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face facing up to what is bothering you; the front of something; facing a person down; having to face someone; losing dignity and self respect; being sad; having to face the facts; someone “in your face”; putting on a brave face; afraid to show your face; time to appear somewhere important; taking things at face value. Who is being two-faced?

factory feeling like life’s a drudge; boring, repetitive work. What are you manufacturing or making up?

fail feeling you have not measured up to someone else’s standard; warning; time to redefine failure; learning from mistakes. How can you change failure into success?

fair a dark person; a fair deal; fair play; a “fair-weathered friend”; selling your goods; time for some amusement; feeling you are not being treated fairly; paying a fare. Who is not being treated “fair and square”?

fairy tale waiting for life to be perfect; the end of the story; life is what you make it; look at the meaning or moral of your dream fairy tale; someone not telling you the truth. (See ferry) Rewrite your dream making it sound like a fairytale, "Once upon a time," etc. How does this change the way you feel about your dream?

fake not being told the truth; “fake it till you make it”; a counterfeit. Who is pretending?

fall on your way down from somewhere; you can change falling to flying; fear; being the fall guy; temptation; be careful you are not riding for a fall. Which of the following phrases is your dream alerting you to? Fall across, fall apart, fall away, fall back, fall behind, fall down on, fall flat, fall for, fall from, fall from grace, fall heir to, fall in, fall off, fall on, fall out, fall short, fall through, fall under, fall upon.

false covering up something; pretending to be something you are not; wrong information given; deception; a false start, or false alarm. Who is being gullible?

fame feeling insignificant; someone doing something conspicuous. What would you like to be famous for?

family bonded unit; needing support; time to pay attention to someone in your family; memories of early family experiences affecting your life now; studying your family tree. Who in your present life reminds you of this family member?

famous wanting attention; wishful thinking; not appreciating what you have. How are you developing qualities similar to your famous dream character?

fan take time to cool off; fan the flames and they will get bigger; you have lots of fans; somebody blowing hot and cold; stirring up something; spreading out; striking out; a fan of someone. Who is fanning your flame?

fang biting off more than you can chew; a snake in the grass; needing a dental checkup. Who is being overly defensive?

farm simplify; time to get more experience before you hit the big leagues; eating fresh fruits and vegetables; getting back to basics. How can you become more self-sufficient?

fat needing warmth or protection; feeling insignificant; wanting the best of everything; letting the fat get into the fire; be sure you are eating the right fats; a fat head; living off the fat of the land. Who is the weight-watcher?

father dealings with a male authority figure; a need for nurturing; say your prayers; your native country. Who is like a father to you?

faucet going with the flow; turning the flow on and off; a fan of Farrah. (See tap) Who’s the annoying drip in your life?

fawn innocent and helpless; cringing and bowing down to someone. Who do you call “dear”?

fax a quick message; being electronically scanned; copied and sent on your way; not having all the facts. What important faxes have you sent, or are waiting for?

fear afraid of what you might do or your feelings; life may be too dull; in awe of something. What are you afraid of in yourself?

feast bountiful gifts coming your way; overeating; too much of a good thing; a gathering of friends; feasting your eyes on something special. What do you want to celebrate?

feather a white feather may signify cowardice; something to be proud of; prayers; a feather-brain in your midst; light and airy; bravery; feathering your nest. What have you done to earn your feathers?

feed taking care of others; getting enough yourself; needing to get feedback. What part of yourself are you not feeding?

fence a barrier can be many things; check where in your life you have put up barriers; having trouble making up your mind; not giving a direct answer; giving clever answers to your opponents. What is fencing you in, or out?

fender protection; guarding you from harm; having to fend for yourself; resisting someone. Who is splashing mud at you?

fern soft; gentle; a need to be taken care of; a reminder of Victorian times. Who has ferns in their house?

Ferris wheel going around and around and getting nowhere; just swinging in mid-air; going high and getting stuck; wheel of fate. When were you last at the fair?

ferry using your imagination to see the truth; moving over the unconscious; moving away from being an island; going back and forth and getting nowhere new. (See fairy) Where are you going?

festival a time to celebrate; joyous; getting together with friends. What festive occasion are you planning?

fetus new ideas still unborn; new beginnings, lots of feet. What new project are you bringing into the world?

fiddle feeling “fit as a fiddle”; someone cheating; “playing second fiddle”; time on your hands; someone who plays the violin. What do you have to fiddle with to make it work properly?

field large background for your work; time for harvesting; someone “playing the field”; check out your field of vision; changing your field of work. Who is “outstanding in their field”?

fight too passive in waking life; something bothering you that you need to address; a part of yourself you disagree with; giving it a fighting chance; putting up a fair fight. Who are you angry with?

file getting things in order; sharpen your claws; trim the ends. What important paper have you misplaced?

filing cabinet keeping old thoughts filed away for too long; storing important and private documents. What are you holding on to that you no longer need?

film a need to record something; looking back at old photos; learning from movies; a movie buff. What are you covering up with a thin layer?

find needing more information; someone has lost something precious; finding something at last; finding your way; a real find. What are you looking for?

finger be careful you don’t burn your fingers; telling on someone; letting it slip through your fingers; working your fingers to the bone; awkward as in “all fingers and thumbs”; wanting to have a finger in the pie; count on the fingers of one hand; index finger = pointing to something; important point or index. middle finger = anger and sexuality; a rude gesture “giving someone the finger”; ring finger = marriage or engagement, and love; baby finger = heart related, and a young self; being twisted around someone’s little finger. thumb = putting your thumb on it and a green thumb. Who or what is your dream finger point out?

fire things getting hot; being angry but afraid to show it; meddling with something dangerous; under attack or blame; getting all fired up about a new project; afraid of being fired; passion and sexual love; impatience. Who is trying to “set the world on fire”?

fire escape getting out of a hot situation; planning your route to safety before you need it; running from the heat. What is too hot to handle?

firefighter fighting “fire with fire”; lots of anger; hot people around you; trying to cool things down; being embroiled in a hot issue. What are you trying to cool down?

first feeling as if you always come in last; having first hand knowledge; needing to “put first things first”; wanting to be first; going first class. What’s the first thing you need to do?

fish emotions or the unconscious; feeling uncomfortable in your environment; a person born under the sign of Pisces; looking for compliments; “something fishy” going on; “drinking like a fish”; an early secret sign meaning Jesus; realizing there are “plenty of fish in the sea”. Who’s the “cold fish”?

fist wanting to pick a fight; unable to receive. Who is being aggressive?

five a full hand; giving someone the “high five” or a friendly wave; the Pentagon; a five o’clock shadow. What or who is a handful?

flag love of country; acting as a decoy; tired out; white flag could mean surrender and giving up; you have had enough; red flag may mean tempting or challenging something to attack you; black flag for death; pirating; feeling flagged and exhausted; flagging someone down. What new ideas are you running up the flagpole?

flat feeling low; depressed; everything going smoothly; final say on something; going at maximum speed; having no effect at all; feeling like flattening someone; falling flat on your face. Who do you know who lives in a flat?

flea picky, picky details that are driving you crazy; a tiny matter bugging you; someone is a parasite; going to a flea market for bargains. What are you itching to do?

float not a care in the world; sailing over top; time to dive in; trust; moving effortlessly. What or who are you avoiding?

flood feeling overwhelmed; there is no end to the ideas you have; time for the floodgates to open; wanting to be in the floodlights. What is about to overflow?

floor check out what is supporting you; someone else has the floor and is calling the shots. What has floored you?

flour buy yourself some flowers; baking up some new ideas. (See flower) What’s rising to the surface?

flow go with it and life will be easier; don’t stop the flow of ideas or action; you are able to steer your ship as you flow down the river of life; flow charts might be important. What has stopped moving easily for you?

flower there is beauty around you that you might not be noticing; look at aroma therapy for health issues; someone who speaks in flowery language; flower power. (See flour) What is about to come into full flower?

flute there is a little of Pan in all of us; dance and be happy. Who do you know who plays the flute?

fly freedom of expression; doing the impossible; creativity and getting a broader perspective; you are a spiritual being; your body doesn’t have to keep you down; moving to great heights; soaring above the crowd; signifying a new freedom; attacking someone; leaving suddenly; getting very excited; take good aim and let go; a fancy fish hook; there are no flies on you; a fly-by-night character. What or who is the “fly in the ointment” that threatens to spoil things?

flying saucer feeling like throwing plates at someone; things flying around you that you can’t identify. What is alien in your life?

fog getting a clear picture of what you are doing; things not clear. confused and puzzled; a Mel Torme fan. Who is in a fog?

foil stopped from carrying out your plans; getting the better of someone; protecting something you are “cooking up”; a fencing or dancing partner; someone who is your opposite making you look great. What in your life looks better by contrast?

food nurturing; being looked after; eating too much, or not enough. What are you missing in your life?

fool wisdom in disguise; a silly person around you; still amusing the king; wasting time; new to something and innocent; being nobody’s fool. Who has been tricked?

foot the bottom of an issue; holding something up; the end of it; get walking; putting your best foot forward; putting your foot down; put your foot in it; someone underfoot; an old person ready to pass over; someone with “feet of clay”; getting your feet wet; having both feet on the ground; getting your foot in the door. What is 12 inches long?

football score a touchdown; run like crazy; catch what’s coming to you; keep your eye on the ball. Who is the man in tight pants?

foreign country in a strange and different place; looking at the situation with new eyes. What is feeling foreign or unfamiliar to you?

forest getting lost in the details and not seeing the whole; protect what is growing and non-renewable; hiding out; looking at life as if it were a box of chocolates. What can’t you find your way out of?

forget some things are better forgotten; make a list. What have you forgotten to do?

forgive letting go of the past; needing to express the anger and hurt before you can forgive. Who do you need to forgive, besides yourself?

fork a time to make a decision; left or right, your choice; waiting; time to hand it over; pitching something; lifting something heavy. Where in your life are you at a fork in the road?

formal stiff and uncomfortable; too concerned with the form and not the content; all dressed up and nowhere to go. Where in your life are you being too conventional?

fort heavily protected; unable to get through; armed and ready. What are you hiding behind for protection?

fortune cookie contained; a message comes to you in a strange way. What are you hoping to find?

fortune teller thinking about the future; how will something unfold in the future; needing to feel more in control. What do you need to know in your future?

fossil unearthing old forms; stuck in your ways; feeling petrified. What old stuff are you digging up?

fountain flowing; your unconscious gives you many ideas; on-again, off-again with your emotions; look to the original source. Which fountain are you looking for: youth or knowledge?

four symbol of wholeness; four seasons; four elements - fire, earth, water, air; the most common number appearing in dreams; one for each corner; balanced; on hands and knees; bluffing; a four-flusher; a person who uses four-letter words; a four-wheel drive. What is it for?

fox sly; careful; playing dumb; melting into your surroundings; hiding in your foxhole; dancing the fox trot; planning your next move well. Who is the fox that you want to date?

frame surrounded; you have the outline; supporting structure; made to feel guilty; check your frame of reference. What is your general frame of mind these days?

free feeling trapped; needing to get away; confirming the right action; freedom to, or freedom from; without cost; not following any rules; using something as if it were your own. What do you need to set free in yourself?

freeze a cold person; someone giving you “the cold shoulder”; holding onto something too tightly; excluding someone; doing some fancy decorating; freezing up. What part of you is frozen or feels numb?

freight feeling like extra baggage; carrying a weight; delivering something. What are you lugging around that could be unloaded?

fridge putting your plans in cold storage; keeping things fresh. Who’s turned off?

friend a person similar to you; a helpful part of yourself; phone your friend; an enemy in disguise. Who is there to help you?

frightening needing a jolt of energy; afraid of something; life may be too dull; suppressing your fears and acting brave. What does the frightening part of the dream remind you of?

frog a hope for the future; comfortable in two mediums; hopping along; someone who speaks as if they have a frog in their throat. Have you found your prince yet?

front the beginning of something; in the front line of battle; a cover-up for something illegal; someone before you. Who is “putting on a front”?

frost someone acting cool; holding your emotions in check; something frosted over. What do the pictures on the windows suggest?

frozen time to thaw out; frozen emotions; feeling unable to move; scared. (See defrost) What needs to be thawed out?

fruit more sweetness needed; something is coming to fruition; full and juicy; a nutty person. What is about to bear fruit?

frying pan something getting hot; feeling burned or cheated; eating too many fried foods. Have you just jumped out of it, or into it?

fudge there are no calories in dream fudge; give yourself some rewards. What are you faking?

fugitive running away from something; feeling chased; fleeting; hard to catch; loss of identity. What are you chasing after, or running from?

full overflowing; no more room for anything; absorbed; come full circle; full steam ahead; coming to a full stop; in full swing; in full view; on a full stomach. What is empty that you want to fill up?

fun time to relax and play; not having enough fun; poking fun at someone; providing amusement for others. What isn’t fun anymore?

funeral time to bury the past; fear of dying; memory of a funeral; getting into a heap of trouble. Who do you need to say goodbye to?

Furies in Greek mythology, three goddess who were the spirits of punishment; hair made of snakes; they tortured the conscience of guilty people and caused famines. What are you feeling guilty about?

furious a serious loss; time to show your true feelings. Who are you so mad at?

furnace things heating up; holding your anger in. Who is “hot under the collar”?

furniture parts of yourself; moving things around; getting stuck in one place; replacing something; feeling “like part of the furniture”. What new furniture do you want or need?

fuse someone you know has a short fuse; protection when things get too hot; melt together; blending things. Who is giving you a short fuse?

future what might be; if everything goes as expected, this could happen; having high hopes; buying stuff now to be sold later; wondering what is going to happen. What plans do you need to make?

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