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table planning; coming to the table to talk, negotiate; making a decision; getting a group of people together; eating; family gathering indicated; family decision; reversing conditions, as in “turning the tables”. What decision can you put on the back burner for a while?

tablet holds special message; write down what was written on your dream tablet; something that has been true about you since before you were born. How might the dream be commenting on medication you are taking?

tag identification; knowing how much something is going to cost; marking something for later reference; catching up with someone; following after. Who are you playing tag with?

tail something behind you, following someone else around; the end of some thing; retreating with your tail between your legs; parting remarks; taking a chance on “heads or tails”; in a tailspin.(See tale) Who have you been tattle tailing about?

tale a falsehood; making up stories; honest expression of feelings, your life story. (See tail) Who is “telling tales out of school”?

talk talk can be cheap, action is what counts; gossip may be indicated; someone talking back; time to talk over something with a friend; someone has something important to tell you; lots of tall talk going around; talk it out; someone “talking down to you”; the talk of the town; “talking shop” too much; talk someone through some thing; time to “talk turkey”; someone “talking through their hat”. Who is talking too much?

tall your concerns are growing; someone or something is getting too big; you might be downplaying the magnitude of the issue; a tall order. Who has been telling tall tales?

tampon feminine health issue may be indicated; feeling blocked; repressed sexuality; concerns about menstrual flow. Who should see a gynecologist?

tango fantasies of Latin lovers; sensuous; daring; life may be getting dull. What have you recently dipped into?

tank strong, powerful force moving forward; something mowing down everything in its path; pushy, aggressive; seemingly indestructible; a large container; somebody “tanked up”; wearing a tank top. Who is built like a tank?

Tantalus in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and father of Pelops, whom he killed; he was punished by being provided with fruit and water, which receded whenever he reached for them; his name is the origin of the word tantalize. What is tantalizing you?

tap health concern related to urinary tract problems may be indicated; unable to stop the flow of a powerful energy; listen for warning sounds; a leaky faucet; something ready and “on tap”; time to tap into something; being tapped on the shoulder; a tap dancer; the bugle call for lights out, time to sleep...and dream. (See faucet) What opportunity is tapping on your door?

tapestry a colourful story told in embroidered pictures; lots of knots underneath the outer beauty. Who is weaving a spell around you?

tar feeling black and stuck; someone who has the same faults, as in tarred with the same brush; a sailor. Who do you feel like “tarring and feathering”?

target feeling singled out; being an easy target; getting your aim straight; be sure you know your target. What is your next big target?

Tarot related to the Tarot cards; fortune telling; symbolism; important message may be revealed in this dream about what is coming. What is “in the cards” for you?

tart a sharp, acid taste; sexual freedom; indulging in sweets; dress flashily or gaudily. Who is acting like a tart?

Tartarus in Greek mythology, a primeval god, offspring of Chaos; a part of the Underworld where the wicked suffered punishment for their misdeeds. Who has committed misdeeds against you?

Tarzan strong masculine figure; being able to accomplish anything; natural man who loves and communicates with animals; unafraid; a positive, protective inner masculine figure for woman; an empowering inner figure for a man who desires freedom of expression; need to return to the simpler life. What part of you is hearing the call of the wild?

tattoo identification; desire to tell the world who you are; symbol of bucking authority and conformity; wanting to be seen as daring, exciting, a rebel, risk taker; time to get back to your quarters; hearing the beat of your own drum. What part of you identifies with the Underworld?

taxi someone else at the wheel, controlling the ride; temporary ride; lack of commitment, pay as you go; fast pace; taking a while to lift off. Where could you let someone else assume the controls for a change?

tea tea for two; “tea and sympathy”; time for a tea break; a name that starts with T; herbal tea; drinking too much caffeine; four o’clock tea. Who are you tea’d off with?

teacher memories of being in school; instruction and tests; measuring up and achievement; competition rather than cooperation may be indicated; rebelliousness; having something to share and teach others; teach somebody a lesson. Where are you concerned that you are not measuring up to some standard of excellence?

tears repressed sadness; feeling sorry about something; mourning; regret and loss; not wanting to cry in front of others; loving to go to tear jerkers. How are your dream tears an expression of the sadness that you don’t want others to see?

technology keeping up with the latest inventions; needing to upgrade your computer or take a computer course; feeling bombarded with machines. Who is acting like an unfeeling robot?

teenager finding your own space; rebelling against society and authority; false bravado; feeling young again. Who is becoming a real “square”?

teeth a common dream symbol in which teeth may be falling out; could be time to see a dentist; may indicate that you are having difficulties related to self esteem and speaking your mind; also can mean loss of power, self consciousness and fear of rejection; not being taken seriously; being armed to the teeth; ready to fight tooth and nail; something that has “set your teeth on edge”; paying attention to details; chewing away at something. (See tooth). What would you really like to “sink your teeth into”?

telephone receiving an important message; having to deal with constant interruptions; being “on call”; communication indicated. Who have you been putting off phoning?

television you may be watching too much television and not paying enough attention to the dramas that make up your own life; time to be a star in your life; a vision is telling you something. What are you escaping from through television?

temper repressed rage; anger and frustration; acting cool when you aren’t feeling so inside; conscious acknowledgment of your anger will help. Who is the hothead?

temple a call to worship; sacred issues; there used to be dream temples where people studied their dreams; thinking; Shirley Temple. What is sacred to you?

ten ten to one, what you want to happen will; Ten Commandments; bowling; being tenth; ten people. (See number) What happened when you were ten years old?

tennis playing at love; all dressed in whites; a society game; getting a sore elbow; going to court. What’s your racket?

tent going camping; protection from the elements; getting back to nature; an oxygen tent; a wedding tent; portable shelter. How could you simplify your living conditions?

terror very concerned about something; extreme fear; repression. (See nightmare) What are you afraid will happen?

test performance anxiety; worries about failure; feeling unprepared; afraid of being put to the test; a test case; test driving something. Where are you being tested?

testament saying something very special; the truth for all time; telling others your philosophy; proof. What in your life is a testament to who you really are?

textbook learning; school; competition; worries about exams; getting good marks; studying either too much or too little; believing that textbook learning is all you need to know; a textbook case. Who is spouting off like a textbook?

Thalia in Greek mythology, the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry; one of the Three Graces; rich, plentiful. How can you gift yourself with more humour or poetry?

theatre art; wanting to perform; putting on an act; exaggerating a problem; not being honest about yourself; hiding your true self behind a mask. What role are you playing?

thermometer measurement; heat rising; feeling nervous, frightened; may indicate health concern related to fever. What is rising too high or going too low for comfort?

Theseus in Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon; he slew the Cretan Minotaur and was successful in numerous other exploits. What great deeds are you accomplishing?

thief someone you cannot trust but enjoy being with; someone you are “thick as thieves” with; stealing something. What has been stolen from you?

third feeling third class; coming in third; need to get into lower gear; feeling like a “third wheel”; number symbolizing conflict; concerned about Third World countries. (See three) Who’s giving you the third degree?

thirst not getting enough water; thirsting for knowledge; dried up. What do you thirst for?

thirteen still considered bad luck, but originally a lucky number; a founding group; living on the thirteenth floor; a woman's number due to 13 moons in a year How is your luck changing?

Thor in Scandinavian mythology, the god of thunder, weather, agriculture and the home; Thursday is named after him. What exciting things have you planned for Thursday?

thorn there is always something that doesn’t quite work out perfectly; a danger where there is beauty; a thorny issue. What, or who, is the thorn in your side?

Thoth in Egyptian mythology, a moon god; also the god of wisdom, justice, writing and patron of the sciences; Thoth was Ra’s messenger, which led the Greeks to identify him with Hermes; Thoth Tarot cards What message has your dream brought from your spiritual centre?

thread a precarious situation needs some support; link between two people is delicate; bringing two objects lightly together; a common theme running through your life. How are you threading your way through the obstacle course facing you?

threat feeling threatened by someone; anxiety and fear may be indicated; being worried about someone; having something valuable taken away from you. Who, or what, is a threat to you?

three one extra person; feeling awkward with a pair; three is the number of conflict, spirituality and growth; aligning body, mind and spirit; three strikes and you’re out; feeling confined in three dimensions; a three point landing or turn; life feeling like a three ring circus. (See third) What does “three’s a crowd” mean to you?

threshold at the very beginning of something; on the verge of a big change; a revelation. What is your dream telling you about a new undertaking?

throat speech and expression may be indicated; wanting to say something but being afraid; sing your own song; in a cut throat business; having something “rammed down your throat”. What is stuck in your throat?

throw being tossed around or aside; time to get rid of something; an ancestral throw back; someone throwing cold water on your idea; throwing good money after bad; throw one’s hand in; throw your lot in with others; throwing yourself at someone; throwing yourself into something; sick of something or someone. Who is throwing their weight around?

thumb going somewhere; travel may be indicated; thumbs up, or thumbs down; a thumbnail sketch; someone who reminds you of Tom Thumb; thumbing one’s nose at someone; clumsy, as in “all thumbs”. Whose thumb are you under?

thunder storm coming; difficulties ahead; fright and anticipation of the worst; excitement; repressed anger; stealing someone’s thunder; being thunderstruck. How might you take advantage of this powerful emotional energy?

tiara wanting to be treated as a queen; feeling special; needing attention. What can you do to make yourself feel special?

ticket permission to enter; a way to get in; overstaying your time; be sure you have your ticket with you. What is “just the ticket” for you?

tidal wave feeling caught up in overpowering emotions; repressing strong feelings; may be a premonition dream. What is changing so fast it threatens to overwhelm you?

tie feeling tied up in knots; joining to someone or something; feeling a bond; ending in a tie; a formal party; getting married; tied up with too many activities. Who is “fit to be tied”?

tiger connection with cats; feeling wild; telling you to listen to your instincts; tiger lily; in China, the tiger is a symbol of inner power. Who is acting like a tiger?

tightrope feeling delicately balanced; one wrong move and you fall; potential loss of footing; stay grounded and aware of what you are doing; tension and performance anxiety. Where in your life do you feel as if you are walking a tightrope?

time it’s about time; feeling you don’t have time to do everything; being ahead of your time; remembering the good times and the bad times; losing no time; some thing too time consuming; pass the time of day; a time honoured custom; having the time of your life; need some “time out”; Father Time catching up; wasting time; killing time; keeping to a timetable; acting at the right time; timing is everything; serving time; past, present and future What important activity do you have no time for and how can you “make time” for it?

tip feeling off centre; getting a hot tip; showing how grateful you are; something on the “tip of your tongue”; feeling tipsy; on the extreme edge; empty out the contents; something read to “tip the balance”; tip your hat; feeling you have to tiptoe around. What has happened that you know is just the “tip of the iceberg”?

Titans in Greek mythology, one of a family of giants who ruled the world before the gods of Olympus; Prometheus and Atlas were Titans who overthrew Uranus; also a person or thing having enormous size, strength and power. What big battle is going on between two powerful forces?

Titanic tempting the gods; end of a romance may be indicated; saying goodbye to someone you love; sadness; wanting adventure; feeling helpless; going down; out of your depth; something sinking. How are you like the Titanic; beautiful, tragic, expensive and “unsinkable”?

toast wishing someone well; get warm and cozy; eating a good breakfast. Who is “toast ”?

toboggan things feel as if they are sliding out of control; going down hill fast; childhood memories. Who are you rapidly going down hill with?

toe health issue may be indicated; inappropriate foot wear; aggressive; not taking no for an answer; fear of being left out; staying on your toes; having to toe the line. (See tow) Where are you trying to get a toe hold?

toilet flush out those toxins in your body and attitude; let go of resentments; stop having always to be in control. What is the worst that can happen if you let go of the need to be in control?

tomb fear of death; feeling buried; enclosed; held back; stopped. What part of your self have you buried?

tongue speech is indicated; wanting to say something to someone; being sharp witted; sensuality and sexuality; seduction; saying something tongue in cheek; someone needing a tongue lashing; the “cat’s got your tongue ”; feeling tongue tied; having your tongue hanging out for someone or something. Who is having trouble keeping a civil tongue in their head?

tooth continuing in spite of opposition, paying attention to details. (See teeth) What is “setting your teeth on edge”?

tornado emotions in a whirlwind; feeling buffeted by the strong emotions raging through you; unpredictable; a part of nature; natural for you to feel angry. Who is the tornado?

torture feeling tortured, either by your conscience or your circumstances; someone punishing you; health issues may be indicated; pain in the body; someone else in control; not wanting to scream out your pain. What is torturing you?

toupee covering up; vanity; a hairy situation; secretive. (See rug) What do you have “to pay”?

tourist wanting to travel; get away; this dream may be showing you a part of yourself that is foreign to you; feeling like a tourist in your own town; not going first class; visiting other people’s lives. When were you last a tourist?

tow needing help; being pulled along by some other force; a light haired person. (See toe) What are you towing along behind you?

towel mopping up the mess; drying out; dry up. How are you tempted to “throw in the towel”?

tower thinking and feeling may be at odds; you know what’s right, but your heart is guiding you in another direction; a change in your life circumstances; leadership indicated; standing tall and strong; inflexible; determined; something towering over you. Who can you lean on as your “tower of strength”?

town time for some entertainment; on the town; painting the town red; someone living in a town house; a memory of simpler living. What are you ready to “go to town” on?

toy playtime; enjoyment with children; feeling like someone is discounting you, putting you down, or minimizing you; treating you like an infant; even grown ups need toys. Who is “toying” with you?

track being stopped in your tracks; running after something; off the track; on the “wrong side of the tracks”; making a track record; you are on the right track. What, or who, have you lost track of?

traffic going around in circles; stress; feeling stuck in a jam; watching signs carefully; dealing with something illegal; communication. How are you going along with public opinion?

tragedy deep sadness about an aspect of your life; misfortune or accident; mourning may be indicated; exaggeration over an issue or problem. How is your dream showing you that something is not a tragedy?

trail falling behind the pack; marked path with turns, twists and surprises; nature walks indicated; being a trail blazer. How are you leaving markers along the route so you can find your way back?

train taking a course; going somewhere; being on track; following the prescribed route; going along with what everyone else is doing. How are you getting off track?

trampoline feelings of elation; freedom at last; joy; taking pleasure in physical sensations; freedom of movement; athletics indicated. What is continually going up and down for you?

transit taking a journey; going along with what other people think; conformity; being around other people when you want more privacy; check out a major planet now transiting your astrology chart. How are feelings about transit in the dream familiar in waking life?

transparent you can see through someone’s disguise; an issue is very clear if you just look at it; seeing through the facade; consider what you are not looking at; open and frank. Who do you think you are fooling?

trap feeling you have to do something that you don’t want to; being overly responsible and committed, but in the wrong places; someone smothering you; setting a trap. How are you feeling trapped?

trash part of your life that you are finished with; be careful you don’t “throw out the baby with the bath water”; often the parts of ourselves that disgust us most hold our uniqueness and divinity, so don’t be so hasty; a time to clean up. What are you trashing?

travel going to a new place; feelings of anticipation; a holiday; lack of commitment; a temporary stay; new horizons opening up. Where are you planning to go?

treasure you have some powerful talents that have not been developed; discovering some thing valuable and important; relief from poverty; prosperity indicated. What do you treasure most in yourself?

treat spoil yourself with a small luxury; not giving yourself enough pleasures; you may be ignoring and suppressing your desires for something better. What, or who, needs treating?

tree symbol of history, life and fertility; protection from a harsh environment; taking a firm stand; dependable; being sure and solid about where and who you are; as plentiful as growing on trees; Tree of Knowledge; Tree of Good and Evil; not seeing the forest for the trees, or vice versa; feeling up a tree. What can you learn from your family tree?

treehouse a desire for natural living; childhood memories; wanting to get away; stuck up. What did you learn in your dream treehouse?

trial being judged; feeling defensive; someone has accused you wrongly; you have done something with honourable intent but it has been denounced; trial and error; taking a “trial run”; being tested. Where are you being tried?

triangle three sided object symbolizing power moving to the top; special spiritual symbol, such as Maiden, Mother, Crone, or Father, Son, Holy Ghost; symbol of trinity and conflict as in “three’s a crowd”; visionary; a call to dinner; childhood music. Who is caught in a love triangle?

trick not knowing what to expect; someone having a laugh at your expense; someone is putting you down; at a disadvantage; expecting one thing and getting another; you don’t miss a trick; knowing the tricks of the trade; trick or treat; someone up to their old tricks; perhaps the trickster has come into your dream to teach you some basic truths. What might you be tricked into believing, when you know in your heart it isn’t true?

Trinity spiritual symbol; often appears to Christian dreamers; symbolizes the creative aspect, bringing a concept, idea or vision into the world; a sign for the spiritual seeker. (See triangle) What does the Trinity mean to you and what does its presence in your dream inspire you to create?

trip needing a holiday; nervous about a forthcoming trip; someone coming to visit; watch your step; time to trip the light fantastic; trip up someone; on a “bad trip”. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be, and why would you go there?

triplet three issues in your life are having an identical effect on you; good things come in threes; the body, mind and spirit connection. Who are the other two people similar to you and how are you different?

Tristan in Arthurian legend, one of the most famous knights of the Round Table; he loved Isolde, the wife of King Mark; their love is the subject of many stories and music. Who loves someone who “belongs” to another?

Trojan Horse in Greek mythology, a hollow wooden horse used by the Greek soldiers to enter Troy. What person, or device, has been planted to bring about an enemy’s downfall?

trophy a victory; a prize well won; something on display; an ego booster; taken as a remembrance. What possession is your biggest trophy?

trouble having difficulties because you’ve been doing something you know you shouldn’t; feeling “ganged up on”; taking the trouble to do something for someone; finding a trouble spot; being a troubleshooter; getting yourself into trouble. Who’s the trouble maker?

truck moving things around; moving from a residence may be indicated; feeling burdened; driving a truck; keep on trucking; having no truck (dealings) with someone or something. How have you been pushing yourself despite difficulties?

trumpet a loud call to listen; a call to action; to proclaim loudly; a hard of hearing person. What are you not saying that needs to be said?

trunk carrying a lot of emotional baggage around; not letting go of old hurts and resentments; old memories coming up for you to look at again; if an elephant trunk, it could be masculine sexuality; main part of your body; men’s trunks; car trunk. What extra baggage is your dream telling you to let go of?

trust could indicate difficulties with self trust; fear and inability to act; taking something on trust; something to do with a trust fund; having confidence. Who are you having trouble trusting?

truth telling the truth; being honest and straightforward with people in your life; trying to fool yourself, or others. What have you been lying to yourself about?

T shirt youthful appearance; feeling free, unencumbered; liberated; casual; getting a message across. What do you do in your daily life when you are wearing a T shirt and how does this connect with your dream message?

tub cleansing; relax; nurture yourself; have a beauty bath; an old, slow boat; a tubby person. What do you need to wash away?

tune listening to a tune; a desire to write music; being in sync with your col leagues and family; having intuitions about someone; in tune with your feelings; time to change your tune; can’t get that tune out of your mind; feeling out of tune; Looney Toons. What, or who, do you want to be more in tune with?

tunnel birthing symbol; going through a difficult passage; coming out the other side to freedom and joy; darkness before the light; feeling squeezed and tense; seeing light at the end of the tunnel; pushing your way through; going underground. Who has “tunnel vision”?

turban covering up your thoughts; protection; all wrapped up in something; foreign mystery. Who wears a turban?

turkey Thanksgiving or Christmas; special feast day; time to “talk turkey”; someone gobbling everything up; the country Turkey; going “cold turkey”. Who needs to settle down to business?

turn taking your turn; not knowing which way to turn; turning away from something; turn the other cheek; turn a deaf ear; turn down a proposal; turn a person’s head; turn an honest penny; time to turn in; turn in one’s grave; being “turned off” by someone; a “turn on”; time to turn over a new leaf; turn the tables on them; turn turtle and run; a turncoat about to appear; turn around and face the other way; it’s your turn now; a turning point; a good turnout; a quick turnover; getting stuck on the turnpike; going through a turnstile. Who is turning you inside out?

turquoise semi precious blue/green coloured stone; symbolizes healing and spirituality to the aboriginal peoples of North America; sacred stone of the Navajo, associated with natural forces and healing; the colour of the sea; may symbolize the conditions in your unconscious mind. What part of you needs the healing power of the turquoise?

turtle sticking your neck out; moving slowly but steadily; a symbol for the Earth; having a hard shell to hide in; yummy chocolates; watch out you don’t turn turtle and capsize; wearing a turtle neck sweater. Who is your turtle dove?

twelve a dirty dozen; a big omelet; a number signifying completion; wholeness; spiritual number; twelve disciples; twelve days of Christmas; twelve hours in a day or night; Twelve Tribes of Israel. What does twelve mean in your life?

twenty an age of change; moving out of adolescence and preparing for adulthood; two tens; which represent transition, making twenty a doubly significant number; seeing your life from a completely different perspective. What were you doing at twenty that’s similar to what your life is like now?

twilight something coming to an end; feelings of nostalgia; moving toward the finish of a project; softer perspective; mellow; romantic; interest in the twilight zone; partial narcosis, as in twilight sleep. What in your life is approaching its twilight time?

twin symbolizing a part of you that is opposite to the way you normally see yourself; a part of yourself that you haven’t acknowledged before; the blending of opposites; ideas and decisions; everything comes in twos; in Astrology, the symbol for Gemini; joining up with someone; seeing double. How would your opposite twin look and act?

twist feeling “bent out of shape”; a need to visit a chiropractor; do some yoga; peculiar ideas; unbalanced; twisting someone’s arm; distort the meaning of someone’s words. Who is trying to twist you around their little finger?

two going to somewhere; having too much; a couple; putting two and two together; a two bit person; “two can play at that game”; a two edged sword; someone two timing you; you two timing someone; worth only two bits; a twosome. Who is being two faced?

typewriter living in the past; an old reporter or writer; a writer of a certain type; you need to write something down; a resistance to computers; a limited memory. When did you last use a typewriter?

Tyr in Scandinavian mythology, the Norse god of war and victory; identified with Mars, Tuesday is named after him. What is special about Tuesdays for you?

tyrant being told what to do; having a lot of “should’s” coming from your inner voice; feeling pushed and forced to do something; being hard on yourself; judgmental. How are you being tyrannical with yourself?

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