Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams
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sack let go at work; need new clothes; left empty-handed; a container; feeling plundered. What are you afraid might be destroyed?

sacred a very spiritual experience in a dream; a special message; pay close attention and write, paint, or draw the experience; reflect on it; a church, synagogue, or old temple often represents the inner self, the eternal soul. What sacredness is your dream revealing?

sacrifice martyrdom; feeling victimized; having to give up one thing to get another; an energy drain; losing something; a symbolic offering. Who is making too great a sacrifice?

sad depression may be indicated; phoney cheerful attitude in waking life; putting a false smile on your face; needing more sunshine. What is making you sad?

saddle being in control of where you are going; being in tune with your instincts; getting ready to leave for a faraway place. Who is ready to get back in the saddle again?

safe needless worry; fussing over some thing; terrified; ungrounded fear; a need to keep something safe; putting something in a safe, being protected. How is being worried about safety interfering with new opportunities?

safety pin joining something; time to do some hemming. What are you pinning your safety on?

sail traveling over some emotional currents; shopping; begin a journey; sailing into someone harshly; feeling tossed around. (See sale) How are you feeling discouraged?

sailboat smooth sailing and peaceful; quiet and gliding; sporty; holiday feeling. Who is at the helm?

sailor desire to have adventure; envy of others who have exciting adventures; worries about security; eat your spinach. Who would rather be sailing?

saint dream of the sacred; having to be perfect; acting “better than thou”; a mystery may be afoot; acting like a little devil. Who is up for sainthood?

Saint Bernard needing rescuing; out in the cold; a big friendly person. Who needs to see a friendly face?

salad getting everything mixed up; eating your greens; remembering youthful experiences. What is the raw truth you need to look at?

sale feeling as if you are selling a part of yourself; addicted to shopping; someone trying to sell you a bill of goods. (See sail) What isn’t for sale?

salmon getting back to your origins; a struggle upstream; feeling useless after having children; a message to eat more fish; a symbol for courage and wisdom. Where are you struggling the current?

salt essential; vital substance; survival; tasty; fisherman; taking something with a grain of salt; someone worth one’s salt; time to salt something away; preserving something; a symbol of friendship and hospitality. Who is like the “salt of the earth” to you?

sand not on firm ground; time is quickly running; relax and play with your kids in a sandbox; needing more sleep; making things smooth; rubbing off the rough edges; a visit to the desert. What are you trying to bury?

sandwich caught betwixt and between; feeling the squeeze from both sides; too close for comfort; not having any privacy. Who is sandwiching you in?

Santa Claus a desire to return to childhood; someone who brings you presents (presence); jolly; comes once a year. How could you give more of yourself to others?

sap vital substance, like blood; springtime; may indicate health concern; a silly person; becoming sweet. How is your strength being drained in order to meet someone else’s needs?

sapphire riches; precious and spiritual stone; money indicated; associated with protection by the Archangel Michael; someone with blue eyes is significant; the jewel of heaven. What blue-eyed person lights the stars in your eyes?

Sappho a Greek lyric poetess from the Aegean island of Lesbos. Who is your favourite lesbian?

sari covered up with beauty; eastern influence. What garment are you trying to hide in?

Satan acting as if you are perfect; being self-righteous; you think you can do no wrong; repressing ill feelings toward someone; believing that evil is stronger than love. What faults in yourself do you have trouble addressing?

satellite circling around someone else’s world; flying out of orbit; following. What important message do you have for everyone?

Saturn in Roman mythology, the god of agriculture; ruled during the Golden Age, identified with the Greek god Chronos, the god of time; planet Saturn in astrology is the hard taskmaster and teacher, returning to give its major lesson every 30 years. Which cycle is coming up or has just passed?

Satyr a Greek deity of the woods, part man and part beast; satyrs were followers of Bacchus, the god of wine. Who’s the horny wine-drinker in your life?

saucer part of a set; underneath the main dish; a saucy person; a shallow dish. What do you think about flying saucers?

sauna things are steamy; pouring on cold water will only heat things up; time to relax. What did you see that you are negating?

saviour a sacred figure; special representation of your inner self; willingness to do service for others; saving others. (See sacred) Where can you turn for help?

saw what you saw yesterday has special meaning, so do some follow up on it; cut through the things that seem difficult to penetrate; using the right tools; dry as sawdust; listen to the wise saying. How do you know if you are getting enough sleep?

scab healing; recovering from an illness; protection; taking someone’s place; picking away at where it hurts. What part of you is on its way to getting better?

scale measurement; competition and comparison; someone with a hard outer layer; a visit to the dentist may be called for; about to have the scales tipped; practising music; climbing high; someone born under the sign of Libra; balanced. How might you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten?

scanner copying someone else; spending too much time at the computer; glancing over things too quickly and missing important details. What do you need to watch more carefully?

scar leaving a lasting mark; making an impression; an identifying mark. What scar is long overdue for healing?

scarecrow a person with straw for brains; someone just flapping in the wind; scared of black birds. Who are you trying to scare away?

scarf covering up your thoughts; identifying which club you belong to; protecting your neck; unnecessary trimming. Who do you know who wears a special scarf?

schedule a need to make plans; keeping track of things; never following your own schedule; hating schedules. What forthcoming event needs to be scheduled in?

school something new to learn about a situation; being never too old to learn; early memories; association with competition and measuring up to others’ standards; wanting approval from an authority figure. Whose approval are you seeking and how does that remind you of when you were a student?

scientist cold and cut off from one’s feelings; logical; making assessments. Who is acting like a “mad scientist”?

scissors needing to cut something; someone has you in a scissor-lock; two sharp blades. What do you need to cut out of your life?

scooter youthful freedom and excitement; vacation; adventure; independence and flexibility of movement indicated. Who needs more independence?

scope measuring depth; wondering how deep a person is; being able to see a long distance ahead; ability to see the future, or to see beneath the surface of things. What is under examination?

scorpion stinging remarks; sexual excitement; having to work hard to keep up with someone; deep reflection; treachery. Who do you know who has the sun, moon or some planet in Scorpio?

scratch just below the surface; someone has their claws into you; doing something from scratch; pulling out of a race; having trouble getting it together. What do you need to do to get “up to scratch”?

scream frustration; fright; a need to be heard; anger; making a loud noise. What are you screaming to say?

screen covering something up; not wanting to be seen; keeping something out; going to the movies; needing to be examined; sifting things through. What are you screening out?

screw feeling victimized; taken advantage of; work going unappreciated; things tightening around you; health problems indicated; being guarded; someone having “a screw loose”; putting the pressure on; needing to screw up your courage to do something; afraid you might “screw up”. Who is getting screwed?

script stuck in the same old story; reruns; playing your part; a style of writing. What script have you become locked into?

scuba getting in beyond your depth; needing help breathing; safely diving into the unconscious, or your emotions. When are you going to take the plunge?

sculpture to shape out; to design and build; carving out your future; appreciating beauty; forming beauty from raw materials. What are you sculpting out for yourself?

Scylla a mythical monster with six heads and twelve arms who lived on the dangerous rock of Scylla; she snatched sailors from ships. Where do you feel as if you are sailing in dangerous waters?

sea something important for you to see; the letter C might be significant; feeling confused and “at sea”; beginning a voyage; the source of life. (See ocean & see) What do you need to look at again?

seal closing something off; your mark of special approval may be needed; closing up the cracks; signed and settled; a vulnerable part of yourself. What secret have you been harbouring?

search seeking spiritual understanding; looking for the right mate; needy. What are you really searching for in your life?

seat “sitting pretty”; having a special place; stop running. Where have you seated yourself?

second feeling bad about not coming in first; feeling inferior; not original; not much time left to do what you need; get into second gear; support someone’s proposal; entering a second childhood; feeling like a second-class citizen; having “second sight”; getting your second wind. What is second nature to you?

secret feeling ashamed and embarrassed; closed off from friends and family; burdened; a secret society; a mystery. Who can you safely share your secrets with?

seduction feeling compelled to do something against your better judgment; a charismatic person you are willing to do anything for in order to be with them. How are you being seduced?

see look again; looking after someone; see your way clear to do something; seeing someone off; see it through to the end; you can see through the subterfuge. (See sea) What are you looking into?

seed beginning of something; unlimited potential; newness; something left to “go to seed”. What is just beginning that may grow beyond your wildest dreams?

Selena in Greek mythology, goddess of the moon; feminine consciousness. Who are you “mooning” for?

self a very significant dream symbol; a part of you that is unchanging; a long-abiding and true representation of the self; pay attention to this dream symbol. What would this dream self advise you to change?

sell getting rid of something; betraying someone; feeling you are selling part of your soul; feeling trapped in a cell. (See cell) What new idea are you sure will sell?

senior wise and experienced; having more knowledge; senior high school; older. What senior has had an influence in your life?

Serapis in Egyptian mythology, a god of the Underworld. Who has been feeling low lately?

sermon being told what to do; serious teachings; call that man ‘sir’; something to learn, or think about. When did you last attend a place of worship?

serve your turn; waiting on someone; being helpful; someone gets what serves them right. How can you better serve yourself?

service feeling the need to care for someone; working hard, not for money but for love; the armed services. Who are you serving and why?

seven lucky number; psychic powers; spiritual number that represents God in Hindu and Christian tradition; Neptune and music; seventh heaven is the highest level; Seven Wonders of the world; seven days in a week; Seven Deadly Sins. How are you the one in the middle, with three on each side?

sew so what; putting things together; according to the old school of thought, woman’s work; needing stitches. What can you do now to save time and aggravation later?

sewer underground; not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel; too much pride and egotism; feeling down and out; getting rid of waste, or waist. How have you been acting as if you are “king of the castle”?

sex confusing sex with love and intimacy; wanting to be close to another, physically or emotionally; high sexual needs. What part of your sexuality have you been repressing?

shadow hidden positive or negative aspects of your personality that you have trouble accepting; time to do some accepting and self forgiveness work; a person who is “a shadow of their old self”; under the shadow of someone; “the Shadow knows”; a shadowy figure. What parts of yourself are you ashamed of and keep hidden?

Shaman inner self; a powerful and specially gifted person; capable of magic; part of yourself that can magically achieve all that you desire; spiritually advanced; very special figure that you could write about, paint, or draw. What does the Shaman have to say about your priorities?

shame feeling embarrassed and ashamed; regretful about some past deed; taking on more responsibility than you can shoulder. How could you pass responsibility for this problem over to the person who is really at fault?

shampoo washing thoughts; cleaning up; taking care of yourself and your things. Who needs to clean-up their attitude?

shark someone acting predatory and greedy; competition and shrewdness; feeling pursued and victimized by a powerful person; don’t believe everything you hear about a person second-hand; aggression unacknowledged in yourself. Who is the card-shark?

sharp a cutting or biting remark; clever and witty; changing direction suddenly; quick; being aware of things; attractive to look at. What do you have to keep a sharp eye out for?

shave baring your face; a close shave; something right in your face. What are you getting dangerously close to?

shed discarding old ideas and patterns of relating to people; changes in personality and priorities; a place where you have been keeping and storing parts of yourself for later use; shedding blood. What old, limiting beliefs are you ready to shed?

sheep following the crowd; passivity; easy prey for wolves; innocence and sweetness; a “black sheep” turns up. Where have you been feeling a little sheepish?

shelf shelving an idea; putting something away; organizing. What did you put on the shelf that should now be looked at again?

shell protective; guarded; hiding from others; withdrawing from the world; being under bombardment; time to “shell out”; feeling shell-shocked; shell-proof; a symbol of introspection. When will you be ready to come out of your shell?

shelter protection; taking refuge; hiding out; buying a new home; feeling insecure. What is your best shelter?

shepherd a mystical and spiritual figure; leaving the flock; leadership abilities indicated; self-reliance; the Good Shepherd. Who are you following?

shield guarding; protection; a badge; a large geological piece of Canada. How can you defend yourself against negative comments?

shingle starting a new business; protection; feeling irritation. What are you itching to do?

ship going on a voyage; an adventure coming your way; waiting for your “ship to come in”; needing to ship something. What are you getting all ship-shape for?

shirt keep your shirt on; a shirt-sleeve affair. Who has “lost their shirt” over something?

shoe keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground; be sure you have a solid foundation; message from your inner soul; trying to fill another’s shoes; the shoe is on the other foot now; scaring something away; operating on a shoe string; a shoo-in. Who needs to try walking a mile in their adversary’s shoes?

shoot hitting a target; reaching a goal; aiming high and hitting the bull’s-eye; shoot for the moon; be sure you want what you are aiming for; moving quickly; someone growing very fast; watch for shooting stars. Who is shooting off their mouth?

shop something for sale; selling your talents and skills; independence; having your own business; setting up shop; “talking shop” with associates; look around before you decide. How does shopping make you feel better?

shopping you can have anything you want; shopping around for something else in your life. What are you looking for that you don’t already have?

shore finally landing after a difficult struggle; the border; keeping things to yourself; integrating deep parts of yourself; on the edge; reaching a safe haven. What have you been shoring up?

shot someone criticizing you unfairly; feeling watched and always having to prove yourself trustworthy; having a go at it; a shot in the dark; taking pictures; it might be a long shot; all used up and worn out. What has happened that gave you a “shot in the arm”?

shoulder overburdened with responsibilities; may indicate health problems; over-estimating your strength; put your shoulder to the wheel; working side by side; tell it “straight from the shoulder”; giving someone a cold shoulder. Who could share your responsibilities and help shoulder the burden for a time?

shovel cleaning out old emotional baggage; working hard. What do you need to shovel out of your life?

shower cleansing; relaxation through water; having a quick shower for expediency rather than enjoyment; depriving yourself of a long, warm and renewing bath; in Hawaii, rain-showers are called “blessings”; being showered upon. What do you think about when you are in the shower?

shrink acting egotistical; too much pride; being aggressive in order to get ahead; pulling back in fear; needing to talk to someone. Who needs to be “brought down to size”?

shut closing the door to something; shutting out; shutting off; shutting up; shutting down; a shut-in; a shut-out; time to get more shuteye. Who are you shutting out of your life?

Sibyl in ancient times, any of several prophetesses that the Greeks and Romans consulted about the future; an oracle or fortune-teller. What do you want to know about the future?

sick health problems may be indicated; worried about health; focusing on physical concerns; anxiety; fed up with something; sick at heart; sick humour, or a sick joke; feeling attacked. How might the sick one in your dream get well?

sidewalk walking by the side of someone; a street you know well; walking, rather than driving; independence. Who’s side are you taking?

sign paying attention to details; draw the sign in your dream; watch what you are signing away; talking in signs or gestures; looking for signs of life; writing your name on a document; a sign of the zodiac; signing up for new employment; sign in and be present; sign off and leave; don’t sign everything over. What signs have you been noticing that could guide you on your way?

Silenus in Greek mythology, the foster father and companion of Dionysus; leader of the satyrs; represented as a short, stout, drunken old man. Who do you know who fits that description?

silhouette seeing the outline only; no substance; mystery; in sharp relief. Who does the silhouette in the dream remind you of?

silk riches; wealth indicated; exploring sensuality; relationship to the Orient and the exotic; jumping with a parachute; a jockey’s colours. Whose skin is “as smooth as silk”?

silver concerns about aging; looking into a mirror; eloquent speech; purity; connected with the moon; money issues; a twenty-fifth anniversary; the cloud with the silver lining; wanting to be in the movies. Who is getting silver in their hair?

sin feeling guilty; feeling wronged; acting self-righteous; violating a religious belief. What is sinful?

singing happiness and joy; wanting to tell the world about your success; feeling one’s soul lift; spilling the beans. Who is singing their little heart out?

sink move up and out of there; a sinking feeling in your stomach; sink that basket and score; washing clean; “everything but the kitchen sink”. How far down do you have to go?

sinking a common sensation that sometimes jerks people awake in the middle of their sleep; this reaction could be related to physical changes such as growing, hormone shifts, digestion, or a change in consciousness and therefore natural, normal and nothing to fear; as a dream symbol it could indicate feelings of fear and depression; disappointment, or dread. (See sink) What might be giving you that old sinking feeling?

sister soul self; supporting; a woman close to you; perhaps your “twin” in similarities, or your opposite; a woman for whom you have sisterly feelings; competition; affection; closeness; a part of yourself that you see in your sister; religious order; a nurse; feeling connected to women. Who do you feel competitive with and close to at the same time?

Sisyphus in Greek legend, a king of Corinth; condemned to Hades and punished by having to roll a large stone up a steep hill which always rolled down again. Where do you feel as if you are pointlessly repeating the same thing over and over again?

sit stationary or not moving; jittery and nervous; commanding; restriction; waiting for something to happen. Who needs to get some exercise?

six something with six sides; in numerology, it represents happiness, accomplishment, joy; very positive number; a teacher; the symbol of the I Ching; a unifying number; 666 is the Biblical number of the beast (Satan) but considered good luck and most favourable in China; a six-shooter; having “a sixth sense”. How is the number six relevant in your life?

skate moving quickly across a smooth surface; balance is indicated; keep your eyes focused on where you are going; challenge and accomplishment; fishing for something; moving on wheels; bored with where you are going. Where in your life are you aiming for a goal but feel as if you are “skating on thin ice”?

skeleton the essential; the bare bones of an issue; getting to the center of things; the long term; underlying issues; fright; may indicate possible health concern related to bones; a long, thin person. Who is rattling the skeletons in your closet?

ski balance; moving with speed and ease; life is moving fast so you need to keep very focused on the present and look where you are going; watch out for obstacles that could derail you and cause an accident; it’s all downhill now; moving smoothly across country. How can you stay focused as you move quickly through this challenge?

skin sensuality and intimacy; sexuality; may indicate health concern over skin problems; largest organ of the body; facing the outside world; appearance; saving your skin; a skinflint; in a superficial manner; watch out for a “skin game”; between the outer and the inner; protection; an animal skin is a symbol of power. What challenge might you get through just by “the skin of your teeth”?

skirt femininity; freedom of movement; sexuality; dancing indicated; passing along the edge of something. Who do you know who “chases skirts”?

skull may indicate health concerns related to headaches; sinus difficulties or allergies; ancestry and what you have inherited; rowing the boat all by yourself; a poisonous relationship; feeling pirated. What happened in your family history that is playing a role again in your life?

sky reaching for the upper limits of your potential; getting a larger perspective on your problem; able to see things coming from a distance; air is the element for sky; remember to stay grounded as you reach for the sky; something that comes “out of a clear blue sky”. What ideas are you trying to bring into the world?

slap insulted; doing things in a slap-bang or slap-dash manner; slap-happy; a short, powerful swing; knocking yourself out to make people laugh. What have you just slapped together?

slavery being taken advantage of; not liking what you do for a living; being plagued inside with “have to,” “should,” and “must”; living with a slave-driver. How are you bound by slavery?

slide easy departure; things sliding; going downhill; time to play with some kids; reaching home safely. Who is letting things slide?

slip losing your balance by not watching where you are going; being careless and moving too quickly; protection; the underlying issue is indicated; move smoothly or secretly; escape quietly; letting something slip; slip up and make an error; giving someone the slip; start new growth from an old plant or source; something that is slipshod. Who is throwing you off balance?

slope going downhill; easy movement; slight decline or incline in your feelings; feeling out of control due to changing feelings. When will you take a risk and hit the slopes?

slow a need to slow down; pay attention to details that could give important clues to your problem; watch for subtleties; replay past events; moving in slow motion; behind the times; a slow poke; someone with dark eyes. What part of your life do you need to replay in slow motion to see what is really going on?

smell the sense that has a direct connection to the brain’s memory centre, which is why a particular smell can return us immediately to that time in our lives associated with it; allow the smell to carry you back. What message from the past is this smell bringing to you?

smoke not being able to breathe; don’t let your anger build up; smoke a peace pipe with someone; health concern related to lungs and sinuses may be indicated; warning, “where there is smoke, there is fire”; smoking out something; putting up a smoke screen. What substances have you been smoking that are difficult to quit?

smother feeling smothered by something or someone; not having your own space; needing more air. What are you trying to cover up?

snail slow-moving, or going too quickly; living in a shell; carrying all your worldly goods on your back. What is moving at a snail’s pace?

snake transformation; changing the way you are and letting go of old patterns; shedding your skin; fear of change; sneaky; spiritual symbol; dangerous; biting remarks; warning that big change is coming; medical symbol for healing; watch out for that “snake in the grass”; special change and message indicated. Where in your life are you being threatened or tempted to do something?

snob feeling inferior; low self esteem; having to prove something; thinking you are better than others. Who do you think is better than you are and why does that bother you?

snow something is frozen in you; cover up; not able to move forward easily; feeling “snowed under”; watching too much TV; pure and white; you are a unique individual like every snow flake; snowmen are cold. Who is getting snowed?

soap cleansing; removing toxins; watch what you say because it can’t be taken back; a slippery road ahead; someone on their soapbox. Who is hooked on “soap operas”?

soaring extremes of emotion, feeling depressed, or elated; forgetful; not paying attention to where you are going; hurting other people’s feelings; being angry. Where are you sore?

soccer part of the team; not allowed to touch. Who do you feel like socking?

sock protection; hitting someone; warmth and safety indicated. Who do you know who has a wind sock?

soda bubbly and happy; drinking too much sugar; someone is “crackers” over soda. Who’s the soda jerk?

Sol in Roman mythology, the god of the sun; also identified with the Greek god Helios; heat source; a person named Sol or Saul; something to do with your son. (See sun and son) What is getting too hot for you?

soldiers authority figures; doing what you are told; obeying orders; acting without thinking for yourself; conformity; ants or aunts around; taking on responsibility; look out for the soldier of fortune. Who is being the good little soldier, looking for a medal?

sole getting to the bottom of things; take a walk; reference to soul; feeling alone; eternal life; special message from your spiritual inner centre. What would make you feel fulfilled at this stage in your journey?

son typically represents your youthful, energetic, idealistic and masculine side; heroic; impulsive; protecting; defending; a waking life son; someone who is like a son to you. ( See sun) What message is your young, masculine part giving you?

song happy; making “a big song and dance” over something; time to celebrate; a psalm. What did you get or give away “for a song”?

Sophist in ancient Greece, one of a class of teachers of rhetoric, philosophy, and ethics; a person of learning. What new learning are you doing or wanting?

soup afraid of getting involved in something you may not be able to get out of easily; fond memories of childhood; difficulty moving around; urban angst; beefing up your energy so that you can move faster, or have more impact. Who recently found themselves “in the soup”?

south down below; a young man going south; wanting a warmer climate; the Southern Cross constellation leads the way. Who’s the “southpaw” (left-handed one)?

spacecraft wanting to get away from it all; feeling overwhelmed and discouraged; desire to escape from mundane responsibilities; wanting adventure; not having enough of your own space; feeling “spacey”; a trip to inner space. What new discovery about yourself has seemed to appear out of nowhere?

spank fed up with your kids; having “a spanking good time”; feeling guilty about something. Who would you like to spank?

sparrow everyone and everything is important, no matter how tiny; going to the birds; feeling small and intimidated. What is your little dream bird telling you?

spear good aim; feeling victimized; feeling pinned down. Who is the target and who is the spear?

spectator just watching; not taking part; afraid to get involved. What do you need to jump into?

speech needing to say something; someone who talks too much; take a course in public speaking. What is the speech you wish you’d made?

spelling something spelled out very clearly; casting a spell on someone; feeling under a spell; doing your duty; filling in for someone; take a rest. Who loves being in a contest?

spending shopping to make yourself feel better; worries about finances; more energy going out than coming in; an emotional deficit; feeling spent; a spendthrift. Who is spending their way into oblivion?

sphere wholeness and perfection; surroundings; planets; heavenly bodies; our Earth. What sphere of influence is surrounding you now?

Sphinx in Greek mythology, a creature having the head of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of a bird; the Sphinx proposed a riddle to every passerby and killed those unable to guess it; an interest in Egypt; a lion/woman (lyin’ woman); a puzzling person. What is the riddle you have to solve?

spider strong spiritual symbol of the mother; pay attention to your instincts about life; devouring mother may be indicated; creativity; spending too much time on the world wide web. What kind of web are you weaving for yourself?

spill flowing; careless; taking a fall; don’t cry over spilled anything. Who spilled the beans?

spin a spiral; time going by; missing out on something; too many worries about wasting time; going in circles; taking a long time to tell it. What’s the hurry?

spiral feminine spiritual symbol representing cycles of death and rebirth; creative thought-processes, inspiring you to do something quite original; constantly increasing or decreasing. How is the expression “what goes around, comes around” familiar to you?

spirit in high spirits; gloomy and out of sorts; alcoholic drinks; spiritual messages from beyond; may indicate communication with someone has passed on and who has a special message for you; message from the spirit. What is the life-changing message that this higher power is conveying to you in your dream?

sponge soaking it all up; a special cake; someone “sponging” off another. Who is ready to “throw in the sponge”?

spoon a nice cuddle in bed; born with a silver spoon in the mouth; eating soup; making love in a silly way; a person who gets their words confused (spoonerism). Who is being “spoon fed”?

sport competition; trying as hard as you can; team spirit; making fun of someone; have “a sporting chance”; a sporty person. Who is not being a good sport?

spring a jumping-off point; beginning of something new; spring is in the air; love and romance indicated; things growing and developing; change and release from old ties; something has sprung a leak; not a “spring chicken”; having “spring fever”. Who is wound up as tight as a spring?

square symbol of wholeness; the four elements of earth, air, water and fire; the four directions, east, south, north and west; being logical and as straight as an arrow; a “square deal”; being square with someone; needing to square up; square dancing; having a square meal. Who is being a square?

squirrel running madly around; storing up for the winter; a fertility symbol in Japan; able to leap fearlessly, trusting that support will be there. Who is going a little “squirrelly”?

stab in the back; slander; anger and jealousy; fear; take a chance. Who is not getting the point?

stag a large proud male; going alone to a party; a men-only affair. Who’s the buck?

stage always performing; wanting applause and recognition; going through things one step at a time; making plans and carrying them out; stage-struck. What are you having stage-fright over?

stairs a precarious climb up or down; be careful where you walk; pay attention to each step you take; one thing leads to another; moving up in the world. Who is running up and down the stairs?

stallion male sexual symbol of power, ability and strength; instincts; the power of the body. Who is the stud?

stamp mailing a letter; putting your mark on something; frustration and impatience; being who you are, where you are; being assertive; angry; returning to your old stamping-grounds. What are you trying to stamp out?

star the heavens; a spiritual directional symbol; horoscope and birthday resolutions are indicated; heading for fame; seeing stars; thanking your lucky stars; star-crossed lovers. What would you “wish upon a star”?

statue immobility; inability to move forward; frozen and locked in; stillness. Who is treating you as an ornament?

stealing wanting something that belongs to someone else; feeling sneaky; selfishness; lack of caring for others; stealing away; a really good bargain; stealing someone’s heart. Whose permission do you need to get what you want and why can’t you get it fairly?

steam hot, healing and cleansing; reaching a boiling point; pushing hard ahead; running out of steam; letting off steam; steamrolling over people. Who is getting “all steamed up” over nothing?

steep in a precarious position; up too high; a steep price for something; give something a good soaking. What are you steeped in at the moment?

steps taking life one step at a time; moving forward; being careful about your next step; caution; keeping in step; someone out of step; taking steps to change things; stepping down; time to step on it; taking baby steps; a step-relative. Who is stepping up?

stew a mix-up; confusion; feeling lost amid the crowd; not standing out; blending in; anxiety and worry; a man named Stu; stewing in your own juices. Who is in a stew?

stick needing defense; having strong commitment; staying with something or someone because you promised; playing with a hockey stick; shake a stick at; living in “the sticks”; cheating on someone; wanting to stick around; something sticking out; a stick-up; stick figures; a stick-in-the-mud. (See Styx) Who walks with a big stick?

stiff health risk may be indicated; related to muscle tension and joint problems; acting stiff, as in being rigid or inflexible; unwilling to change; stiff-necked; a stiff penalty; a stiff decision; being drunk; a “working stiff”. Who is rigid and uptight?

stomach tension; poor eating habits; finding something really hard to take; difficulty in digesting new information. What are you having trouble stomaching?

stone symbol of the eternal, unchanging inner self; hard and unyielding; a heart of stone; a gravestone; a gem-stone; leaving “no stone unturned”; out-of-date; stone broke; stone deaf; only “a stone’s throw” away; a stony stare. Who is ready to cast the first stone?

storm difficulties ahead; feeling in a muddle with a group of people; strong emotions raging out of control; needing a trusted friend to help talk these feelings through; pay attention to this dream, because it is conveying a message to you about your inner self. What relationship in your life would you characterize as stormy?

stove you are going through a change by fire; hot issue indicated; warmth; memories of mother and family gatherings; feeling sentimental. What is getting too hot to handle?

straight having a goal and moving toward it; being on the straight and narrow; moving between two forces facing each other; conforming to the norm; time to act straight away. How can you be straighter about your feelings with the people around you?

stranger character representing part of ourselves we are just getting to know; describe the stranger and reflect how this description fits you; starting something new. How is your true life “stranger than fiction”?

strangling health concern indicated; air supply cut off; feeling overwhelmed; crushed by others’ problems. What is strangling you?

strawberries food allergies may be indicated; fresh and delicious; summery personality. Who do you know with strawberry blonde hair?

stream stream-of-consciousness; emotions; a steady flow; going with the current. What do you need to streamline?

student having something to learn; remembering your school days; time to start learning something new; taking something seriously; inexperienced. What is important for you to know right now?

Styx in Greek mythology, a river in the Underworld; souls of the dead were ferried across it into Hades. Who believes in Hell and how does that serve them?

submarine feeling enclosed and surrounded by emotion; going deep down into things. Who is sinking in deep emotions?

subway moving underground; something is changing in your unconscious; soon you will experience these changes in your life; one can go at this issue in a more subtle way; try a different route than the one everybody else takes. How do you feel when you take a subway and what could it symbolize for you?

suffocation someone is invading your space and not giving you enough room to breathe; you feel watched and followed around; not enough freedom. Who is smothering you in the name of love?

sugar being too sweet; saying sweet, empty words; wanting a “sugar daddy”. Who is sugar-coating things to make them seem more pleasant than they really are?

suicide suicide dreams can be warnings that you or someone close to you may be feeling hopeless, sad and depressed; seeing a trusted, qualified counselor is recommended; don’t be alone, talk about your sadness. What situation in your life seems hopeless to you?

suitcase wanting to escape; packing up; carrying around old resentment; planning a trip. Where do you want to be?

summer relief, joy and holidays; taking it easy; taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature; stress relating to family difficulties may be indicated; turning somersaults to please someone. What could you learn by reflecting back to last summer’s holidays?

sun reaching up; doing a lot of thinking and analyzing; finally coming out of darkness; dealing with some very hot issues; new things under the sun for you; put on lots of lotion; getting burned. (See son) Are you getting too much or too little light?

sunrise the beginning of something new; may be referring to son or dawn; hope for the future; stretching and feeling the pleasure of being alive. What changes are you looking forward to?

sunset things settling down; completion; closure needed; a time to rest; a son set in his ways. What is setting for you?

superman taking on too many responsibilities; trying to do too much at once; placing health at risk; placing burdensome expectations upon yourself; having two opposite identities. Who is behaving like superwoman or superman?

supermarket having lots of choice; nurturing yourself; someone great at marketing; needing to serve yourself; getting treats. How can you make supermarket shopping more agreeable?

superstar desiring fame; wanting attention; very high achievement goals; needing recognition; your dream superstar character has qualities you possess yourself, but are not acknowledging. How are you similar to the superstar of your dreams?

surfing wanting high thrills; taking risks; riding on the wave of the future; waiting for “the big one”; leaping when the time is right; feeling free. Who do you know who surfs?

surgery cutting away a part of yourself; rejecting your faults and mistakes; remember that no one is perfect; those parts you are rejecting have positive and helpful characteristics too; health issues may be indicated; changing your body or face to suit another; fear of an operation; looking at life-and- death issues. Who is about to receive surgery and how do you feel about it?

swallow a person who is small and bird-like; dainty and timid; taking something in without thinking it through; living in a barn; a message of spring; having to swallow words of anger; feeling overwhelmed and swallowed up. What are you finding hard to swallow?

swan a calm, serene, leader; the calm after the storm; family indicated; feelings of sadness; preparing to exit with a “swan song”; taking a swan dive; the swan is a romantic and ambiguous symbol of light, death, transformation, poetry, beauty and melancholy. Who do you know who is as graceful, and grumpy, as a swan?

sweat working hard; health issue may be indicated; related to hormonal shifts; anxiety and overworking the heart; women may experience night sweats during hormonal shifts at pregnancy and menopause; worry, fear and anxiety; breaking out in a cold sweat; enduring; having to sweat something out; working in a sweat shop; passion. What is causing you to break out in a sweat?

sweets not getting enough to eat; not treating yourself to modest indulgences; bitter-sweet; being sweet on someone; needing sweetening up; a sweetheart; whispering sweet nothings; someone giving you a lot of sweet talk; having a sweet tooth. Who is as sweet as could be?

swimming success indicated; take the plunge; dream play is good exercise; moving through difficult issues with ease and a clear sense of direction; staying on top; being comfortable while moving through emotional situations. Who is doing “just swimmingly”?

swing moving back and forth on an issue; indecision; feeling torn between two attractive offers or opportunities; you are difficult to pin down; someone is being hypnotic; making things work; in full swing; working the swing shift; remembering swing music. Who is getting swung around?

sword accuracy; defense; cutting to the heart of the matter; competition and winning; logic and cold analysis; a guardian of the magic sword of Avalon; capable of justice, fair defense and honour; at sword’s point with someone; feeling as if the sword of Damocles is hanging over you. What old attachments do you need to cut away?

sympathy feeling badly for another person; worried about the welfare of someone who appears to be a victim; sadness; agreeing with someone. For what part of yourself do you feel sympathy?

symbols making sudden loud music; applause for something well done; starting looking at the symbols in your life. What key symbols does your dream have?

symphony playing in harmony; making music together in a harmonious team environment; love and romance indicated. What instrument would you be in a symphony orchestra and why?

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