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machine being on automatic; choose what you want to do and choose what you are doing. How can you change your life so that you have more choice?

machinery feeling unappreciated and used; treated like a robot. Where are you feeling like just another cog in the wheel?

mad upset and angry; someone “mad as a hatter”; a foolish action. What are you trying to do like mad?

madness over stressed; worried; frightened. When do you pretend to be calm, cool and collected but really don’t feel that way inside?

Madonna exhibitionism; sensual; a big star; mother image; divine mother. When have you been toning down your natural exuberance and sensuality?

Mafia feeling threatened; keeping secrets; family strength. What are you afraid of?

magazine a story keeps repeating in your life; storing up explosive material. What are you reading that is helpful to you now?

magic boredom; predictability; discouragement may be indicated; unexplained power; someone with fast hands. Where are you hoping for some magical intervention to help you?

magician a person with amazing abilities; things seem to come so easily to them; connected to your inner power. Who is the person you admire for their ability to always get what they want when they want it and how can they be of help to you?

magnet attracted and repelled at the same time; you are drawn to someone or something, but worried that it might not be good for you; attractive personality. How can you stay safe while you move toward this person or thing?

magnify you are focusing on an issue but you are missing an important piece that your dream may be magnifying; making something seem larger than it is. What part of you are you forgetting about in this problem?

mail receiving or sending an important message; look at the males in your life; a protective covering. Who do you need to connect with that can help you?

major an important issue shown to you; striking the right chord; a course of study; someone in the major leagues; major arcana in the tarot. Who has been giving you orders?

makeup a lie or exaggeration may be indicated; covering up your natural beauty; feeling insecure or unsure of yourself; you are uniquely made up. Who is making something up?

mall showing you something in public; an addiction to shopping; needing to get something. Who do you know who hangs out in malls?

man the masculine part of yourself; acting in agreement “as one man”; be yourself or “your own man”; a man about town. Who does the man in your dream remind you of?

manager related to work; looking after things; organizing, or lack of organization; something beyond your control. What needs to be managed better?

mandala an important symbol for the dreamer; can indicate the Self or the soul, the part of you that is eternal and spiritual; drawing it and paying special tribute to it will enhance your dream experience; imagine what the mandala would say if it could speak. What have you been doing on your path of personal growth that has led you to this special gift from yourself?

manhole a whole man; be careful where you walk. What man has left a hole in your life?

manicure trying to cure or “fix” a man; keeping your claws sharp. What special occasion is coming up?

mannequin a person being treated like a dummy; overly concerned with clothes; a small man. Who’s the “clothes horse”?

manuscript the plot and story of your life; start keeping a diary along with your dream journal; a story that needs to be told. How is the plot or the action reaching a peak or heading for a big change?

map looking for a place that holds the answer to your confusion; seeking a treasure; something is “off the map”; something worthwhile about to be “put on the map”. How can your dream map guide you to a place of peace and prosperity?

maple connection with Canada; sweet and syrupy. What sap is running around you?

marathon feeling exhausted; thinking it will never end. What contest do you wish you’d never started?

marble hard; beautiful and cold; playing games; someone acting as if they have “lost their marbles”. Who do you know who is cold, beautiful and hard to reach?

march going along with others in the group; peer pressure to conform; the month of March; something is moving forward on the march; as “mad as a March hare”. When do you have fantasies about marching to your own inner drummer?

marijuana altered state of consciousness; spending too much time in reflection and not enough time acting. Who is smoking marijuana to escape the pressures of daily life?

marionette being all tied up; feeling as if someone is pulling your strings; putting on an act. Where in your waking life do you feel out of control?

market selling your skills and talents to a new buyer; looking for a different place or type of employment; in the market for something; speculating on the stock exchange; reconsider the market value. What does your dream have to say about employment for you?

marquee wanting approval; needing to see your name in lights; smitten with fame; making a fancy entrance. What announcement about yourself do you want on the marquee?

marriage a uniting of different aspects of yourself; romance; acceptance and tolerance. Where have you been feeling confused or split in two?

martyr giving your all and not being appreciated; a strong belief or faith; pretending to suffer to get attention. Who is the long suffering person?

mask covering up the truth; hiding your true self from others; someone putting on a false face. How have you been keeping your true self hidden from your loved one?

massage needing to relax; working too many hours and not taking time to enjoy yourself; enjoying sensuality to relieve tension; get your blood circulating. How does your dream show you a way to improve the quality of your life?

masturbate pleasing yourself; looking after yourself; not having your sexual needs met. What nice thing can you do for yourself today?

mat the need for padding; protection underneath; something tangled together; framing an image; dull; Mat or Matthew. What can you do to make your life shinier?

match lighting a fire; something equal; a game or contest; a perfect pair. How or where are you looking for the right match?

math something doesn’t add up; divide and conquer; a situation multiplying; take a good measure; get the right quantity. What do you need to subtract from your life?

mattress making love; dreaming; needing more sleep; soft and cozy; relaxing. How can you be sure to get a good night’s rest?

maze confusion; not knowing which direction to take next; inability to act and move forward; something corny. Where are you lost and confused and how is your dream pointing a way out?

meadowserenity; nature; go on nature walks as a way to appreciate your relationship with the Earth and other beings on this planet. Where could you go to encourage this peaceful feeling?

meal hungry for affection; nurturance and attention; lacking in sustenance; feeling ground down; being treated as a “meal ticket”. How can you feed yourself better?

meat feeling angry; taking a bite out of someone; look at the real issue; get out and “meet” some people; be sure you meet your obligations. Who are you so angry with that you would like to take a piece out of them?

mechanical automatic and without expression; have your car or some machine checked out; learning the mechanics of something. What part of your life have you put on automatic pilot?

medal wanting recognition; someone interfering with others’ affairs (See metal). What do you deserve a medal for?

Medea in Greek mythology, a sorceress who helped Jason find the golden fleece; they married but he later deserted her; Medea killed their children as well as her rival, burned her palace, and fled to Athens. Who are you angry with?

medicine a wound that needs healing; a need for a cure; feeling forced to take your medicine; sacred and special ceremonies; magical powers. Should you make an appointment with your doc?

meditationa message to go within; seek the still small voice; the need for a quiet time. How could you fit meditation into your busy life?

Medusa in Greek legend, a horrible monster, one of the three Gorgons; she had snakes for hair, and anyone who looked upon her was turned to stone; she was killed by Perseus. Who do you know with a stony stare?

meeting work or relationship concerns; getting a group of people together; reaching common goals; disagreement; independence. Who do you need to meet with to get something settled?

melt relaxation; letting all your worries go; changing from a solid to a liquid; something dissolving or disappearing; blend or merge gradually. How can you relax more and let those troubles melt away?

mend something that needs fixing; something is “on the mend”; getting back your health. What can you repair and make as good as new again?

menu there is a lot of choice out there; planning a dinner party; check your computer programs; look at all your options before you decide. What’s on the menu for you?

Mercury in Roman mythology, the messenger of the gods; the god of commerce; ruler of Gemini; skillful; quickness of wit and eloquence; identified with the Greek god Hermes. Who do you know who is quick witted?

Merlin in Arthurian legend, the magician who was adviser to King Arthur. Who do you go to for advice?

mermaid/merman living in a fantasy world; believing what others don’t; attracted to something out of the ordinary; a sexless person; be careful driving on ice. Who is being a cold fish?

mess feeling overwhelmed; liking to just mess around with stuff; making a mess of something; a place to eat; a social time. What shouldn’t you mess with?

message a need to communicate; listen to inner messages; inspired words. Since every dream is a message. What is extra special about this” message” within a message?

metal unbendable; rigid and cold; precious and rare; being tested; ready to do your best (on one’s mettle); full of spirit and courage. (See medal) Who is somewhat resistant to change?

meteor news from a far away place; unexpected and surprising; moving at terrific speed; shooting stars are considered a good omen. Where have you been receiving messages from unusual sources?

Methuselah in the Bible, a man said to have lived 969 years; valuing something old. What older/elderly person(s) or object(s) do you value and why?

metronome a need to keep on time; practice makes perfect; repetitious. In what activity could you be more regular?

microfilm seeing too many James Bond movies; tiny pictures; making things small and mobile; collecting information so as to spy on someone; going to see small movies. How can you see a bigger picture of yourself?

microphone the need to be heard; no one is listening; a desire to be on the stage. Where do you need to speak up or speak more loudly?

microscope picking things apart; looking at tiny details; making things bigger than they are. What needs to be gone over with a microscope?

microwave hot and modern; spending too much time around radiation; operating at a high frequency. What is agitating you to the point of getting too hot to handle?

Midas in Greek legend, a king whose touch turned everything to gold; he was unable to eat or drink and begged that his gift be taken away; his plea was granted. Who do you know who has “the Midas touch”?

middle feeling stuck in between; the same distance from where you have been to where you are going; middle age; middle class, seeing in the middle as in C; middle-of-the-road. What are you in the middle of and how do you feel about it?

midget feeling small; having to look up to others. What is smaller than its usual size?

military strict and regimented; having to fall in line with others’ ideas of right and wrong; feeling like a number; at war. How could you venture off the beaten track?

milk in need of care and nurturance; wanting to be cared for by another; crying over it; getting all the laughs they can; drawing poison out. Who can you turn to right now who will give you loving care and support?

mill repeating the same thing over and over; boredom with daily tasks; wanting a change of scene; getting a lot of experience as you “go through the mill”; learning the hard way when you are “put through the mill”; feeling that work is a grind; a lot of confusion as people mill around; a heavy burden like a millstone around your neck. What can you do to get a fresh perspective?

millennium anticipating big changes; worries about the future and what it might hold; looking forward to a new time. What feels as if it has taken a thousand years to accomplish?

mine going deep within yourself to find the answers; think back to your past and what you did then that might help you now; an explosive situation, as in a mine field; you have a mine of information. What belongs to you that someone else has and you need right now?

miniskirt a woman showing off; revealing secrets to people and wanting to be seen as attractive; not covered. What do you really want to show people?

minister a person in charge; a friendly ear; acting as a servant or nurse. Who is in need of ministering?

Minos in Greek legend, a king and lawgiver of Crete who became a judge in Hades; his grandson built the Labyrinth at Crete to house the Minotaur. Who is making things complicated for you?

Minotaur in Greek legend, a monster with a bull’s head and a man’s body; kept in the Labyrinth of Crete and fed with human flesh. Who is the bull headed man you know?

miracle believing the unbelievable; knowledge not yet scientifically understood; last hope; something wonderful or marvelous. What miracle are you awaiting?

mirror needing to reflect on yourself and your life; soul reflection; reflecting truth; identical; a symbol with a long spiritual history; comes from the Latin word meaning “wonder”; it was believed that when we looked into a mirror, our true self would look back at us. What would you see now if you were to look into such a magic mirror?

misfortune lack of caution; taking all implications into account before proceeding; meeting Miss Fortune; believing in bad luck. What can you learn from the dream misfortune?

miss didn’t quite hit the mark; a warning to seize the moment; something not working properly; a young unmarried woman. What is it that you don’t want to miss?

missing something that’s been missing is about to be found; missing someone; something lacking. Where haven’t you looked for the thing you need?

missionary having a call to service; giving all you can; finding your mission in life; imposing your beliefs on others. What does your dream tell you about your mission?

mist not able to see what is right in front of you because it looks different from what you expected; feeling misty-eyed over something; you have missed something; not seeing clearly. What have you been in a fog about?

mistake forgive yourself for making the mistake and move on; look at a mistake as feedback and learn from it; dwelling too long on an error; make no mistake about it; a difference in opinion. What take did you miss?

mistletoe kissing indicated; especially Christmas kissing; using your toe as a weapon. What message would your toe give you if it could speak?

mix putting things together in a new way; keeping your life too separate; lack of creativity; a good mix; someone is mixed up about something. What have you been putting in compartments that would be better integrated in a new and creative way?

moat feeling surrounded by a strong emotion that either traps or protects; crossing over emotion to get to your castle. From what do you need protection?

mob losing control; too many people around you; feeling mobbed; part of a gang. Where are you going along with the mob?

moccasin walking softly on the Earth; appreciation for native ways; knowing how another feels. Who can you learn from by walking in their moccasin’s for awhile?

model trying to be perfect; fearful about setting an example; copying something; shape or fashion an object; displaying yourself. Who would you choose to model yourself after?

mold something has been left aside and neglected; a new shape or form; rich soil. What part of you needs some attention and cleansing?

mole not getting out enough and meeting new people; living in the dark; check your skin for spots; working long and patiently. What have you been blind to?

Momus in Greek mythology, the god of mockery; banished from heaven for his ridicule and criticism of the gods; any critical person. Who would you like to banish because of their criticism of you?

monastery going to a place of peace and quiet; getting away from hectic activity; needing a place of contemplation. (See monk) Who do you know who lives like a monk?

money concerns over money; look at what is valuable to you; dealing with worthiness issues; getting more money may not be the answer. How much money is enough?

monitor watching life pass you by; keeping track of someone else; check your computer monitor. How have you been feeling more like an observer in your life instead of an active participant?

monk someone who is wise and spiritual may be able to help you; living a quiet and protected life; living in poverty, chastity and obedience. (See monastery) What part of yourself is wise and can think things through for you?

monkey activity and play indicated; something suspicious or not trustworthy; wasting time; full of mischief. How could you take more time to play?

Monroe, Marilyn feeling seductive and attractive, but taken advantage of; wanting to be the centre of attention; female sex symbol. Who is acting as if they want attention, but is not sure about what sort they need?

monster something feared is getting blown out of proportion; an overactive imagination; a picture of fears; facing your inner demons; feeling threatened. What or who might not be as frightening as you have imagined?

moon spiritual significance; reflection of inner emotional feelings; a twenty-eight day cycle; reflecting the light of another; a waxing and a waning; new moon = new beginning; last quarter = completion. What is your dream moon reflecting to you?

mop cleaning up; a thick head of hair; getting rid of; time to finish (mop up) something. What do you need to mop up in your life?

Mordred in Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s nephew and one of his knights; a traitor who led the rebellion against Arthur. Who might be betraying you?

Morgan le Fay in Arthurian legend, a fairy and King Arthur’s half-sister; usually represented as trying to harm him at every opportunity. Why would your sister or a sister-like person want to harm you?

morning the beginning of a new venture; in mourning; Don or Dawn; the time to write out your dreams. (See mourning) How is morning important to you?

Morpheus in Greek mythology, the god of dreams; popularly the god of sleep; the Greek word “morphe” means form or shape, which refers to the forms seen in dreams. What gifts has Morpheus brought to you lately in your dreams?

Morse code communication; a special signal sent to you; listen for the message; dreams come in a code; a dotty person. What can you do to get meaning from the message?

mosaic an intricate design or pattern; many pieces to make the whole; having to do with Moses; glueing the pieces together. What details are you missing?

mosquito something bugging you; a threat to take away a part of you that you need and value; a stinging female; itching to get away. What is irritating you?

motel temporary stay; a visit to a strange place; travel plans; more private than a hotel. When were you last in a motel and what significance does that have for you now?

moth attracted to the light after being in the dark for a while; loving clothes. What old flame is attracting you?

mother a role model for women: guidance and instruction; nurturance and criticism; someone giving advice that reminds you of your mother. What part of yourself reminds you of your mother?

motor a dynamo; the thing that makes you go; getting into action; moving quickly. What makes your motor go?

mountain climbing to the top; rising on the corporate ladder; spiritual aspiring; making a mountain out of a molehill; a huge amount in front of you; climbing it because it is there; a personal challenge. What is at the top of your mountain?

mourningfeeling sad; missing a loved one; after mourning there is a new morning. (See morning) What can you do to say goodbye?

mouse someone has been playing a game with you and chasing you around; a mousy person; quiet as a mouse. How have you been acting afraid and underestimating your power?

mouth speak your mind; being clear and honest in your communication; feeling low and “down in the mouth”; getting it from the horse’s mouth; someone has been shooting off their mouth; acting mouthy, ranting and raving. Who has just said a mouthful?

move growing and changing; change of residence or job may be indicated; a time to move on; something new moving in or something old moving out; always on the move; it’s your move; moved to tears. Where are you going right now in your life?

movie a projection of your life story; a chance to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going; you get to write the script, be the director and the star. What title would you give to your life movie?

movie star qualities in a person you admire; bigger than life; fame and fortune desired; wanting attention; feeling lonely. Who does your dream star remind you of, or what part of yourself do they symbolize?

mud someone’s reputation may be at risk; stuck in one place and needing a change; something not clear. What is muddying up your vision?

muffler a need to let off steam and relieve pressure, things are heating up for you now; wrap up warmly. How are you keeping yourself from saying what’s on your mind?

mug taking something that doesn’t belong to you; having a tough exterior; drinking too much coffee. Who is acting as if they don’t care about feelings?

mule feeling like an underdog; working long hours without fair compensation; slopping around the house. Who is being stubborn?

mummy keeping your mother under wraps; protecting and preserving dead things. What will happen if your mother changes?

mural a large picture for all to see; many people doing the work; a wall of images. What picture or subject does your dream self want you to pay attention to?

murder repressed feelings of rage and fear; wanting to murder someone; something very unpleasant, like a murderous job. (See kill) How do the murderer and person who was killed look or seem familiar to you in waking life?

muscle a strong person; someone trying to muscle their way in; keeping very still and not moving a muscle; doing too much exercise and getting muscle bound; a weak person. Who is the muscle man?

Muse in Greek mythology, one of the nine goddesses of the fine arts and sciences; the spirit that inspires a poet or composer. When did a Muse last inspire you?

museum something to be looked at; not used; on display for posterity; a precious relic; historical artifact. What personal object do you value and why?

mushroom growing in a dark, damp place; the cloud after a nuclear blast; developing very quickly; fables and fairy tales show mushrooms growing in places that attract spirits and “little people”. What fantasy are you wishing for?

music write the music and make note of it; sing it if you can; your soul is singing; time to “face the music”; soothing sounds for you. How does the tune in your dream reveal your inner development?

mustache keep a stiff upper lip; an itchy kisser. Who do you know who wears a mustache?

mute words cannot express how you feel; beyond words; stopping someone else from speaking; talking with your hands. What are you afraid to say?

Myrmidon in Greek mythology, a member of a warlike people of ancient Thessaly who accompanied Achilles to the Trojan War; an unquestioning follower. Who are you following without question?

myth a legend or story about events in a supernatural world; often meant to explain nature; mythical characters and stories speak to everyone; may indicate not only a change in yourself, but also a large shift in your culture. What special message does your dream inspire you to tell.

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