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laboratory time to experiment with new ways to approach your problems; mix elements of your life together in new and innovative ways. Which of your old problem solving approaches are not working as well as they used to?

labyrinth getting lost; things are becoming too confusing. Which inner beast haven’t you faced?

lace old fashioned dress; feminine; strike out at someone; something needs spiking up. What uncomfortable situation are you being squeezed into?

ladder climbing the social or professional ladder; working your way to the top; the spine may also be indicated. What is the ladder taking you to, or away from, in the dream?

lady-bug on fire with enthusiasm or kundalini energy; good-luck; a child’s favourite bug; time to fly away home. Who is all fired up about their new project?

lake feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions; drowning and thirsty; fresh water. Where have you been seeking spiritual guidance?

lamb a kind and gentle person loved by all but often passed over for someone who is more dynamic and noisy; gentleness, quiet, and vulnerability are indicated; acting too meek and mild. What vulnerable part of yourself are you ready to slaughter?

lamp an issue needs to be highlighted; a fear of darkness; loneliness; burning the midnight oil. Who can shed some light on your problem?

Lancelot in Arthurian legend, the most famous of Arthur’s knights; lover of Queen Guinevere and father of Galahad. Who don’t you trust?

land come down to earth; a need to be grounded; someone has their head in the clouds; consequences of actions; time for completion. Who is feeling frantic and scattered?

landing coming down to Earth; having feet firmly planted; rooted to the ground. What is so hard about facing reality?

landscape designing your place; cleaning up your own backyard; impressing your neighbours. How long has it been since you have weeded out negative self criticism?

lane on a narrow path; going the back way; stay in your own lane; change lanes carefully. How is your route already marked out for you?

lap a need for comfort and nurturing; stress-reduction indicated; doing too many laps and getting tired out; look at what is over lapping and causing problems; eagerly taking it all in. Who can offer you the comfort and protection you now need?

lard high fats in the diet; a need for ease of entry; hot, greasy, getting burned. Who is about to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?

laser accuracy, precision and focus; shedding light; moving with precision. Where do you need to narrow your focus?

last the last one considered for anything; the final, the afterthought and the end of something; finally; something you may not be seeing again; hanging in against all odds; having enough; being sure you get good-fitting shoes. Who is being the “nice guy”?

lateness lack of preparation and planning; not wanting to do something; dragging your feet. Who is always late, but is reluctant to give up their lateness habit?

latex protection from germs and hot water; being flexible and following someone else’s direction. Who is diving into potentially painful situations without protection?

laugh sadness and discouragement; needing to take a vacation or break; going to a play or taking up a hobby; reminding you of a funny time; something you can just laugh off; having the last laugh; laughing up your sleeve; laughing on the other side of your mouth. Who is being too serious?

laundry need for cleansing the spirit and changing your public personality; letting shameful secrets out. Who is “airing their dirty laundry”?

law time to pay attention and abide by the rules; a rebellious spirit could lead to problems; going strictly by the book. Who needs to have the law laid down to them?

lawn caring for things just for appearance’s sake; tending to your own backyard; condition of dream lawn reflects your inner emotional condition. Who is not minding their business and is only concerned with what other people think?

lay a need to rest; put down your load; someone laying heavy emotion on you; set your course; put something aside for when you need it; lie in wait for; feeling exposed to others; taking a break in your journey; head directly into the wind and then stand still; from the ordinary people; not professional. What might be lying in wait for you?

lazy not living up to your potential; guilt and shameful feelings; lack of confidence in one’s ability. How are you expecting too much of yourself?

lead leadership indicated; slowness or hesitancy about taking the lead; shyness and worry about failing; showing the way to others; being ahead of others; making the first play. Who is being asked to take the lead, but doesn’t really want the responsibility?

leaf time for a change in attitude; someone changes their mind every couple of months and it’s hard to keep up; following someone’s example; time to turn over a new leaf; doing a lot of reading lately. (See leave) Who is constantly changing and going along with every new idea that comes up?

leak drain on your energy; someone telling secrets; having to urinate while dreaming. Where might you be having problems related to a physical or psychological loss of energy?

leap risk taking; daring to try something you have never tried before; moving in leaps and bounds; taking a leap in the dark or a leap into the unknown.. What are you afraid of losing?

leather needing a protective covering; staying with natural materials and listening to your instincts. How might you need to “cover yourself” on this one?

leave saying goodbye; the end of something; time to move on; stop doing something; giving yourself permission to go off duty. What did you leave out?

lecture time for information gathering; think about how to use information in the lecture; look at who is giving the lecture and think about who they remind you of; telling someone off. Who is lecturing, but not listening?

Leda in Greek mythology, wife of the King of Sparta; mother of Helen; Zeus loved her and visited her as a swan. Who’s the mother of a beautiful woman and the lover of a god?

ledge out on the edge; risky business where one wrong move means you could take a tumble. Where are you on the edge?

left an awkward move; creativity; something previously unconscious coming to awareness; you have left something behind; liberal thinking; left- brained; rational, sequential thinking. Who do you know who is left-handed?

leg stand up for yourself; walk away afterwards if you have to; on the last leg of a journey; be sure you still have a leg to stand on; on your last legs or very tired; tricking someone by pulling their leg; time to hurry up and shake a leg. How are you trying to get “a leg up”?

lemon leaving a sour taste; making lemonade. Who has given you something that never works right?

lens focus in on the details in your environment; you can see it but you aren’t paying close enough attention; something that Len owns; be sure you are looking through the correct end. What part of you is invisible?

leopard trust your animal instincts; listen to your heart and trust what you can see, even in the dark; be truthful about who you really are. Who thinks they can’t change?

lesbian loving women indicated; a woman you would really like to get close to; a woman with whom you share much in common; loving your own femininity. Who is the woman who has qualities you would like to develop more of in yourself?

Lethe in Greek mythology, a river in the underworld; when dead souls drank the water it made them forget their life on Earth. Who is drinking to forget?

letter special communication from someone you haven’t seen for a long time; it may be time to “let her” do it; being very exact and keeping “to the letter”. Who would you like to send a letter to, and who haven’t you spoken to in a long time?

lettuce permission to do something you haven’t done for many years. Who is getting limp?

lever setting a new project into motion; beginning to work on something new. How are you trying to get some leverage with a significant other in your life?

liar telling or hearing a lie. Why are you trying to fool yourself?

library get more information before deciding to take action; do your homework; getting organized. Where can you go to get the information you need?

license obtaining permission to take action; disregarding what is right and proper. Who is being exploited?

lick receiving punishment; healing wounds; making something presentable by licking it into shape; someone not doing their share or lick of work; giving something a lick and a promise; acknowledgement. Who is being punished and feeling powerless?

lid putting a stop to explosive emotional reactions; top of something; keeping secrets; not allowing the truth to come out; someone is ready to “flip their lid” over something; keep your hat on. Where is the pressure building up?

lie someone not being truthful; lying down on the job. What are you taking without protesting about it?

life buoy something to hold on to when you are in danger of drowning or sinking; a warning that you are getting close to the rocks. Who’s the boy in your life?

life guard someone is looking out for you; therapist or healer. Who needs guarding or saving?

lift feeling “down” and needing to be cheered up; displaying something on high; watch out for someone “lifting” (stealing) something from you; a way to get to the top of the hill. Who is getting a free ride?

light there is support for you; bright things coming; new knowledge; illumination; get more light on the subject; be sure you are viewing things in the right light; time to bring something to light and expose it; things will be made clear; some burdens are not light; some people make light of important issues; there is an answer to your problem; go inside yourself and know that the answer is there; meditate; pray. Where are you in the dark?

lighthouse be patient; others notice that you need help and help is on the way; moving to a house with more space; you are a beacon to others. How are you being warned that you are getting too close?

lightning strong feelings; flashes of anger and frustration; sudden insight; when you hear the thunder you know the lightning didn’t get you. What needs to hit you like a bolt of lightning for you to get it?

lilac new growth; spring is in the air; romance, beauty, and appreciation of nature. Where do you normally go to revive yourself?

lily erotic feelings; sexuality can be indicated; association with Quebec or France; Easter; pure; delicate. Who is in the mood for a little romance?

limp having trouble moving forward; not centered; moving along slowly; soft and flabby; performance anxiety. What is out of balance?

line things are in order; knowing what to say; dropping someone a short note; something to do with your family line; bring something into line or into agreement; can’t decide for one side or the other; a protective layer; money in your pockets; waiting in line; following a narrow line. What is written “between the lines”?

lining something beautiful beneath the surface; not obvious to the naked eye. What is the flip side of your waking situation?

link tying things together; the bond that joins people; thing or position; playing golf. What is the bond between you and another that you often miss?

lion a powerful connection to your inner self; instincts and prey are indicated; someone telling you lies; a person born under the sign of Leo; self confident; defying someone in their own space; a connection with Britain; getting the biggest part; brave. What are you pursuing?

lioness female power; strong mother; moody and unpredictable; potentially lethal, especially in protective mode. Who is being fiercely protective?

lip speaking out of turn; speaking ill of someone; wanting to kiss someone; sensuality; expressing warm feelings toward someone; wanting to speak endearing words; being extra brave or firm; paying lip service to something. Who has been saying things off the top of their head?

lipstick not meaning what you say; being insincere and pretending you are pleased when you aren’t. Why are you hiding the truth?

liquid flowing freely; easily turned into cash; clear and bright; inner truth. What new thoughts and feelings are pouring forth now?

liquor high spirits; changing your mental state. Who do you know who drinks too much?

list too much to do and not enough time; organize your time and plan your work; something off balance and tipping to one side. Why are you attempting to do too many things at once?

lizard trying to move quietly without anybody noticing; look at what you’re “dragon”. Who has slithered into your life?

lobby fighting for a cause; a public announcement; coming into something; throwing something away. What new adventure are you entering?

lobster your natural home is the unconscious; someone with big claws; connection with east coast; at risk of sunburn. Where do you feel as if you are being boiled alive?

lock shutting yourself off emotionally; you will have to raise or lower something to get through this; time to let go of something lock, stock and barrel; someone you know with curly hair. What has been locked away inside you for a long time?

locker putting something away for safe keeping; remember your combination so you can get into it again. What part of you is vulnerable to criticism?

locket a small gift and favour from a loved one; lock it up. Who from your past is playing an important role in your life now?

log playing on the Internet too much; keeping track of your journey; using your natural resources wisely; don’t get caught in the log jam; constipation; not getting enough sleep. What is “as easy as falling off a log”?

lollipop a child’s treat and desire are indicated; “sucking up” to someone. Who is trying to appease you with sweet talk?

loom something appears large and indistinct; weaving the strands together. What is threatening you?

loop a repeating pattern; right back where you started; what goes around comes around. When in your life have you been here before?

lost finding a lost object, or feeling; feeling ungrounded and unsure; being lost in thought. Where are you having trouble letting go?

love strong positive feeling; reconnecting with someone you love; doing something you love without pay. How can you express this spiritual feeling in your waking life?

lover romancelover romance and sexual feelings indicated; a bonding between two different sides of yourself. How does your dream lover’s description sound like a part of you?

Lucifer denial of unattractive feelings or behavior; some child acting like a little devil. (See devil) Who has been pretending to be perfect?

luck counting on something that’s unreliable; believing that you have no control; someone feels down on their luck. What has knocked down your confidence?

luggage keeping feelings packed away; feelings don’t go away, they go to a place inside yourself until you “unpack” them; time to take a fresh look at something. What feelings or intuitions have you been putting aside, hoping they would fly away?

lunatic too much control; stiff repression; resolute, inflexible. Why are you acting so in control when you aren’t fooling anybody but yourself?

lunch time to eat lightly; meet some friends for lunch. Who is “out to lunch”?

lung feelings of suffocation; too close; too confined. Why are you holding your breath?

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