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i self in the dream; notice the actions and thoughts of the “I” character in your dream and how this character is both like and unlike yourself in waking life; centre of the dream. How does the “I” in your dream reveal your true feelings?

ice part of you is frozen, rigid, inaccessible; cold, unfeeling; closing your heart to someone and to yourself; cautious beginnings as you “break the ice” in a new venture. Who is being the Ice Queen?

iceberg part of you has been splintered off; hoping your indifference will change back to enthusiasm; don’t be so hard on yourself; often associated with the south or north pole; the larger part is under the surface. Who would you describe as an iceberg?

icebox keeping something away from people; you are preserving it, hoping to keep it a secret; something that is unchangeable. What skills and talents are you preserving for later?

ice cream children indicated; luxury and enjoyment; carefree; taking a holiday from the daily grind; relationship with mother may be cold. What is too cold to be skimmed off?

ice skates skating on thin ice; gliding over the surface of things; a way to enjoy winter. When did you last go ice-skating?

icicle sharp, cold and cutting remarks from someone who makes you nervous; feeling defensive and on guard. Who is tall, lean and cold-hearted?

icing sweet remarks on top; covering up mistakes; sugary and insincere. What are you covering up with fancy words or toppings?

identification issues about who you are; a shift in self-image and self-presentation; a fear of losing identity. How is your identity changing?

idiot feeling inferior, or superior, to others; performance anxiety; unable to meet expectations at work. How are you putting yourself down?

idol lazy, idle; not willing to do your share; looking up to someone; imagining that others you know have positive qualities while missing your own good ones. Who have you been putting on a pedestal?

igloo cold home environment indicated; feeling enclosed; no freedom or privacy; needing protection from people who are unpredictable and predatory. Who lives in a cold house?

ignition getting things started; having the spark to do it; starting the fire of ideas. What new venture are you excited about?

illness health risk may be indicated; it might be a good idea to have a physical check up; a fear or a warning; feeling weak and in need of rest; having too high expectations of yourself. Who is making themselves sick?

illegal not following the proper channels; looking into legal matters around you; moral dilemma. What are you considering that your inner-self disapproves of?

illegitimate not following the laws or rules; fear of what people will say; unsure of your birthright. What needs to be joined before you can give birth to something?

illiterate not able to “read between the lines”; inability to write your own thoughts; feeling inferior. Who are you not reading correctly?

illuminate shining forth; hiding your light under a bushel; a clear explanation is needed. What has been in the dark too long?

illustration a need for clarification; demonstrate what you mean; a need for some examples. What is your dream drawing to your attention?

image looking at yourself through different eyes; comparing your real image with your virtual image. How is your self-image distorted?

imitation copying someone else; not followingj through on your own ideas and intuitions; accepting poor substitutes for what you really want; for example, accepting dependency as a substitute for true love. Where have you accepted an inferior substitute for what you really want?

immense something huge in your dream that you have been minimizing in waking life; something is much larger than you want to believe; making light of something quite serious. How are you making light of a profound situation?

immerse get involved; dive in; getting in too deep; engrossed to the point of excluding others. Who is overly immersed in something,to the neglect of something else?

immigrate gathering information from other sources; from another country. What part of yourself have you left behind?

immobile not able to move freely; not able to make a decision and act on it; someone is always telling you what to do; boss unwilling to delegate responsibilities that you are able to handle; feeling trapped. What is frustrating you?

immortal fear of death may be indicated; assurance from the unconscious that we do live forever; strong spiritual symbol; a connection with your deep and true inner self. What spiritual message is this dream immortal bringing to you?

immovable stuck; refusing to change; unable to move forward; scared; insecure. Who is being stubborn?

imp a little rascal; a trickster; someone playing a joke; see the funny side. Where could you act more spontaneously?

impale feeling like a target; feeling victimized; caught in a trap; unfairly accused of wrong doing; sexuality indicated. Who has stabbed you in public?

impatient feeling frustrated; going along at someone else’s slower pace; you have been smothering or dampening your natural enthusiasm. What are you worried about not getting done in time and what is the hurry?

impersonate someone pretending to be who they are not; lack of confidence; let go of the act. Who would you like to be?

impolite being overly polite, nice to people but not as honest as you could be; going out of your way to say nice things when thinking the opposite; conforming to social norms of proper behaviour. Where would you like to practice some honest feedback for a change?

import taking something in; news from another country; paying attention. (See immigrate) What do you need from someone else?

impossible an overly optimistic attitude about what can be achieved; feeling blocked; unable to move through a barrier. Who is dreaming the impossible dream?

incense meditation indicated; using one’s sense of smell to relax; spiritual symbol related to getting in touch with yourself; ritualizing a transition in your life; raging. Who is being rude to you?

incest inappropriate sexual behaviour; protection needed; mixed up love feelings. Who has been suppressing taboo feelings?

incinerator wanting to make a dramatic change; intending to get rid of a bad habit or attitude; burning old memories; wishing to forget the past. What would you like to trash and burn?

inch slow moving, step by step; you are very near to something; impatient. What are you inches from achieving?

incline working your way back to the top; struggling and striving to get ahead; using all your energy to move forward; working hard. What do you have an inclination to do?

income tax keeping track of your money; feeling over taxed; frustration; feeling responsible for others. What activity is presently overtaxing you?

incomplete fear of not getting a project done on time; having a new demand before something else has been finished; wishing for closure on an old relationship. What finishing touch have you overlooked?

incubator keeping things safe while they develop more strength; looking after premature ideas; keeping an even temperature. What new plans are you hatching?

index keeping track of things; inability to find things; looking for something. Where is your dream pointing?

Indian Hollywood’s image of North America’s native people; a natural or wild person; freedom; nonconforming; spirituality tied to the Earth; placing significance on dreaming and visioning; strong sense of community; native art. (See native) How are straying from your roots?

indigestion not eating properly; not paying close enough attention to your diet; poor combination of foods; food allergy may be indicated; a problem processing emotions. What is turning your stomach?

indoors spending too much time inside; not getting enough exercise; spending too much time away from your social group. Who is being defended from outside influences?

infidelity worries about a partner being unfaithful; being attracted to another person besides your partner; suspicious; having no religious faith. Who is feeling guilty about being attracted to another, or about their inability to commit to one partner, or one job?

inheritance money or prized objects coming to you; attributes you have inherited from your parents and grandparents may be significant; your identity is too dependent on how you resemble one parent or the other; remember, you are unique. Who is banking too much on getting an inheritance?

initiation going through a trial in order to be accepted into an organization, work place, or group; beginning a new challenge; seeking approval from an admired person or group. What are you being initiated into, and what will this prove about you?

injection being given something forcibly; throwing in your “two-cents worth”. What do you need to receive?

injure moving too quickly; not watching what you are doing; becoming careless; not taking safety precautions; accident could be indicated; pushing yourself too hard. Where is the injury on your body in the dream and how might it alert you to a waking life risk?

ink writing letters by hand instead of using the computer; making something official; protection from a predator. What is hiding under that protective cover?

inn going into new places; taking a holiday in the British Isles; looking inward. What is in you that you are not expressing?

insane a crazy idea; incompetent; way out, wild thoughts. What are you contemplating that others would consider crazy?

insect instincts; part of yourself that you consider repulsive and easily killed off; someone you despise and could easily overwhelm; things creeping along too slowly for you; the ability to hang in. Who are you treating like an insect, and what’s bugging you?

inside following the beaten track; approval-seeking; trying hard to please everyone. What can you set free?

insignia being part of the club; conformity; mark of identity related to your family history or organization; feeling important because of job or position. What signifies you as being who you are?

insole knowing you are a soul; needing help in walking through life; a soft cushion. What is in your soul that needs to be expressed?

inspect feeling looked over; feeling as if under a microscope; wariness of what you are planning to buy, or invest in. What do you need to look over?

inspector monitoring the action; inner authority figure; male inspector = father figure; female inspector = mother figure. Who is in charge?

institution solid; feeling like a mere number; having too many rules to follow; being part of something much larger than yourself; seeming to last forever; parents. What organization is dehumanizing you?

instrument playing music; feeling used; having the correct tool for the job; playing an important part. Who can be instrumental in helping you?

insulation needing protection from the cold; feeling separated from others; apart. From what, or who, are you insulating yourself?

insurance knowing someone, who sells insurance; feeling nervous; feeling at risk; being careless; something you value should be insured; you should have a back up plan; insurance payment is past due. In what area of your life do you need more insurance?

intermission a break from one event to another; time to put more energy into socializing. How could you take a break from your daily grind?

interrogate feeling under pressure to tell something you’d rather not; getting or giving sensitive information. What are you trying to hide from yourself?

interrupt losing the flow of a relationship; losing your train of thought and where you are going; being distracted. How are you going full speed ahead and risking a big mistake?

intersection where two major forces come together; an inevitable relationship; confrontation and change. Where are you intersecting with another person and how is this changing your direction?

interview applying for a job; performance anxiety indicated; wanting a change of profession. Who could you practice with beforehand?

invalidate making someone or something invalid; feeling unable to perform as expected; knowing someone who is challenged physically, or psychologically; being discounted and overlooked; loss of credibility. Where are you overlooking the fine print?

invention pointing to something you can develop; thinking up a new way to do something; reinventing yourself. How are you recreating yourself today?

inventory taking stock; counting up what you have and what you need. What special things do you value about yourself?

invisible feeling unimportant; unnoticed, or not taken seriously; not paying attention to something important right in front of you. Who is too good at blending in?

invitation wanting to be included; feeling left out, and rejected; message to get in touch with a person who’s doing the inviting in your dream. Who would you like to invite to join you?

invoice someone owes you something; keeping track of what you have produced and what is out there; in good voice. What is conveyed to others in your voice?

iodine sometimes healing hurts; at risk of infection; eating kelp and seafood; something needs to be cleaned up. What can heal your wound?

iris paying attention to the color of someone’s eyes, “the windows of the soul”; romantic, mysterious; symbol of wholeness, as in circle and cycle. (See Iris) Whose iris are you staring into in the dream and how does this correspond to your waking life feelings towards them?

Iris in Greek mythology, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods; finding your reward. Who is always chasing that pot of gold?

iron strong; unbending and rigid; stubborn; getting enough iron in your diet; willful; having too much going on; too many irons in the fire; a shooting-iron; act while conditions are favourable; “strike while the iron is hot”; feeling shackled; smoothing things out; things pressing in on you. Who has a will of iron?

island being alone, self-sufficient, independent; believing you don’t need anyone else; isolation; holiday. Who is an island, off by themselves, and left to their own devices?

itch something scratching at the back of your mind; something that reminds you of what is going on in your life right now; allergy may be indicated; a desire to do something; restlessness. What is giving you an itch to do something?

ivory piano-player; playing dice; withdrawal into an ivory tower. What part of you is precious and getting harder and harder to reach?

ivy something is getting the better of you; growing a lot and feeling it all around you; personal growth and physical changes; old buildings indicated; schools, as in “ivy league”; a person named Ivy. Who is the snob?

Free Dreams Dictionary“Frequently in dreams, an island represents the emergence of a discovery about oneself that has not yet been integrated into the mainland stream of life and thought.”

Donald Broadribb

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