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dad time to phone him; a message from him; someone reminds you of him, but you hadn’t noticed before. How are you similar to your dad, or your boss?

daffodil spring; Easter; a daffodil is in the narcissus family; suggests myth of Narcissus, who was so taken by his beauty that he drowned in his own reflection. Who is so caught up in themselves that they can’t see anyone else?

dagger something is being pointed out to you; check out the reference to which your dream is alluding. Who is “looking daggers” at someone?

Daedalus in Gr. mythology, a craftsman who built the labyrinth; escaped from prison on wings he made; inventor. What creative way could you escape?

dairy check out other sources of calcium; comfort food; relationship with mother indicated. Who can you go to for comfort?

daisy innocent; playful; simple; country life; thinking of someone who is “pushing up daisies”. When did you last make a daisy chain?

dam holding something back; fearing a flood of emotions; annoyed at something or someone; something “not worth a damn”; doing your damndest. What are you protecting?

Damocles a legendary courtier who praised Dionysius’ happiness; seated at a banquet with a sword hung by a thread over his head. What do you fear when you are really happy?

Danae in Gr. mythology, the daughter of the king of Argos; imprisoned; her son killed her father. How are you feeling imprisoned?

keeping step; in rhythm with yourself; waiting on someone; sexuality indicated; moving; lively; co-operation; taking turns leading and following; to “dance attendance on”; dance to your own tune. Who is dancing as fast as they can?

dandelion a really super lion; astrology sign of Leo; something needs to be weeded out; like many weeds, it has powerful medicinal properties; enjoy what grows so plentifully. What are you overlooking for healing in your life?

danger take caution; needing more excitement in your life; making things scarier than they need be. How are you nervous about?

Daphnis in Gr. mythology, a shepherd who was struck with blindness for his infidelity; he consoled himself by inventing and writing pastoral poetry. What is hard to express in words?

dare courageous and adventuresome; fear of consequences; challenges. How could you make your waking life more exciting?

dark in the dark about something; cannot see the light of truth; night; black and dense; not seeing the dark; a dark person; someone living in the Dark Ages. Where can you bring more light into your life?

dart move away quickly; making a point; time to lose weight. Who is stinging you with sharp remarks?

date sweet and foreign; a special time for you; out-of-date; up-to-date. What else happened on this date?

daughter waking life daughter; offspring; caring; female line; the younger feminine part of yourself. Who is making you feel like a girl-child?

dawn someone named Don or Dawn; a time of special energy; new beginnings. What have you just realized?

dead time to let a part of you go; a dead-beat; a dead-end job; right on dead centre; someone “dead from the neck up”; finishing in a dead heat; travelling by dead reckoning; dead set on doing something; getting rid of the dead weight; wouldn’t be “seen dead with”; check your dead-bolt; in a deadlock situation; a deadpan face. (See death) Who is “dead to the world”?

dead relatives loved ones who have passed over are always with you; a special message from spirit. Who are you still mourning?

deaf not hearing someone or something; turning away; words “falling on deaf ears”; “turning a deaf ear”. What are you trying to drown out with a loud noise?

death time to let go of old ideas or an old situation; death leads to re-birth; a part of you is dying; sticking it out to the bitter end; something is “sure as death”; a fate worse than death; doing it to death. (See dead) What do you have to let go of so the birth can happen?

debt don’t let debt steal your future; time to take account of things; let it go; in someone’s debt. Who owes you what and why?

decapitated separating thoughts from feelings; you might be cutting off some good thoughts. (See beheaded) Who are you “losing your head” over?

decision make up your mind; no decision is still a decision; listen to your feelings as well as logic; envision all the alternatives and pick the one you want. What are you being asked to decide?

deck feeling like hitting someone; look who is holding the winning hand; time to clear the decks; get rid of clutter; socializing with others in the summer; get ready for action. Who has stacked the deck against you and what can you do about it?

decorate you deserve a reward; change your house (self) in some way; add to the beauty. Who do you want to decorate and why?

decoy artificial; tempting danger; faking it. How are you being lured into a trap?

deep you may have to dive deep to find the answer; some problems are deep-seated but can be resolved; going off the deep end; in deep water. Who is being intense?

deer swift; graceful; innocent. Who is dear to you?

defeat there are lessons in every failure; losing is part of the game. How are your feet feeling?

defecate be generous; letting go; rid yourself of old wasteful thoughts; needing more privacy; cleaning out. Who is so uptight?

defend having your guard up; protecting something; look at the truth, no matter how painful. What are you afraid to look at?

defiant standing up for what is right; taking a challenge; refusing to obey. Who is protesting too much?

deformity a part of the situation is not forming the way you would like it to; a part of yourself that you are rejecting. What isn’t working properly?

defrost feeling less afraid of your emotions; someone has pulled the plug; (See frozen) What needs to be thawed out?

Deidre Ir.mythology, a tragic heroine whose beauty brought death to heroes; could not marry the man she loved so killed herself. Who is the beautiful woman who drives men crazy?

delay waiting; procrastinating; delay in doing something you want to do; operating on delayed action. What do you keep putting off?

delinquent failure to do what is required; guilty. What is due but not paid?

Demeter in Greek mythology, the corn-goddess, mother of Persephone, (see Persephone); she wandered many seasons seeking her daughter; she blackmailed Zeus into telling her where Persephone was, by causing a long winter leading to starvation of humans. What mother is mourning the loss of her daughter’s youth and dependency om her?

demon lots of energy and strength; in Greek mythology, an inferior or minor god; we make our own demons; face your demons in your dreams; a demon for work. (See devil) What are you afraid of?

den maybe the Boy Scouts can help; time to relax and read. Who is wild and living or working close to you?

denim just a blue jeans type of gal or guy; plain; working clothes; long wearing. Who wears denim?

dent a hollow made by pressure or a blow; to begin a large job. What part of you feels dented?

dentist teething; beginning; chewing on something; fixing up a conversation; maybe apologize or be clear in stating what you mean. What hole in you needs filling?

departure something or someone leaving; let it go; to take apart; start on a new course. From what have you been removing yourself?

department store look within for what you want; organize your stuff; shopping for something or someone. What are you storing up?

deposit something to be put in place; put something down. What needs to be put in a place for safekeeping?

depot storing something valuable; meeting someone or saying goodbye. Who do you need to recruit for help?

depression sinking down; a storm might be on the way; sad. What are you angry about?

derby going bowling; thinking stiff and unbending thoughts; a contest. What race are you running?

descend going down; something coming on you suddenly; go back to an earlier time for the answer; lowering yourself. What have you inherited from your parents?

desert a dry and barren stretch in your life; wilderness; being left alone; abandoning something. Where are you not being stimulated intellectually?

design a plan; make an outline of what you want to do; take action on purpose; set apart; draw the designs from your dream; having “designs on” someone. How are you fashioning a life for yourself?

desire feeling upset by what you are longing or craving to do; your dreams show your hidden desires. What do you really want?

desk get away from work for a while; clean up your desk; feeling desk-bound. Who is overworked?

dessert getting your just desserts; time for something sweet; good stuff follows. Who is getting their “just desserts”?

destitute something important lacking; pay attention to the basics. Who is guilty of self-indulgence?

destroy something breaking apart; the end to a situation. What are you tempted to take apart or build up?

detached coming apart; separate; uninvolved. What do you need to release?

detergent time to clean up; in the suds. Who watches too many “soaps”?

Deucalion in Greek mythology, son of Prometheus; when Zeus flooded the Earth, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha took refuge on top of Mount Parnassus; to repopulate the world they threw stones over their shoulders; those thrown by Deucalion became men, and those thrown by Pyrrha women. In what area of your life do you feel flooded?

devil or Devil no one makes you do anything; the Devil is an angel in disguise; look for the lesson; stuck “between the Devil and the deep blue sea”; a “devil-may-care” attitude; playing devil’s advocate. (See demon, Lucifer) Who is raising “hell”?

dial old-fashioned way to phone; getting a dial tone; trouble getting connected; needing to communicate; getting on the right wavelength. Who do you need to telephone?

diamond hard; under a lot of pressure; time to play ball, or cards; make a commitment; play some of Neil’s songs; a diamond wedding. What is very precious to you?

Diana in Roman mythology, the goddess worshipped as protectress and helper of women; goddess of the hunt and the moon, identified with Greek goddess Artemis; a beautiful young woman; a much-loved princess. What qualities of Diana do you possess to help you get through this time?

diaper time to clean up; cover up; protect; suggests immaturity; lack of control. Who is acting like a baby?

diary secret thoughts; keeping track; expressing yourself. When are you going to start writing the story of your life?

dice a gamble; play more games; “no dice”. What is dicey or chancy in your life?

dictator someone telling you what to do; wanting absolute power; writing somebody else’s words. Where do you not feel free?

dictionary the meaning; put things in order; using the right word. What exactly do you really mean to say?

diet tired of the same old thing; watch what you are eating; planning to dye something. How do you feel about your body weight?

dig look deep for the answers; don’t give up and you will find it; time to dig in and work; get with it; digging your heels in. What have you dug up?

dining nurturing yourself; the main course; eating out. Who’s eating on the run?

dinner family meal; evening; formal; nurturing. Who is coming to dinner?

dinosaur spending too much time in the past; time for some new ideas. What big thing is outdated in your life and threatens to consume you?

Dione in Gr.mythology, a Titan; mother of Aphrodite; a satellite of Saturn. Who is the strong and loving mother?

diploma an earned reward; paper that acknowledges your work; goal achieved. What do you want the right to do?

dipper your head is in the stars; dip in and take a chance. What are you dipping into these days?

direction look where you are going; following trends single-mindedly; feeling directionless. Who is giving you directions?

director giving orders; guiding others. What would be the title of your real-life movie?

dirt the need to clean something up; feeling unclean; a dark side of yourself that you are keeping hidden; finding something dirt cheap;

doing a person dirt; being treated like dirt; getting the dirty end of the stick; a dirty trick. What are you feeling ashamed of?

disability feeling disadvantaged; you can live a whole life; you have many abilities. What is stopping you from doing what you want?

disappear something gone from your life; a slow fading. What are you trying to get away from?

disapproval looking down on someone or some part of yourself; rejection. What part of yourself do you want to change?

disaster don’t let your fears consume you; disaster dreams exaggerate to get your attention, so pay attention. How could you have prevented the disaster?

discover something new has been shown to you; find out the real meaning in the situation. Where would you like to explore?

disease not at ease with something; an unhealthy state. What can you do to lessen the stress?

disgrace find out who “this Grace” is; what is disgrace to one family is a joke in another; see the funny side. Who feels responsible for keeping up the mythical family name?

disguise being something you are not; covering up; not being your authentic self. Who do you want to be?

dish take it all in; look at what is being served to you; starting to treat women with respect. Who is dishing it out but can’t take it?

dishonest covering up; unfair; hiding something. When haven’t you been telling yourself the truth?

disk be sure to back up that important information; something can be made more compact. What is going round and round?

dismissal leaving something; time to go; you can choose what you keep. What is your interest in missals?

disobedient doing it your way; time to put some discipline in your life. Who is obedient?

dissect feeling cut in half; cutting into parts; study carefully. What is being divided up?

dissolve things are starting to flow; something starting to fade. What is being broken up or is ending?

distance going the whole way; it might be time to put some distance between you and _________. What do you want that is now at a distance?

distrust too trusting; doubting someone or something; trusting your gut feelings. How are you acting naive?

disturbance confusion; not knowing where you belong; interruptions. What specifically is so disturbing about this dream?

ditch a “last ditch” attempt; letting go of something; abandoned; getting dumped. Who have you left “in the lurch”?

dive moving headfirst into something; not afraid of plunging into your emotions; frequenting undesirable places. What are you about to dive into?

divine spiritual dream; divine plan for your life. What are you inspired to do?

divorce you may need to break away from a union that is not working; this could be a clue that help is needed in the relationship. What do you need to get away from for awhile?

dizzy going around in circles; not seeing straight; confused; a jazz fan. What foolish thing are you up to now?

dock an accused person; some part taken away; something jutting out; your ship has come in; doc. Who is loading stuff off on you?

doctor healing; tampering with; higher studies; needing to see a doctor. What’s being “doctored”?

dog dyslexic’s deity; person’s best friend; loyalty; friendship; responsibility; learning new ways to do things; a dog-eat-dog situation; someone or something “going to the dogs”; your day will come; dressing up; “in the doghouse; for particular breeds look at your personal meaning and the puns for each, i.e. Shepherd, retriever, dachshund (dashing around). Who is putting on the dog or showing off?

doll a plaything; a pretend baby; practicing for the real thing; treating a woman as brainless; not alive. Who is being treated like a porcelain doll?

dollar money issues; time to start saving; a day’s work. What can a dollar buy these days?

dolphin play and sex can be good for you; intelligence and love have many faces; come out of your element regularly for a breath of fresh air; protection needed. Where in your life are you experiencing unconditional love?

dome thinking high and mighty thoughts; alternative housing; a roof over your head. Where do you go that has a rounded ceiling?

domineering needing to be more assertive; a person of authority; arrogance; an overbearing person in your life; overpowering others. Who is bossing you around?

domino seeing things in black and white; take time to play. What is about to set everything off?

door can signify a new entrance, or a way out; time to show someone the door; doors open and close, they welcome and shut out; “closing the door” on something; going door-to-door; don’t close all your doors on something; feeling like a “doormat”; the Doors (drug culture band). Which way is the door swinging for you?

doorbell opportunity can ring as well as knock; announcing that you are here; expecting someone. Who do you want to visit?

doorknob get “a handle on it”; this is how you open it; a key part to getting in. How can you get a better grasp of a new project?

doorway a threshold to a new beginning; something is revealed that had previously been hidden behind a closed door in your mind. How are you feeling shut out from something that you want to be welcomed into?

dope getting the lowdown on something; you think someone is stupid. What are you taking that is altering your mind?

dormitory many people sleeping in the same room; school days or camp days; co-operative living. Which bed is yours?

double double-trouble; two of something; do it quickly, “on the double”; someone who looks like someone else; go around; go back the way you came; vision may need checking; acting twice as fast; needing to do a double-blind test; being double crossed; a double-edged deal; a double-jointed person; doubled-parked; a double-standard; doubled-up with laughter; a double-whammy. Whose place are you taking?

double-decker bus going somewhere with another person; working in partnership; England indicated; tourism. Who do you go everywhere with?

dough need more money; eating too many sweets; needing too much. Who are you trying to get a rise out of?

doughnut take a break; nuts to money; a “hole in one”. Who do you eat doughnuts with?

dove peace; the Holy Ghost; a gentle, innocent, loving person; a pigeon in disguise. Who is doing all the fighting or cooing?

down delving deep; getting rid of something; feeling low; poor; “down and out”; putting a down payment on something; a down-to-earth approach; three chances to get ten yards; soft and cozy; afraid of the downfall; going downhill; What has been handed down to you?

drag something getting you down; dragging one’s feet; dragging something out to make it last longer; a “drag queen”; feeling as if you have been “dragged through the mud”; someone being a drag on you. What past emotional pain has been “dragged up” lately?

dragon considered good luck for the East, bad luck for the West; a strong chaperon; good luck. Who is breathing all smoke and fire?

drain let it go; feeling drained of energy; drained to the last drop; something gone “down the drain”. What has become a drain on you?

drama pretending things are different; getting caught up with your own scenario; an old script that you lay out. Who is being dramatic?

drape covering things up; hiding behind. What are you arranging so carefully?

draw pulling something up, or out; receive; attracting something to you; making pictures; making demands; being a drain; breathing in; taking money; neither side wins; approach one; arrange in order; “draw a bead” on someone; making someone hostile and “drawing their fire”; set your limits and “draw the line”; drawing something out for too long; drawing on friends for help; being “quick on the draw”. Who is quicker than you?

dream there are many layers to dreaming; sometimes we have a dream within a dream; “dreaming up” new plans. What are you having trouble waking up to?

dress time to change your identity or remove some part of it; time to dress up and have fun; scolding someone; a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Who are you dressing for?

dresser keeping your drawers tidy; dressing someone down. Where have you hidden your identity?

dressing gown relaxing; being yourself; feeling vulnerable. When did you last dress up and go dancing?

drill orderly; boring; repetition; a strong cloth; someone acting like a drill sergeant; digging for something. Who is avoiding the dentist?

drink taking it all in; something fallen “into the drink”. Who is drinking too much?

drive forcing something; working very hard; supplies power; intending; feeling driven; drive-in convenience; a drive-in movie. What is your dream “driving at”?

drive-in lazy; convenient; comfortable and private; protected. When were you last at a drive-in?

driver the dream character controlling the action; ambition; boss or father may be indicated; a golf club. Who is sitting in the driver’s seat of your life?

drop put it down; let it go; a tiny amount; move when you get the signal; unexpected callers; becoming less; acting “at the drop of a hat”; a drop-leaf table; only a “drop in the bucket”; needing more; dropping out of school, or a situation; having “the drop on” someone; having had “a drop too much”. Who has slippery fingers?

drown feeling overwhelmed by emotion; relax, you will float to the top and catch your breath; know and respect your limits; feeling like a drowned rat. What is so strong or loud in your life that you can’t hear yourself?

drug not seeing things clearly; while you are half asleep others are getting away with something; being addicted. What acts like a drug in your life?

drum go your own way; supporting a good cause; nervousness; repeating something; hitting; you have it beaten; “drumming up” business. What are you drumming up?

drumstick you get the best part; tired of beating your own drum. What are you using so people can hear you?

drunk not being who you really are; taking in stuff that is changing you; overly excited. When are you out of control?

dry a time to rest; don’t force the ideas; a sense of humour; feeling “dried up”; needing more moisturizer. How has your dream helped you develop more creative ideas?

duck look out; a female issue; withdraw while you can; taking to it “like a duck to water”; “water off a duck’s back”; a strong tape that does practically anything. What can you do, so that whatever is bothering you will have a less damaging effect?

duel inner conflict; two sides to the issue; witnessing an argument. Who is challenging you “to the death?”

dull something not clear; insensitive; tiresome; not much energy; needing some quiet time. What needs sharpening?

dumb animals communicate in other ways; a person not meeting your expectations; time to pick up the dumbbells and exercise; feeling dumbstruck or dumbfounded. What are you afraid of saying?

dump drop it off; let go of it; clear out all your cupboards; someone “dumping” on you; feeling “down in the dumps”. What are you feeling gloomy about?

duplex you see half of the situation; two families involved; two elements. Who do you know that lives in a duplex, or when did you live in one?

dusk that magical time when darkness descends; something to happen just before nightfall. Who lives in the twilight zone?

dust old and uncared for; not visited for a long time; in need of cleaning; deceiving someone; waiting for the “dust to settle”. How have you been hurt or wounded by someone?

dwarf a smaller part of yourself; something looming over you; a magical part of yourself that you keep hidden; a figure in women’s dreams that often symbolizes her inner critic. Who are you looking down on?

dwelling where you are; getting stuck on an idea; brooding. Where is your ideal place to live and, are you there?

dye change the look of something; a part of your life can die and you will be okay; let it go; new life awaits; a dyed-in-the-wool type person. What are you “living” to do?

dynamite amazing person; ready to blow up; full of energy. What explosive situation are you in now?

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