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hacksaw fierce detachment; abrupt goodbye. What are you trying to hack off?

Hades in Greek mythology, one of the sons of Chronus, lord of the lower world. grim and unpitying, feeling like hell; someone who is very angry. (See Pluto) What is heating up around you and is starting to feel unbearable?

hag feeling worn out; a vicious old woman. Who is the hag you know?

hail calling something forth; hard little things raining on you from above. What is relevant about where you come from?

hair grows from our head like thoughts; new thoughts growing; untangling thoughts; tying your thoughts up in knots; smoothing them out; someone getting in your hair; time to let your hair down. How are you “splitting hairs” with people?

hairbrush a tool to clean up your thoughts; brush some unimportant thoughts away. Who used to get hit with the hairbrush?

hairdresser time to clean up your thoughts; or perhaps get some new ones. What’s the big secret that only your hairdresser knows?

hairpin you don’t have the key and are using something makeshift; having your thoughts pinned down; watch out for sharp curves in the road; a sudden U-turn. Who is sticking pins in your thoughts?

half not getting your full share; something half completed; look to your “better half” for support. Who do you need to share with?

hall pulling a big load; in a passage between two places; left outside. What are you moving between?

Hallowe’en some scary people around you; being given sweets. Who is pretending to be someone or something they are not?

halo spiritual thoughts; a devil in disguise; a special energy surrounding someone. Who is pretending to be an angel?

ham eating high on the hog; communication over the air waves. Who is always “hamming it up”?

hammer time to repair something; going at it with “hammer and tongs”; beating something into shape. What are you hammering away at and getting little or no results?

hammock get away from it all; take a long lazy holiday; swinging. Who is the lazy bum?

hamper someone short of food; time to clean up your identity; household chores. Who or what is stopping you from moving forward?

hamster a child’s pet, often their first; running on a treadmill; feeling caged. When do you feel warm and fuzzy and looked after?

hand lend a helping hand; being able to accomplish what you set out to do; doing handiwork or handicrafts; giving compliments; first hand knowledge; spending everything you receive; close relation with someone; having your hands full; consider the other viewpoint; wash your hands of a situation; your hands are tied; close by. Who do you have eating out of your hand?

handbag something about your identity; losing your identity; keeping all your stuff together; protect your abilities. Who is going on a trip?

handcuff feeling trapped; being stopped from doing what you really want to do; hitting someone with your hand, or being hit. Who or what is holding you back?

handicap a part of you not working up to par; feeling less than; a cap you keep handy. How are you handicapped?

handkerchief feeling sad; old fashioned; using things from the past; stop being so nosey; covering your thoughts. Who do you know who wears a kerchief?

handle the way to open something you have been wanting; get a new slant on something; finally grasping what they mean; confirmation that you can handle it OK. Who is apt to “fly off the handle” at a moment’s notice?

handlebars to get or have a strong handle on; steering; bicycle built for one, not two, to sit precariously. Who is yelling, “Look maw! No hands!”

hang just hanging around; getting the hang of something; put something up and out of your way; hanging back from doing something you want to do; hanging onto something too tightly. What are you finally getting the hang of?

hanger a hanger on; a woman you feel like hanging. What are you hanging your hopes on?

harbour a safe place to go; feeling protected; coming home; getting ready to go on an ocean cruise. What unnecessary thoughts are you harbouring?

hardware wearing that mask is hard; getting a new computer; hanging out in hardware stores. What is so hard to wear?

harm anger; feeling damaged; being hurt. What is hurting you so much?

harmonica making playful music; feeling in tune. Who do you know who plays a mouth organ?

harness feeling held back; all laced up; trapped; working like a horse. What familiar thing have you recently returned to?

harp continually yakking about something; time to let it go; angel music. What would be “heavenly music” to your ears?

harpoon new idea; stuck or struck; feeling attacked. How have you been cruelly struck down?

harvest time to receive the rewards of your hard work; late summer and early fall; the consequence of your actions. What are you thankful for?

hat to top it all off; covering up or hiding your thoughts; time to pass the hat; someone “talking through their hat”; throw your hat into the ring. What thoughts are you keeping “under your hat”?

hatch new ideas coming forth; breaking out of your shell; a trap door; a way out. What fine lines are being engraved?

hate a love-hate relationship; anger and fear. What do you hate so much, yet can’t let it go?

haunt past thoughts or feelings that keep coming back to you; a visit to the old place. What reminds you of your favourite haunt?

hawk circling and looking for your prey; something being hawked (sold); a hawk-eyed person. What are you watching for so intently?

hay calling someone; trying to get somebody’s attention; money issues; time to “hit the hay”. Who’s intent on “making hay while the sun shines”?

head thoughts; someone in their head most of the time and detached from their feelings; the one in command; keep your head up; something has gone to someone’s head; a situation “over your head”; hiding your head in shame; talking one’s head off; something to “turn your head”; be ready to head off something. What is coming to a head?

headlight bright ideas; you need some more light on the subject. Whose eyes need checking?

headline being the top in the show; newsworthy; worrying too much and getting lines in your forehead; wanting attention. What have you read in the news lately that disturbed you?

heal feeling run down; a return to health; an injury not healing. (See heel) What needs healing in your life?

health health issues; drinking to your health; doing what’s good for you. What health challenge are you facing now that your dream could be helping you with?

heart love; heartache; look at ways you can express your love; something after your own heart; have heart and be courageous; doing kind things for others because your heart is in the right place; someone with a “heart of gold”; stop wearing your heart on your sleeve; do it with all your heart. Who are you missing?

hearth warm and cozy; being looked after; home; family. What are you longing for?

heaven feeling like hell; spiritual thoughts; attempting to move heaven and earth; get out and look at the stars. Good Heavens! What are you doing?

heavy dark thoughts; someone being heavy handed around you; something hanging heavy over you; needing lifting up; heavy duty; stop playing the heavy. What heavy load are you carrying for someone else?

Hector in Greek mythology, a Trojan warrior killed by Achilles, who dragged him from a chariot three times around the city of Troy. What, or who, is dragging you down?

Hecuba in Greek mythology, a Trojan woman who was mother of Hector, Paris and numerous other children. How are you worried about children?

hedge a separation or dividing of something; trying to get out of being responsible; being hemmed in; watch out for the hedgehogs; evading something. Who is “hedging their bets”?

heel a need to heal; someone close by you; perhaps you should “cool your heels” for a while; feeling down at the heels; time to take to your heels and run. (See heal) How are you feeling down in the heel or like a heel?

heir/heiress being left something of importance; responsibility for what others have left. What are the gifts of your ancestors?

heirloom a precious memento from a family member; remember the past. What story has been woven on your family loom?

Helen in Greek mythology, the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda; her abduction by Paris caused the Trojan War. Who is the beautiful woman worth fighting for?

helicopter whirling around in one place; going up and down; make a landing in tight places; being rescued. Who do you want to get away from quickly?

Helios in Greek mythology, the sun personified as a god; a charioteer driving daily from east to west across the sky. What important task do you hope to accomplish today?

hell things are getting hot; feeling guilty; prolonged suffering about to end. (See Hades) What feels like hell to you?

helmet heavily protecting thoughts; keeping your thoughts encased; protection; wear your helmet when you ride your bike; meeting up with something hellish. What thoughts don’t you want to leak out?

help helping too much; needing help; time to help yourself. Who needs helping?

helpless feeling victimized; experiencing the other side; helping someone too much, perhaps it is time to help less. Who is feeling helpless?

hem something is going to turn up; hesitating about doing something; afraid to say something; needing someone’s attention. What are you wearing that is dragging you down?

hen preparing to hatch something; not comfortable in the pecking order. Who is acting like a “mother hen”?

Hera in Greek mythology, goddess of marriage; called Juno by the Romans; sister and wife of Zeus; their many spats caused storms and bad weather on Earth; fiercly jealous. Who is possessed by the green-eyed monster?

herb a study of herbs could be indicated; look at alternative healing methods; a person named Herb. What herbs would be good for you right now?

Hercules in Greek and Roman mythology, a super-hero who performed twelve difficult tasks and became a god. What Herculean project are you attempting to complete?

herd going along with the crowd; too many people around you. What have you heard lately that you would rather not have?

Hermaphroditus in Greek mythology, son of Hermes and Aphrodite; he joined with his lover Salmacis (Salamacis??) in a single body having both male and female characteristics. How can you honour the opposite sex within yourself?

Hermes in Greek mythology, messenger of the gods; known as Mercury to the Romans; dressed in winged hat and shoes as symbols of his swiftness. Who is always in a hurry?

hermit living alone too much; keeping to yourself; come out of your cave and share your knowledge; a crabby person living in a portable shelter. Who do you know is living like a hermit?

Hero in Greek mythology, a priestess of Aphrodite whose lover swam to meet her every night; when he drowned trying to see her, she was so overcome by grief that she drowned herself. Who is drowning in grief and what can you do to help?

hero/heroine wanting someone to come and rescue you; needing to be looked upon as a rescuer; acting beyond the call of duty; addicted to heroin or morphine. Who is your personal heroine or hero?

herstory a woman's past; a woman's experience; women's lives. How have you lost touch with your story?

Hesperides in Greek mythology, nymphs who guarded the tree of golden apples that Gaia had given to Hera. What precious thing are you guarding for someone?

Hestia in Greek mythology, goddess of the hearth; known as Vesta to the Romans; a sister of Zeus; she founded the art of house-building. What new parts of yourself are you building?

hexagon being aware that you do have six sides; six of something; the hex has gone; six tries. What in your life is a hexagon shape?

hibernate time to rest a bit and recoup; slow down your activity; living with a bear. Who haven’t you seen for a while?

hide someone after your hide; feeling threatened; protect your skin. What are you hiding?

hieroglyphic picture writing; realizing what the pictures mean; something important that is difficult to read. What mystery do you need to figure out?

high an expansive view; seeing things from another perspective; feeling low; greeting friends; flying high; left high and dry without help. Who is acting high and mighty?

high school having a high opinion of school; saying hello to new learning; remembering your high school years. What happened in high school that is similar to what is happening now?

hike need to walk more; get more exercise; it might be a long hike to where you want to get; a raise in pay may be indicated. Who would you like to tell to “take a hike”?

hill looking up to higher things or if you are on the top, looking down; check out the “ants and moles” around you making hills. Who is heaping up the dirt around you?

hinge bending back and forth; possible problems with your elbows or knees. What is hinging on your action?

hip with it; up to date; a cheer for you; be careful of your hips; drink rose hip tea. Who is quick to draw from the hip?

hippopotamus animals often mean instincts; these would be very large and slow moving instincts. What’s the big problem that feels as if it weighs four tons?

history related to something in the drreamer’s past; look back over recent history for a clue; you are about to make history. What is it about his story that alarmed you?

hit right on; feeling like hitting someone; being hit yourself; anger; aggressiveness; someone hitting below the belt; meeting someone you really hit it off with; a project that is hit or miss; check out what in your dream “hit the nail on the head”. Where in your life are you being too timid?

hitch joining; coming together; a possible marriage; being caught; things going smoothly without a hitch; be careful of hitchhikers. What’s the hitch?

hive a busy household; someone acting like a queen bee; lots of buzzing around; stressed out and getting hives. Who is in the middle of the hive of activity?

hockey fighting instead of playing; someone has hawked or hocked a key; a hawk is the key; the key is to get out of hock, keeping score; setting goals. Who do you know who loves hockey and what is their significance in your life?

hoe get rid of the weeds and old thoughts that are growing out of control; laugh more. How can you loosen up those feelings of being buried?

hog not getting enough; someone is hogging it all; having the best of everything; go the whole hog. What have you been hogging that you need to share?

hold letting go of something you really want; storing something; wait for the right moment to act; stop holding back; holding your own position; hold out for what you really want; feeling held up; agreeing with someone (hold with). What are you holding too tightly?

hole a need to see the whole; feeling unified; an empty place inside; burning a hole in your pocket; in debt; time to hole up for a while and hibernate; a hole in one. Who is picking holes in your plan and what can you do about it?

holiday needing some time off; lighten up; working too hard; What is special about this holiday?

hollow an empty place inside you. Who is making hollow promises?

holly a Christmas memory; a woman named Holly. What do holly boughs mean to you?

Hollywood feeling insecure; a desire for fame; connection with the movies. Who would you like to visit in Hollywood?

holster being prepared; put your guns away. Who is trying to “shoot you down”?

holy a spiritual dream; a connection to the Divine Source; feeling whole. Whose plan is full of holes?

Holy Grail in Medieval legend, a quest; conferring mystical benefits; a romantic symbol of the heart’s desire; in Christian legend, supposed to be the vessel from which Christ drank at the Last Supper; in Arthurian legend it became a symbol of perfection sought by the knights of the Round Table; Jungian psychology sees the Grail as a symbol for humanity’s yearning to find its centre and as an essentially female symbol (the cup), both receiving and giving. What is your “Holy Grail” quest?

home feeling homesick; needing comfort; look at how you were feeling when you lived in that home. What makes you feel at home?

homosexual love yourself; seeing yourself in others of the same sex; a challenge to look at some basic beliefs; acceptance of those who have different lifestyles. How do you feel about homosexuality?

honey being too sweet and nice all the time; a honey of a deal. Who do you call honey, or who would you like to call honey?

honk time to fly south; look out; letting people know you are coming through. Who is trying to get all the attention?

hood covering up; someone acting like a criminal; university honours; covering the engine or source of power. Who is trying to hoodwink you?

hoof sore feet; walking too much; a professional dancer. Who is kicking you around?

hook a way to get people’s attention; feeling caught; time to hang something up; getting something “by hook or by crook”; getting off the hook; doing it on your own. Who do you want to hook up with?

hoop something that is all around you; hiding under big skirts. Who are you jumping through hoops for?

hop off balance; “hop to it”; beer drinking; departing quickly. What new project are you ready to hop onto, or into?

hopscotch drinking too much beer and scotch; someone is playing childish games with you. What needs just a few more jumps and you’re home?

horizon something far off in the distance; looking way out there. What is coming up on the horizon for you?

horn time to blow your own horn; horny; call somebody on the telephone; perhaps it is time to “pull in your horns”; a warning signal; someone horning in on your territory; a horn of plenty. What dilemma has you on the horns of indecision?

hornet community living; being painfully stung; stirring up a hornet’s nest. Who are you mad at?

horoscope looking to the stars for answers; check out your full horoscope, not just your sun sign. Who missed your birthday?

horror afraid of something; seeing too many late night horror shows; giving yourself a good scare. What inner demons do you need to look at?

horse powerful, instinctual urges; having trouble saying something; you are working too hard; a loyal friend; too much horsing around; someone showing you a “horse of a different colour”; being hoarse; good old fashioned “horse sense” is needed; being in control; feeling strong and free. What are you putting your money on?

horseshoe good luck. Who is horsing around with you that you would like to shoo away?

Horus in Egyptian mythology, the sky-god whose symbol was a hawk; known as a protector of monarchs; a name often added to royal titles. What important person or thing are you protecting?

hose be sure you are getting enough water; protect your legs; something needs a good hosing down. Who is a real “hoser” in your life?

hospital a concern about your health; time to get a check up; feeling the need to be cared for; a memory of a hospital visit. What do you need to feel better?

host/hostess being responsible for the entertainment of others; looking after someone; being polite and ever-so-nice; a multitude; where a parasite lives. When did you last give, or go to a party?

hostage having to do something you don’t want to do; part of your freedom has been taken away. What is the trade off and is it worth it?

hostel a place of comfort; temporary lodgings; an unfriendly person. Who are you feeling hostile toward?

hot you are cooking with ideas; feeling under fire; getting hot under the collar; making it hot for someone; blowing hot and cold; someone full of hot air. Who or what is too hot to handle?

hot dog driving too fast; eating too fast; a dog with a fever. Who eats lots of hot dogs?

hotel a temporary residence; traveling; needing to get away for a while; time to meet with friends for a social drink. When were you last in a hotel and how was it significant for you?

hound woebegone; feeling like a dog; working like a dog; being treated like a dog. Who is hounding you?

hour don’t forget to do something; now is the hour; all we can experience is the present; owning something with someone. What important time has come up for you now?

hourglass an impossible figure; seeing through time. What do you do that takes an hour?

house inner self; where you feel comfortable and cared for; a need to settle down; something you do could “bring down the house”; time to clean up; offering something “on the house”; time to clean up your act. (Dreaming about a house often represents various parts of yourself. See also attic, basement, kitchen, etc.) What part(s) of yourself have you been exploring lately?

houseboat wanting to settle down, yet keep moving at the same time; just sailing along; travelling in comfort. What part of yourself needs to float away for a while?

housecoat get out of the house; repainting a house. What are you covering up?

housekeeper feeling responsible for the whole house; looking after too many people; wanting to stay where you are. Who says you can’t keep your house?

housework repetitious work that never gets done; a house that is too much work for you; working on yourself; feeling nervous about working outside your home. What are you avoiding looking at by doing too much housework?

howl someone in pain; worshiping the moon; needing attention. Who has been howling at you and what for?

hug needing to be held and touched more; being uncomfortable with physical contact; feeling lonely; keeping close to shore. Who can you go to for a hug today?

huge feeling small and insignificant; things beginning to feel too big for you; pay attention to what was huge in the dream. What big thing is challenging you right now?

hula a desire for a Hawaiian holiday; speaking with your hands and body; telling your story through gesture. When did you last have a tropical holiday?

hum not knowing what words to say; in tune; happy; a motor running; a hum of activity; ho-hum, how boring. What is moving along smoothly for you right now?

humiliate feeling ashamed about something; lowering self-respect. What do you feel humiliated about and what can you do to regain your dignity?

hummingbird incredibly swift; having the ability to eat on the fly or on the run. What is moving so fast around you that you can hardly see it?

hunger yearning for something you don’t have; eating the wrong kinds of foods. What are you craving?

hunt searching for something; tracking; looking after your basic needs; feeling hunted. What have you lost?

hurdle getting over obstacles; throwing yourself into your work; moving too quickly. What hurdle are you faced with now?

hurricane things beginning to whirl around you; feeling out of control; confusion; too much going on. What thoughts are flying by that you are missing?

hurt in pain; a need to look after yourself; a warning. What is hurting you so much?

husband a friend and companion; someone to look after; someone who gives comfort: an intimate relationship. Who did the husband in the dream remind you of?

Hyacinthus in Greek mythology a beautiful youth, accidentally killed by his lover Apollo; from his blood sprang a lovely flower. What good might come from something you view as a tragedy?

hut simple living quarters; basic; a circle of men in tight pants. Who lives in a hut?

Hydra in Greek mythology, a many-headed snake; when Hercules cut off one head, another immediately grew pin its place. What keeps coming back, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it?

hydrant marking your territory; a place to cool off; give it some room; perhaps you need more water. Where are you parked too close to something, and shouldn’t be?

hydro source of energy; water power; electrical power. How could you drink more and purer water?

hyena being laughed at; laughing at another. What is eating you?

hymn singing songs of praise. Which “him” are you concerned with?

Hypnos in Greek myth, the god of sleep and a son of the night. What messenger has come to you in your sleep?

hypnotist feeling under the spell of another; being in an altered state; a need to relax and let go; being afraid others will make a fool of you. What do you feel you are being hypnotized by and have no control over?

hypocrite acting so good but not really sincere; pretending. Who is saying the opposite of what they really think?

hypodermic something getting under your skin; needing a new infusion of energy. Who or what is needling you these days?

hysterical losing control; making a mountain out of a molehill; dreams often exaggerate. What are you a little worried about?

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