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gag being stopped from talking; closed up; a joke; choking on something that is hard to swallow. Who is the butt of the joke?

Gaia in Greek mythology, the Earth personified as a Goddess; she was the daughter of Chaos; also the mother and wife of Uranus (Heaven); their offspring included the Titans and the Cyclops; the concept of Earth being a living organism. How might the dream be telling you something about your mother?

Galahad in Arthurian legend, a knight of purity; searching for the Holy Grail; manners; searching for your own Holy Grail. When was the last time you had a really great night?

Galatea in Greek mythology, a sea-nymph; the name Pygmalion gave to his statue, which he brought to life. How is your dream pointing out ways to self-improvement?

galaxy way out there; all over the place; needing more space; a brilliant mass of stars. What do you want to get away from?

gallery showing what you can do; exposing your creativity; watching from on high. Who are you trying to please by “playing to the gallery”?

gallop running away from something; in a hurry; flying through the air. What’s the big hurry?

gallows feeling hung over; afraid of losing your neck; just hanging around. What are you feeling guilty about?

gamble taking a risk. What are you afraid of losing or gaining?

game time to play; don’t take life so seriously; you are ahead of the game; some plan or scheme in danger of failing; following the rules. What games are you playing in your relationships?

gang time to phone up your old pals; being picked on; too many people around you; feeling ganged up on. Which “gang’s all here”?

gangrene something needs attention. What part of you are you ready to let go?

gangster feeling victimized; somebody telling you what to do; a need for some excitement and adventure in your life. Who do you know who acts like a gangster?

Ganymede in Greek mythology, a Trojan youth of great beauty; Zeus’s cup-bearer; third satellite of Jupiter, whose surface is a mixture of dark areas and brighter areas. How are your dreams helping you to balance your positive attributes with your imperfections?

garage time to get rid of stuff you don’t use; look at what you have stored away; look after your body. How are you feeling stored away?

garbage old stuff to throw out; look at who you treat like garbage; clean out things. Who is handing you a line of garbage?

garbage can get rid of what is no longer useful to you; feeling unable to deal with all the garbage in your life. What have you thrown out that you wished you hadn’t?

garden a time for growth and nurturing; pull out the weeds that are choking you; look after the details every day. What is flowering in your life?

gardenia sweet-smelling; romantic. Where is your secret garden?

gargoyle scary creatures around you; protection. Who’s there just hanging around, looking like a monster?

garlic purifying the blood; peeling away layers; protective powers; chastity when chewed. Which blood-suckers are you repelling?

garter something constricting your movement; sexy thoughts; old-fashioned; the next fellow to be married; a night from long ago. What or who are you trying to “get a leg up on”?

gas eating too many beans; boastful; a time for laughter. Who is full of hot air?

gasoline be sure you have enough of what you need to get you there; you might need some better fuel. What energizes you?

gate a way through; a passage; an opening; a new opportunity; coming into a lot of money. Who would you like to “give the gate” to?

gather joining together; bring things around you that you need. What are you looking for?

gauge measuring; check your meters; you need a standard to see how far you have come. Whose reactions are you constantly monitoring for approval?

gauntlet going through a particularly trying time; feeling pressured to perform; others judging you. What action are you determined to carry out, despite danger threatening from all sides?

gauze covering up old wounds; flimsy and unsupported; airy-fairy. How have you been a mummy too long?

gavel trying to get someone’s attention; no one listens to you; laying down the law. Who do you have to discipline?

gay happy in an old-fashioned way; dealings with someone of the same sex; looking at the opposite gender within yourself. Who is the sad, gay person you know?

gazebo a romantic garden shelter; a secret tryst. Who would you like to meet in a summer house?

gazelle light of foot; soft eyes. Who do you know who is fast, graceful and shy?

gear get into the right speed; clashing as you change speeds; in gear. Where have you left all your stuff?

gecko good luck, especially if one falls on your head; someone is ready to climb the walls. Who do you know who is friendly and firm on their feet?

geisha discipline; witty and entertaining; serving; party-goer. “Who is tired of fulfilling other people’s desires?”

gem find your special gifts and use them; something precious to be found; be grateful for what you have. Who is the gem in your life?

general someone bossing you around; being too specific with something; not too good at following orders. What is generally bothering you right now?

genie Jeannie or Gene; a magical person; being impractical; hoping that magic will solve the problem. What are your three wishes?

genius feeling inferior; having some great ideas, but not knowing what to do with them; over-inflated opinion. What genius thought up the latest problem you are in?

gentleman a call to be more gentle with the women in your life; refined; a model for you. Who needs to improve their manners?

geodesic dome time to break out of the mold; the square is too sharp for you; curved energy is needed. Where is the dome?

geography feeling part of the Earth; living where you want to; life has many hills and valleys. Where on Earth do you think you are going?

geometry points, lines, surfaces and solids; a progression with a constant ratio between each number. What is steadily progressing for you?

geranium living in a window box; cheerful, but stuck. Who do you know who loves geraniums?

gerbil on a treadmill that you can’t seem to get off; living in a cage; children are always bugging you; warm and fuzzy. Who has you snagged in a cat-and-mouse game?

germ afraid of disease; something you can’t see is affecting you; full of new ideas; the beginning of something. What little things are bugging you?

gesture show what you mean with actions rather than words; look at what people are saying with their bodies; a hollow offering. Who is rude, but speaking so sweetly?

ghost belief in the unseen world; doing the writing for someone else; a slight suggestion; pale. Who has passed on that you would like to talk to?

ghoul life is dull and you wanted to have a good scare; someone creepy around you; someone feeding on the energy of others. What would you like to say to that old ghoul?

giant feeling small and insignificant; a tall, imposing person in your life; feelings overwhelming you; parental authority, particularly the father. What is being “blown out of proportion”?

gift being given something of value; look at what you have to offer others; a birthday coming up; a gift of the gab. What gift has this dream given you?

gig playing around; a musician in your midst; the gig is up. What gig would you like to play?

giggle silly; not to be taken seriously; have a little fun; childlike. What can you release with a good giggle?

gill a cold fish; swimming upstream; trapped by your breath; someone named Gill or Gillian. Who is having trouble breathing?

gilt a bright covering; royalty and unnecessary ornaments; “all that glitters is not gold”. (See guilt) What beauty are you not appreciating?

gin English person; time to relax; maybe you need a tonic. Who’s the “card shark”?

ginger women’s issues; a pet or person named Ginger; hot and spicy; full of energy. Who is “sugar and spice and everything nice”?

gingham< a country lass; plain and simple. What do you need to check out?

giraffe sticking your neck out too far; a lot to swallow; a sore neck; swift but silent; a tall story; long reach. Whose head is in the clouds?

girdle feeling restricted; difficulty in taking a deep breath; changing yourself to please others; encircled. What are you holding in?

girl you can do and be what you want to; look at what was happening in your life when you were the age of the girl in the dream. Who is a grown woman and still being called a girl?

glacier a large cold mass in your life; slow-moving; taking forever to thaw out. What large mountain are you coming down from?

glamorous wanting to please; feeling insecure; sexy; playing a game; enchanting others. Who is clamouring to be glamorous?

glass easy to see through; shine up the surface; feeling exposed; no place to hide; seeing through rose-coloured glasses. What is being reflected back to you?

glaze not fully conscious; half-awake; covering up mistakes; watered down. What are you glazing over, and hoping it won’t show through?

glide easy; smooth going; on the right track; a graceful landing. What has started to smooth out for you?

glitter all show; nothing underneath; sparkling to get your attention. What is pretending to be precious, but isn’t?

globe an emblem of power; symbolism of totality; in Christian iconography, the whole thing; holding the world in your hands; going on a long journey; sphere-shaped. Who is the “globe trotter”?

glockenspiel the bells toll for you; making happy music; Germany could be indicated. Where are you hearing bells?

glossary get the words straight; be sure you know the terms of the deal; new expressions. What parts don’t you understand?

glove the executive hand itself, a pledge of action: white gloves symbolize purity; removing the right glove acknowledged the superiority of an overlord or sovereign; giving someone a hand; a challenge; using your hands; a perfect fit. Who needs to be handled “with kid gloves”?

glue feeling stuck; someone stuck up; can’t get away. What do you have your eyes, or attention, glued to?

glutton wanting it all; eating too much food; undernourished. Who isn’t getting enough?

gnat Nat; some little nuisance around you. Who is taking little bites out of you?

gnome a mischievous part of you has a message, believe the unbelievable; guarding the treasures you keep underground. (See elf) Who is the odd, “little person” you know?

goal re-evaluate your goals; time to set some goals; scoring; guarding the net; being driven. What goal is not worth the price?

goat try goat cheese for a change; an “old goat”; a person with their sun sign in Capricorn; being a scapegoat and taking all the blame; virility or lust in the male; nourishing in the female; in China “goat” and “yang” are homonyms and goat is a positive masculine symbol. Who is “getting your goat”?

goblet wine of life; drinking something in; Holy Grail; special spiritual significance symbolizing the Last Supper. What special message is being passed to you in this dream?

goblin scary little thoughts; Hallowe’en and harvest time; trick-or-treat. Who has been acting like a mischievous elf lately?

god a know-it-all; look at what you have made into a god in your life. Who are you treating like God?

God a BIG dream; connecting to the Source; feeling looked after and protected. What did God communicate to you?

goggle can’t believe what you have just seen; look carefully; protect your eyes. What are you afraid of seeing?

gold the sun; transformation; earthly powers; spirit of enlightenment; a masculine symbol; precious and wonderful thoughts or intuitions; discovering treasures; valuable findings; digging for financial freedom. What do you value most?

Golden fleece in Greek mythology, the fleece of gold taken from a ram; although guarded by a dragon, Jason and the Argonauts got it; an almost impossible goal; a quest for the treasure of spiritual enlightenment and immortality. How are you setting up complicated tasks for yourself in order to prove something?

goldfish swimming with wealth; your emotions hold treasures; feeling as if you live in a glass bowl. What does it feel like, “living in a fish-bowl”?

golf a place to make contacts; a lot of walking and hitting things. What are you driving at?

gondola a trip to Venice; being “taken for a ride”; keeping score. Who is off to Venice?

gong a signal; a warning; having dinner prepared for you. What important item have you forgotten?

goose a lot of honking over nothing; getting goose-bumps; migration south; frightened; sacrificing long-term advantage for short-term gain. Whose “goose has been cooked”?

gopher always running errands for people; hiding in your hole and only popping up to see what’s happening. What is it that you have to “go for”?

Gorgon in Greek mythology, three sisters, including Medusa, with snakes for hair, and the power to turn anyone who looked at them to stone; a frightening, or repulsive woman. Who is having a “bad hair” day?

gorilla large, fierce and powerful; living in the jungle too long; old memories of the way you used to be. Who’s acting like a Neanderthal?

gossip telling “tales out of school”; keep others’ secrets to yourself. What are you afraid that people are saying about you?

gourd feeling dried up and hollowed out; a container; not having it all together. What are you trying to hold together?

government authority figure; being told what to do; not feeling free; pressure; a need to govern yourself. What dealings have you had with the government that are a challenge to you?

gown feeling underdressed; all dressed up and no place to go; a member of the university; a nightgown. When do you wear a gown?

graduate congratulations, you made it; remember your own graduation; you have “made the grade”; something is gradually changing. What are you completing?

grail a special container; looking for something special. (See Holy Grail) What are seeking?

grain check if there are enough grains in your diet; looking only at the surface; the quality of something. What is rubbing you the wrong way?

grandchild a young and special person for whom you feel responsible; a much younger version of yourself. Who is the terrific kid you know?

grandmotherwoman of wisdom; kind, elderly woman. What wisdom has your grandmother given you that would be helpful now to recall?

grandparent a wise part of yourself; being a great parent. What advice do you need from an older, wiser person?

grapes fine wines; the good things in life; sweet and nurturing; in mythology referred to as “the nectar of the gods”; a “wino”. What news is going through the grapevine?

grapefruit grapes and fruits; breakfast foods; something round and juicy. Who is round, sour, and weight-conscious?

graph seeing it in black and white; make a chart; something scaled-down. What picture are you not seeing clearly?

grasp holding on too tightly; let it go; eagerly accepting; understanding something. What are you afraid of losing?

grass smoking “pot”; wasting time by letting the grass grow under your feet. Whose “grass” is greener than yours, and is it really?

grasshopper playing in the grass; a “hop-head”. Who are you trying to “get the jump on”?

grate grating on your nerves; behind bars; grinding or wearing you down. What is really great in your life?

grateful write down ten things you are grateful for; feeling great; not recognizing someone. Who is not grateful to you and you think they should be?

grave fear of death; serious matters; digging yourself a hole; remembering someone who has died. Who would be “turning in their grave” at what you have said or done?

gravel on a bumpy path; check your kidneys; a raspy voice. Where do you travel on a country road?

gravestone marking a serious item; remembering someone who has died; something written that cannot be changed. What would you like your epitaph to be?

graveyard peaceful and at rest; a serious yard at your house; visiting those who have passed on; burying something forever. Who works “the graveyard shift”?

gravy time for you to have special things; easy gain or profit; having to eat a bland diet. Who do you resent who is on a “gravy train”?

grease slippery; fat; getting burned. Who is the unctuous, disagreeable person with whom you have to deal?

greed wanting more than your fair share; a belief in scarcity; unwillingness to share. What don’t you have enough of to go around?

green back to Earth; eat more greens; green is considered the colour of healing; money concerns; a “green light” to go ahead with your plans; someone without experience. Who is the (jealous)“green-eyed monster”?

gremlin someone getting in your way; a nuisance. What are you blaming on the gremlins?

grenade eating too many pineapples; making an irreversible decision; a bomb being dropped. What is “too hot to handle”?

greyhound taking a bus trip; sleek and fast; slim of body; being “hounded” by a grey-haired person. What are you racing to?

griddle someone in a flap; sizzling affair. Whose has had their “bacon cooked”?

grief expressing your grief; letting it flow through your body; sorrow about the past. Who are you still mourning?

grill being forced to answer; in the “hot seat”; fast and cheap. Who is grilling you for answers?

grind being worn down with day-to-day pressures; drinking too much coffee; studying long hours. Who is keeping their “nose to the grindstone”?

grip hanging on too tightly; time to come to grips with something; losing control; packing unpleasant thoughts away. Who needs to “get a grip”?

grizzly bear feeling threatened and endangered; old and gray; helpless. Who’s the bear in your life?

grocery store you need more nourishment; selecting what will fulfill your needs. What do you need that you find in a grocery store?

groom look after your natural instincts; new beginnings in a relationship; making yourself presentable. (See bridegroom) Who is the lucky guy?

groove stuck in the same old rut; going around and around and getting nowhere; in the groove. Who is “in the groove”?

ground foundation; feeling safe; feeling grounded and centered; being squished up into little bits; beginning to build something new; go the distance; going forward; holding your position. What is grinding you down?

groundhog using too much space; needing six more weeks of preparation; afraid of your own shadow. Who is the “prairie dog”?

group alone too much; not asking for help. Who hates joining groups?

grow confirmation that you are growing; sometimes growing is painful; maturing; developing; something is getting bigger. What is having an increasing effect on you?

growl you are not pleased; someone making a lot of noise about something; angry; grumpy and unsociable; hungry. What are you complaining about?

grown don’t stop the growth; something is about to sprout; a time to grow. Who is all grown up?

grub eating the wrong kinds of food; digging for something. Who has supplied you with a “grubstake” and what do you owe them for it?

grudge feeling resentful; look at the part of yourself that is similar to one you have a grudge against; a long-standing dislike. What are you begrudging someone?

guard feeling in need of protection; watching over something; feeling unprepared. Who has their guard up?

guess not having all the facts; name-brands only. How can you take the guess work out of the situation?

guest unexpected company; feeling not part of the family; making special preparations. Who has overstayed their welcome?

guide something to show you the way; in need of guidance; a special guide for you. What has your dream guided you to do?

guillotine thoughts and feelings separated; cutting up important papers. What, or who, have you “lost your head” over?

guilt feeling bad about something; taking on someone else’s guilt; being made to feel guilty when you are not. What are you blaming yourself for now?

guinea pig a pig being tested; treated as an experiment; needing to be taken care of. What new things are you trying out?

guitar making sweet music; strumming along; being strung along. Who do you know who plays the guitar?

gulf a wide space between you and someone you care about; feeling swallowed up by something. What has caused this gulf between you?

gull feeling free, or the need to be free; living near water. Where would you like to fly?

gum chewing over ideas; messing things up; a sticky situation; doing some detective work; tasteless. What have you been chewing on for a long time?

gun an explosive statement; wanting to injure or kill off something; fear of death; protection; “beating the gun” by getting an early start; sticking to your guns. Who is “under the gun”?

gush pouring forth; somebody talking too much and saying nothing. Who is being false with their praise?

gut a message to follow those inner feelings; “playing second fiddle”; feeling as if your insides have been torn out; stay off the rot gut. What is your gut telling you to do?

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