are you preparing for a test?

classmate remember your old classmates; married to your education; you may feel stuck with a certain group of people you want to get away from. Who does the classmate in your dream remind you of in your life now?

claw perhaps grasping isn’t the best way to get something; let go and it will come. Who has their claws into you?

clay stand on solid ground and you won’t sink; look closely at your idols; someone with “feet of clay”... Who is being used as a “clay pigeon”?

clean time to clean up; being too concerned with germs; being clean cut and straight; make a clean break of it; time to come clean; make a clean sweep of it all. What part of you feels dirty?

clergy authority; seek advice when you need it. Who needs someone else to connect for them?

clerk you can demand good service; tired of waiting in line; bothered with too much paperwork. Who are you serving?

client someone buying a product or service; someone you value and feel responsible to. How do you feel about your clients and how are they like you?

cliff evaluate the risk; someone named Cliff; a fear of heights; liking “cliff-hangers”. Who likes to live on the edge?

climb moving up; climbing down is difficult; moving toward something or away from something. Who is climbing after you?

cloak an attempt to cover up something; sneak in for the attack; a cloak-and-dagger approach. Who is pining for the past?

clock time passing; act now; make your own time; someone is a clock-watcher; doing something “round the clock”; going like clockwork; clocking in. (See time) Who is clocking you?

close finishing something; moving on with things; living in close quarters; someone “close-fisted”; “close-mouthed” about something; a “close shave”; closing your eyes to something; feeling as if things are closing in. (See clothes) Who or what do you need to shut the door on?

cloth material concerns; you can make a new garment (a new self) with new cloth; someone is just like you; rough or smooth cloth; a man of cloth. Who is “cut from the same cloth”?

clothes your identity; changing self-image; a “clothes-horse”; wearing comfortable clothes. (See close) Who sees the emperor without his clothes?

cloud come down out of the clouds; looking for the silver-lining; feeling on “cloud nine”; plans that are “in the clouds”; feeling under a cloud; one’s “head in the clouds”. What has clouded your vision?

clover clover a good omen; you are “in the clover”, or prosperity; eating greens. Who is standing around “chewing their cud”?

clown a clown in your life; clowning around too much; wearing masks and not being honest about your sad or angry feelings. Who is hiding behind the clown face?

club joining with others can be useful; wanting to club someone; someone who eats club sandwiches; a clubhouse. What club would you like to join?

coach get some help; you can also help others in a non-judgmental way; a pal and a guide; a coach house. Who needs coaching?

coal dark thoughts; heat; black; dense; formed deep within; carrying “coals to Newcastle”; being “hauled over the coals”. What is dark and shiny and fuel for a fire?

coast the coast is clear; you are coasting along; a person living on the coast. Which coast is beckoning to you?

coat something needs a coating; be sure you dress warmly; protect your inner self; hanging on by your coat-tails. What are you covering up?

cobweb home of the spider; it is sticky and traps innocent bystanders; time to clean out the cobwebs in your mind and get a clear, fresh perspective. Who haven’t you seen for a while?

cockpit place where the pilot sits; it may be time for you to take control. Which male is in the pits?

cocoa dark, delicious, rich, brown, warm and yummy drink; cozy memories of childhood and family. Who or what does this describe in your life?

coconut tropical; watch what might be ready to fall on your head; gives warm and nutritious liquid. Who is a big nut in your life?

cocoon make inner changes before venturing out; don’t stay inside forever; there is a time to stretch your wings; break out and fly. Who is all wrapped up in themselves?

codfish staples; the main food of maritimers; feed yourself well; Atlantic Ocean and eastern seaboard of Canada and the United States indicated; cod-liver oil. Who needs to have more patience?

coffee being too stimulated by something; sit down and chat with a friend. Who drinks too much coffee and not enough plain water?

coin prosperity; money; receiving it or giving it; “coining phrases”. Who is paying too much attention to material issues, or not enough?

cold a part of you needs warming up; cold keeps things fresh; a time to chill-out and enjoy; making “cold-calls”; getting cold feet; feeling indifferent toward someone or something; left out in the cold; acting “in cold blood”; pouring cold water on the plans; going “cold turkey”; a cold-hearted person. What part of yourself are you giving “the cold shoulder”?

college higher learning in any form; something is under study; wanting to be part of the “in” crowd. What life dream have you left behind in college?

colour put more colour and adventure in your life; your thoughts may be coloured (influenced) by another; showing your true colours; with flying colours. Where else have you seen this colour and how do you feel when you look at it?

column regimented; straight up and down; accounting concerns. Who needs to have their backbone checked out?

comb time to straighten out your thoughts on some matter; keep sifting through those details. Who’s the “rooster” showing off and crowing a lot?

combat confrontation; struggling with things. What part of yourself are you battling?

comedian look at the humour in the situation; laugh yourself to health; everything is subject to a joke, nothing is sacred to you. Who is acting like a fool to cover up insecurities?

comic making it funny; remembering your childhood; look at the book you’re reading for its funny side; time for some comic relief. Who collects comic books?

companion a friend; doing something with another person; loneliness indicated. Who are you going along with?

compass check your directions before you head out; needing direction. Do you know where you are going?

competition fear of failure, a challenge to overcome; make it a win-win situation. Who is winning at the expense of others?

complaining it’s not always the other person’s fault; feeling powerless to change things; make a list; look at ways you can improve what is bugging you. Who are you not forgiving?

compliment tell someone something nice; reassurance that you are on the right track; be kind to yourself. What does your dream say about how flattering you are to yourself?

composer time to get it together; a need for some quiet time. What is falling apart?

computer listen to your emotions as well as logic; garbage in = garbage out; something doesn’t “compute”. What are you storing away or saving?

conceal hidden, afraid to show something. What will happen if you are found out?

conceited poor self-esteem; a need to be important. How does the dream character compare to someone in your life?

condescending going down; looking down on someone; a prisoner heading even further down. What part of yourself do you not accept?

cone give yourself a reward of ice cream; acting like a dunce. What good stuff has fallen off?

conference call a board meeting of all your inner personalities and body parts; time to talk to someone; get away for awhile; presentation; performance anxiety. Who do you need to consult with?

confession hiding something that needs to be said; freedom comes when you tell the truth; forgive yourself, forgive others. What do you need to get off your chest?

conflict parts of yourself not integrated; things are not what they appear to be. What are you pushing away?

conformity think for yourself, perhaps there is an area in which you need to conform more; look at where you are following the crowd. What original part of you are you not allowing to grow?

confront a need to face up to something; fear indicated. What is challenging you and needs your attention?

confused a step toward new learning; not understanding something important. How is confusion paying off for you?

conspiracy look at what is illegal around you; plotting; secrets are never really secret. What devious plans are you up to?

contact take care of the details; focus in on something (lens); give Len a call; time to see someone; a contact sport. What do you need in order to see an issue more clearly?

container holding onto something; time to fill up. Do you feel empty or full?

contest feeling better than or less than; pressured to do better; challenged at work; easily a winner. Who are you in dispute with?

contortion twisting yourself out of shape over someone or something; relax and straighten out. What is all mixed up?

control needing to let go; the best control is no control; feeling unsafe and insecure; whatever you are doing tell yourself you chose it; feeling out of control; everything under control; holding a controlling interest. What are you trying to control?

convent hiding out; protection; seclusion; counsel with women. What women in your life can give you spiritual guidance?

conversation talk it out with them; talking too much; needing to listen; a “conversation piece”. What important conversation needs to take place?

convertible take the top off; talk off the top of your head; change things around; get a breath of fresh air. What needs to be converted?

cookie life is sweet; give yourself some treats; watch your sugar intake; that’s the way “the cookie crumbles”. What girl is guiding you in your life?

cooking things getting hot; making plans; getting closer to your goals; someone “cooking the books”; a person’s “goose is cooked”; cooking things up. What’s cooking?

cooking pot strong container in which things are brought together and changed completely through the application of heat; associated with mother. How are you thinking about jumping from the pot into the fire?

cop feeling guilty; afraid you will “cop out”; making a deal, as in “copping a plea”; authority figure symbolizing father. (See police) Who is watching and judging you?

corn stiff starch; a stiff-necked person around; trite; sentimental; old-fashioned; needing a place to hide; farming is indicated; something corny; someone stepping on your toes. Who needs to eat more fibre?

corner boxed into a corner; feeling there is no where to turn; you never know what is around the next corner. Who has backed you into a corner?

coronation a great ceremony; time to get your crown or get crowned; an English friend. Who is acting so “high and mighty”?

corridor remembering birth trauma or rebirth; going through; a passage. Where should you stay on the straight and narrow?

cosmetic show your inner beauty too; someone may be trying to “save face” in a situation. What are you covering up?

costume a cover-up; pretending to be someone else; dressing up; going to a party; costume jeweller. What are your favorite clothes and where do you wear them?

cotton fluffy carnival candy; activity described as “cotton picking”; natural; comfortable; breathable; the American south and hard work. What does this describe in your life?

cougar wild; natural; fierce; get your claws ready; mountain predator. Who is the wild cat?

cough afraid to say something or express yourself; forgive and bury the past (coffin); get some R & R; needing to “cough up” more than you can give. Are you smoking too much, or working around dangerous chemicals?

counter money concerns; wanting attention; serving others; opposite. How are you running counter to the status quo?

counterfeit not authentic; getting something for nothing; the wrong Bill; working at a counter that does not fit who you are; imitation of the real thing. Who’s the phoney?

counting keeping track; depending on someone; repetitious; counting your chickens; counting the days; count your blessings; not counting; losing count; out for the count. Who counts in your life and why?

country place of origin; belonging; opposite to city; getting back to nature; in unknown country. What does your country mean to you?

couple two things are important; joining together; two singles don’t necessarily make a couple; feeling like a third wheel. What does being a couple mean to you?

coupon a gift; a treat; extra money coming in; saving something. What rights do you deserve?

court pay attention to what you are doing; justice will be served; needing your day in court; lawsuit; going out on dates. Who is acting like a royal pain?

cover hiding; protecting yourself; being exposed; covering your tracks; a cover-up; time to take cover; look over it from cover to cover. What are you covering up, or should cover up?

cow check if you are getting sufficient calcium; country living; motherly love; not very smart; eating too much; waiting “till the cows come home”. What can’t you stomach?

coward being a bully; afraid you won’t be able to do it; being hard on yourself. What are you afraid of?

crab take a sideways action; stop complaining; the sign of Cancer in Astrology; instinctive nurturing; protective; affectionate and romantic. Who is acting crabby?

crack something is about to break apart; watch the wise cracks; addictions may be indicated; time to crack down on something; take a crack at it. What has fallen between the cracks?

cracker loud noises all around you; someone going nuts; liking something a lot. Who is the “cracker jack” (expert at something) and bragging all the time?

cradle warm and cozy; protected; rocked; loved; something new; a “cradle snatcher”; with you “from cradle to grave”; beginning; hold someone or something tenderly. (See crib) Who is “robbing the cradle”?

cramp someone cramping your style; someone is in a tight spot. What muscles are you overworking?

crane look hard at all around you; bird with long legs and beak. What heavy thing are you lifting or swinging around?

crash be careful; going somewhere you are not invited; look at what is about to fall on you; making a crash-landing. Who is making all the loud noises?

crawl things are moving too slowly for you; we have to crawl before we walk and run; take each step as it comes; don’t go crawling back. Who gives you the “creepy crawlies”?

crayon drawing on childhood memories; colourful fun times; don’t take things so seriously; draw a picture of this dream with crayons. What is your earliest memory of crayons?

crazy too much going on; over-eager and enthusiastic; think it out carefully before you act. Who is overly stressed and worried?

creek emotions getting trickled down. Are your emotions being controlled?

creep moving too slowly for you; an undesirable person in your life; you have to creep before you walk and run; creeping up on someone; something creeping up on you. Where are you going too fast?

crib protected place; restricted eating; copying another person’s work: (See cradle) Who is cheating?

crime what we put out, we get back; something is a rotten shame. Which law are you tempted to break?

crocodile someone crying “crocodile tears”; a crocodile clip; “in a while, crocodile”; crawling on your belly; a visit to Florida. Who keeps snapping your head off?

Cronus in Greek mythology, the youngest son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth) and leader of his brothers, the Titans; he overthrew and castrated his father, then married his sister Rhea, who gave birth to many of the future gods, including Zeus; Cronus was fated to be overcome by one of his male children, so he swallowed nearly all of them as soon as they were born; Rhea, however, hid the baby Zeus and instead gave Cronus a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes; Zeus eventually dethroned him as ruler of the universe. What are you swallowing, thinking that you will be rid of it once and for all?

crook stealing important things from yourself; something bent or curved; support in managing a “bunch of sheep”. What are you “hooked” on?

crooked dishonest; not a straight path. Who isn’t being straight?

cross a symbol of Christianity; bravery; illiteracy; a burden; a duty; mixing things up; a countering blow; suffering; annoyed with someone; there are many referring phrases, cross your fingers, cross someone’s path, cross your heart, cross your mind, cross swords, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, take up your cross; at cross purposes; getting your wires crossed. Which of these feel like a fit for you?

crow really happy about something; keeping straight on your path; dark thoughts flying around; a disappointing and sad message; fear of looking old. (See raven ) Where have you been made to do something disagreeable and humiliating?

crowd feeling crowded; going someplace where there is a crowd; three people don’t always make a crowd. Who are you crowding?

crown your head; a special hat; rewards; head of the house; the winner; English money. Who would you like to crown?

cruel a cruel master; being too sweet and nice all the time. Where are you being cruel to yourself?

cruise time to take a holiday; moving along smoothly and steadily, no bumps in the road now; going at cruising speed. Know any Tom’s?

crumb being left with the crumbs; you deserve more than the tiny bits left over. What’s “crumby” in your life?

crust concerns about aging; hard outer coating; tough minded and insensitive; part of the “upper crust” Who is getting crusty?

crutch someone using half their abilities. Who, or what, are you leaning on?

chocolate you deserve to have some treats; something dark and delicious; take more magnesium. Who is being too sweet?

cry feelings of deep despair and sadness; missing someone and feeling regretful; not allowing yourself to cry in public; accused of being a cry-baby; “crying over spilt milk”; someone who “cries wolf”; a far cry from what you want. How are you suppressing your sadness and trying not to cry?

crystal energy will flow if you let it; something is clear but multi-faceted; you can see through this issue but you aren’t looking in the right direction; hoping for a crystal ball prophecy; receiving radio messages; someone who collects crystal. What is becoming crystal clear to you?

cube feeling boxed in; claustrophobia; someone is a “real square”. Who is getting diced?

cuckoo clock a reminder that time is going by; get on with it. Who is acting silly?

cup something needing to be contained; your cup runneth over; someone “in their cups”; symbol of the feminine (chalice). (See grail) What is just your “cup of tea”?

Cupid in Roman mythology, the God of Love, son of Mercury and Venus, identified by the Greeks as Eros; often pictured as a beautiful naked boy with wings, carrying a bow and arrows, inspiring love in his “victims”; falling in love unexpectedly; wanting to blame your feelings on some outside influence. Who has been stung by Cupid’s arrow?

cure illness may be indicated and healing may be suggested; finding a remedy for whatever ails you; aging nicely; wanting a cure-all. Who needs to be cured?

curl sliding on ice toward a target; time to curl up with a good book; someone is being really good, or else horrid; enough to make your hair curl. Whose lip is curling with disgust?

curry spicy issue; hot climate indicated such as India or Jamaica. Who are you trying to “curry favour” with?

curse repressed anger may be indicated; afraid someone has put a curse on you; a stretch of bad experiences. Who are you cursing?

curve sensuality and sexuality indicated; what goes up must come down; feminine attraction. Where are you heading for a curve in life’s road?

cushion needing a soft place to rest; needing support from someone who catches you when you fall; a “cushy job”. Whose life is not cushy?

cut removing the parts you don’t like; self-punishment; sharp and mean remarks; someone “a cut above”; not so cut-and-dried as you thought; cutbacks might affect you; cutting someone down to size; cutting it fine; time to “cut the knot”; feeling cut off from someone close; cutting people short; having your work cut out for you. Who is trying to cut corners?

cutlery eating properly; needing the right tools for the job; holding something steady while you examine it. Who’s worried about table manners?

cycle there it is again; everything has a natural cycle; may indicate feminine physical difficulties; a cycling fanatic. What’s coming around again?

cyclone things spiraling toward the center; disorganized; living in a mess. What is beginning to blow wildly out of control?

Cyclops in Greek mythology, a member of a race of savage one-eyed giants; in the Odyssey, Odysseus escaped from a Cyclops by putting out his eye while he slept. Who sees you in a one-sided way or what are you looking at with “one eye closed”?

cylinder male sexual symbol; container for cigars; pistons in a car engine; a rolling pin; hair curlers; a weapon; a wand. Where do you normally see a cylinder in your life?

cymbal everything in your life is a symbol; start looking at what your personal dream symbols mean; when it is your turn, ring out loud and clear and be heard. What does music mean to you?

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