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udder something needs to be released; you are expected to give something but you are waiting to be asked; needing to “utter” something. What might be “under” the main body of your life that gives you nourishment?

UFO something foreign in your life or body; acting in a strange manner; throwing plates around, being unable to identify something that is flying around you. What feels alienating to you?

ugly a rejected part of yourself trying to get your attention; paying too close attention to surface issues; a need to look deeper; feeling like an “ugly duckling”; not realizing your potential for beauty or talent. What is repelling you, but may have something valuable to teach you?

ukulele time for a Hawaiian holiday; relax. Who is stringing you along?

ulcer repressed anger; time to pay attention to whoever you are angry with and be more honest. What’s eating you?

Ulysses the Roman name for Odysseus, legendary king of Ithaca; shrewd Greek leader in the Trojan war who wandered for ten years after it; a space probe. What have you been doing for the last ten years?

umbilical dependency on others’ opinion of you; more independence is indicated; a pregnancy; time to cut the apron strings. What do you need to break away from?

umbrella need for self-protection; take a more positive attitude about things; get a broader perspective. How is the condition and colour of the umbrella symbolic of ways in which you are covering yourself?

umpire catch up on something; bend the rules a little; being called on a foul play. Who is the judge of hits and misses?

unable trying too hard; feeling limited; trying to do too much all at once. How are you underestimating or overestimating your abilities?

unaware pay attention to your loved ones; something important about to happen which will surprise you. What are you paying too much attention to that may be distracting you?

unbalanced a need to bring balance to your work and/or home life; being extreme in your attitudes, time to get centered. How can you invite the opposite of what you are doing or feeling into your life?

unborn new ideas forming; something not ready yet. What are you waiting for?

uncle you have had enough; someone who reminds you of an uncle. Who is “twisting your arm” and trying to make you do something you don’t want to do?

uncooperative not getting what you need; being too nice all the time. What part of yourself are you not cooperating with you?

under feeling down; look underneath the surface; under the weather; someone under age; speaking under your breath; going under cover; something right under your nose; getting under way; some under the counter dealings; feeling under a cloud;. What is hanging over you?

underground something going on under the surface; a change in lifestyle may be indicated; something being ground under; knowing a secret way to get out. How can you bring up what is underground and take advantage of its message?

underwear feeling exposed; taking care of details. What is your true identity underneath all that outer appearance?

undress removing your identity; taking off the mask; showing your true self. Who do you want to be?

unemployed working too hard; afraid of losing your job; not working hard enough; not doing what you want to do. Who do you know who is unemployed?

uneven not balanced; feeling that things are not fair; an odd person; not smooth sailing. How are you feeling cheated?

unfaithful feeling deceived; losing your faith in something or someone; making promises you can’t keep. How can you be more faithful to yourself?

unicorn magical basic instincts; phallic symbol; belief in the impossible; something with unusual medicinal properties. What special place would you like to visit?

unicycle doing too much alone; going around in circles; get someone else’s opinion. How are you peddling alone?

uniform not enough variety in your life; needing a change; you are not your clothes. Who wears a uniform, or when did you wear one?

unintelligible having difficulty making yourself understood; something not clear; a mystery. What do you need to know?

union wanting to be attached to something; belonging to a group who that protect your interests; loyal to your country. (See marriage) What do you need to feel complete?

unisex unsure of your sexual orientation; knowing we are all one; feeling one sided; wanting to be the other sex. Who dresses in unisex clothes and hair styles?

universe a BIG dream; wanting the whole thing; feeling expanded; being in touch with the source. What is at the centre of your universe?

university higher learning; more to learn; challenges; memories of being in university; someone feeling better than others; high achiever. What does having an education mean to you?

unload time to get rid of excess baggage in your life; take a load off your feet; rest; talk to someone; keeping a heavy secret. (See unpack) What do you need to let go of?

unmask time to remove your mask; covering up doesn’t work anymore; your true identity coming out; knowing the truth. What have you recently found out?

unpack the holiday is over; time to get organized; sort out the stuff you’ve brought back. (See unload) What do you need to unpack?

unplug too much energy around you; set it free; let your emotions flow; being plugged in. What is stopped up?

unprepared you have time for everything; avoiding something; doing too much for others. How are you unprepared, or unready for something?

unprotected needing protection; look at if you are being responsible in your sexual relations; feeling vulnerable. Who, or what, needs more protection?

unselfish doing too much for others; needing to look after your self more; being the martyr. Who needs to look at their motives?

unthankful resentful; given something you don’t want; forced to feel grateful. What do you want that you would be thankful for?

untidy resentful; too busy; not looking after yourself; not being in the moment. What do you need to take care of?

up thumbs up; giving more thought to your actions; thinking before you speak what’s on your mind; been feeling sad, or too optimistic about something; the jig is up; “up and at ’em”; up against something; on the up and up; time to get up; something is up and coming; up in arms over something; having ups and downs; up to date. What’s up with you?

uphill a struggle to get somewhere; you are moving in the right direction. What does your dream tell you that will make the climb easier?

upper being above it all; feeling lower than others; keeping a “stiff upper lip”; the upper class. Who has the upper hand?

upset losing your balance; a disturbance; something been overturned; a queasy stomach. What is being turned upside-down?

Uranus in Greek mythology, personification of heaven or the sky, ancient Greek god and ruler of the universe; the seventh planet from the sun having at least fifteen satellites. Who has too many things whirling around them?

urgent take more time to relax; rushing around; someone about to give you an important message. How are you acting hastily, when slowing down might give you a more balanced approach?

urine release of pent up emotions; take care of your health. Who are you “pissed off” with?

urn thinking of a person who has passed on; a social function with lots of tea or coffee. What have you earned?

useful needing help; feeling inferior; invention; making oneself useful. What is useful about your dream that will help you in waking life?

usher someone pushing you into doing something; showing you the way; going to the movies or theatre; you may have some legal problems; a wedding coming up. What new place or situation are you being ushered into?

uterus a place of growth and new birth; a warm safe place; be aware of your safety; discuss matters with your mother; someone pregnant; expecting something new. What is germinating in you?

utopia changes in your life; beware of people who are overly dependent on you to solve their problems; an ideal situation; wanting perfection; living on a beautiful island. What changes does Utopia suggest for you?

utter time to speak up; complete and total. (See udder) What is it you want to say or write?

U-turn something left behind; going too fast in one direction; time for you to turn; changing your mind quickly; illegal action. What did you forget to mention?

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