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eagle a need to achieve greater perspective on an issue; soaring and surveying all; keeping an “eagle eye” on things; United States symbol; spiritual symbol for the soul. How are your feelings toward the dream eagle opposite to your waking feelings about your life?

ear paying careful attention; an immature person; making no impression on something or someone; dealing with difficulties as they arise; someone is “all ears”; a Ferengi; an ear splitting sound; keeping “an ear to the ground”; someone “wet behind the ears”; someone soon to be “out on their ear”; “up to your ears” in a situation; someone giving you “an earful”. What is “going in one ear and out the other”?

earache listening more than speaking your own truth; desperate to hear something; working around noise that is too loud. Who is a pain to listen to?

early premature; at the beginning; time is not right yet; early closing or early warning. What are you always late for?

earmuffs covering up; not listening; not liking what you hear. What don’t you want to hear?

earring dressing up for someone; giving someone a telephone call. Who do you think is talking about you?

Earth Mother basic; foundation; bringing your dream down to Earth; earth-shattering news; feeling earthbound. Who is always practical?

earthquake foundations being rocked; check your earthquake provisions; feeling all shook up. Who has upset your security?

east mysterious; someone who lives east of you, or a place east of you; something new coming into your life. How is your son (sun) rising?

Easter time to resurrect a valuable part of yourself; re-birth; a new spiritual life. Who is being crucified?

eat time to nourish yourself; being conscious while you eat; eating in front of the TV; taking back what you said; “eating your heart out” for someone; check if what you’re eating is good for you. Who has you “eating out of their hand”?

echo someone repeating you; you repeating yourself; same-o, same-o; what you say reflecting back to you. Whose voice would you like to hear?

Echo in Greek mythology, a chattering nymph deprived of her own speech by Hera; she could repeat only what others said; when Narcissus refused her, she wasted away from grief until there was nothing left but her voice. Who is not speaking up for themselves?

eclipse covering up; loss of importance; failure; something has been made dark. What large body is covering up your light?

edge at the far extreme; on the brink of something; disturbed or excited; pushing somebody out; somebody has an advantage over you; someone is uneasy and on edge; time to take the edge off something; trying to get a word in edgewise. What is “setting your teeth on edge”?

education a time to learn something; remembering times at school. What do you need to learn now?

eel slippery; electric; shocking. What is slithering away from you: what are you having a hard time holding on to?

egg hiding in a hard shell; new beginning; putting all your hopes in one basket; needing encouragement; being around a “bad egg”; feeling as if you have “egg on your face”; egging someone on. Who’s the egghead that you know?

eight watch what you eat; something happened when you were eight years old; in an awkward position. What special significance does the number eight have for you?

elastic stretching yourself too thin; bouncing back. Where in your life are you too rigid and need to be more flexible?

elbow playing too much tennis; working hard; cleaning up; a time to bend; too busy; mingling with strange people. Who is getting too close to you?

election time to make a choice; democratic decisions. What do you prefer to do?

Electra in Greek legend, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra; Electra urged her brother, Orestes, to kill their mother and her lover in order to avenge the murder of their father. Who do you wish to avenge?

electric full of energy; flowing; going with the current; over stimulating. Who thrills you, or makes your hair stand on end?

elephant being kind and gentle to those smaller than you; carrying a big trunk; being a big strong vegetarian; something very large. What important thing have you forgotten?

elevator an up-and-down situation; feeling enclosed; a funny feeling in your stomach, alerting you to trouble. What relationship is going up and down?

eleven two ones; a soccer or cricket player; spiritual number related to the Earth’s vibration; someone who is eleven; completing things at the “eleventh hour”. What happened when you were eleven that is relevant to your life now?

elf belief in the unseen world; a special helper; hard-working; a mischievous person. Who is your favourite elf and why?

Elysium in Greek mythology, fields at the ends of the earth where the gods sent favoured heroes and heroines in place of death; a place or state of ideal happiness. Where are your “Elysian Fields”?

e-mail wanting a quick answer; instant communication; talking around the world; anonymous friends. Who do you need to write to?

embarrassed showing off; doing something wrong; shame and regret; afraid of what people think. What are you too embarrassed to admit?

embrace giving someone a hug; starting a new project; containing and protecting another. Who do you want to hug?

embroidery fancy talk; traditionally, women’s work; fine crafts; someone “having designs” on you. Who is changing the truth to please themselves?

embryo an undeveloped state; not yet living independently; protected. How are you starting all over again?

emergency a warning; being too wrought up; look at what needs to be done right now; feeling in a state of emergency. What have you been putting off?

emigrate a new place to live; missing your home country. What part of yourself are you leaving behind?

emotions a call to action; energy in motion; denying your emotions in waking life. What is the emotion in the dream pushing you to do?

employee a worker; not your own boss; someone else telling you what to do. Who is not appreciating you?

employer bossy; looking after others; maybe it is time to employ her. (See boss) Where else can you find security?

employment looking for a job; starting something new; start doing it; stop procrastinating. Who’s looking for a job?

empty unloading something; feeling empty and alone; sad; dejected; all gone; going empty-handed; the “empty nest syndrome”; doing things on an empty stomach. What part of your life feels empty and how is this dream showing you ways to fill it?

enchantment magic; belief in the metaphysical; someone with great charm. Who has put a spell on you?

enclose feeling trapped; holding something in; protection; sending something. What are you holding on to?

encourage needing support; giving someone confidence. What part of you needs support and inspiration?

encrypted needing to be decoded; hidden; unauthorized access denied. What are you hiding from others?

encyclopedia the quest for knowledge; needing to check out something; looking something up; checking your sources. What information do you need before acting?

end the last part; for every end there is a new beginning; something about to end; someone about to “go off the deep end”; trying to “make ends meet”; holding your end up; time to put an end to it; feeling at the end of your tether. What are you afraid of ending?

endless seems never ending; going on and on and on; something you wished you had never started. How can you stop it?

enemy a hostile force showing itself within you; a mental or physical illness; time to take action; refusing to be a victim; being your own “worst enemy”. When are you going to forgive them?

energy pep; no energy in waking life; spending a lot of energy and getting nowhere; applying too much force, or not enough. Where are you sitting on your energy?

engagement a joining; going somewhere special; remembering your own engagement. Who do you know who has recently become engaged and how do they remind you of yourself?

engine power to make things go; check your car engine; time to get things moving. What is empowering you?

engraving a special mark; remembering something; making your mark. What in your life is engraved and how is it important to you?

enormous a big deal; feeling overwhelmed; making a big deal out of something. What small thing in your life are you overlooking?

enter going into a new place; beginning; welcomed; showing you the way; perhaps it is time to exit. What are you about to enter?

entertain give yourself some time off; take a holiday; play; give some thought to a new idea. When do you act a part to please others and feel too afraid to be completely yourself?

entrance a beginning; passing from one phase to another; in a trance; filled with joy and delight. What does your dream tell you about where to start?

envelope a letter given or received; a secret; closed up; surrounded by something. How are you pushing to new limits?

epidemic passed around from person to person; something moving rapidly; widespread. What is getting out of control?

equator separating your top half from your bottom; feeling hot around the middle. Where are you halfway there?

Eros in Greek mythology, the god of love; the son of Aphrodite, identified by the Romans as Cupid; in Freudian psychology, the urge for self-preservation and sexual pleasure. Who believes everything has to have a logical answer?

eruption something about to boil over; suppressing your emotions too long. What are you bursting to say or do?

escalator time to get moving; the energy will take you up or down, it’s your choice. Where do you need help in getting up or down?

escape get away from somewhere or someone; a part of you wants attention; not seeing something; watching too much TV. What are you running away from?

estate you are more than you appear to be; exploring parts of yourself; what you own. What is your present state?

eucalyptus memories of tropical holidays; a clearing out; time to take a long aromatic bath; clearing out your sinuses; needing to have a good cry; peeling your outer skin. What rough parts are you getting rid of?

euchre knowing what your partner is going to play; having a trump up your sleeve; outwitting someone. What do you think is in the cards for you?

Eumenides in Greek mythology, a group of goddesses or spirits; deities of fertility whose name was given to the Furies either by confusion or euphemistically; a name used for the Furies to avoid offending them. Who are you not calling by their deserved name?

Euterpe in Greek and Roman mythology, the muse of flutes and dancing. Who do you know who plays the flute?

Eurydice in Greek mythology, the wife of Orpheus; when Eurydice was killed by a snake, Orpheus obtained her release from the underworld on the condition that he would not look back at her on their way to the world of the living; Orpheus did look back and Eurydice disappeared. What do you hope to gain by looking back?

evacuate clean out; get rid of the garbage and junk; cleanse your body of toxins; time to withdraw. What do you need to get rid of?

Eve first woman; every woman; paradise; a new beginning; temptation; evening; eaves trough; the night before something special. Who was the first woman in your life (besides your mother) and how does her message guide you now?

evergreen something that will last through the seasons. What is it that you want to keep green?

evil a part missing; do the opposite and live; bad company; someone speaking evil of another; being given “the evil eye”. What are you afraid of?

exaggeration dreams often exaggerate to get our attention; something in your life taking too much time; blown out of proportion; keep it simple. What molehill is bothering you?

examination being tested; nervous; afraid of failure; look carefully at something. Where in your life do you feel as if you’re under a microscope?

exchange take it back; willing to trade; a fair bargain. What is it that you wish to change?

excitement life too dull; get out more; your feelings need to be stirred up; a high energy level; what excites you is related to your inborn talents. What do you love to do?

excrement getting rid of waste; feeling shitty; taking the bad stuff that others dish out. How are you allowing yourself to be mistreated?

execution killing off a part of yourself; carrying out a difficult task; finishing something. What have you not completed, but need to?

executioner being both the victim and the executioner; getting rid of unwanted parts of the self; desiring to cut something out of your life. What are you utterly fed up with?

exercise repeated actions; the need to do something; follow-up; doing what you know is right; getting the right kind of physical exercise. What needs to be worked out?

exhibition a show-off; feeling insecure; being in the public eye. What happened at the last exhibition you attended?

exit the way out; time to leave; someone else leaving; finding the exit. What or who have you left behind?

expensive not feeling good enough; something too costly for you; rare; precious; having expensive tastes; time to treat yourself. What is too expensive?

experiment trying something new; plan it out first; a trial. What are you testing in your life, and is it ethical?

expert feelings of inferiority; needing to take more schooling or training; being the best you can be; calling in the experts for help. Who’s the know-it-all?

explain feeling the need to justify your existence; giving too many reasons; wanting to understand. What are you trying to explain away?

explode anger; rage; holding it all in; rejecting someone’s ideas or theories; out of control. What is about to explode?

exploration looking at hidden meanings; uncharted country within yourself; seeking new knowledge. What do you need to look at?

expose unprotected; showing how you really feel; feeling vulnerable; (See naked) What are you afraid of exposing?

expressway getting there fast; the way will be shown; difficulty in expressing oneself; not having enough exits. What way-out expression describes you?

exterior time to look inside; on the surface; going by outward appearances. What are you showing on the outside that does not reflect your true inner feelings?

extraterrestrial looking beyond the ordinary; keeping open to new discoveries; time to phone home. What do you believe about aliens from other planets and how might you feel about knowing them?

eye observing yourself (I); something attracting your attention; believing in “an eye for an eye” philosophy; a real “eye-opener”; considering something; refusing to look at something; having your eye on something; not seeing eye-to-eye; can’t take your eyes off it; up to your eyeballs in it; getting an eyeful; an eyesore; approaching something with your eyes wide open. Who is “eyeballing” you?

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