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waffle can’t decide about something; talking on and on; eating a good breakfast; home cooking. What are you having trouble deciding?

wagon childhood memories; on or off the wagon; really happy about something. Which star have you hitched your wagon to?

waist not making the best use of something; a halfway point; caught in the middle. (See waste) Who is waist high?

wait not time yet; overly concerned about your weight; staying up for someone; acting like a servant; ready to attack. (See weight) What are you waiting for?

waiter or waitress eat out now and then; serving and care-taking for someone. Who is acting like a servant?

walk time to slow down; get more exercise; use a wok for cooking; getting away from something; walking a thin line; on strike; to go on a “walkabout”; be careful what you are walking into; reconsider your walk of life; watch that someone doesn’t walk off with something important to you; walking on air. (See wok) Who is walking all over you?

wall closed in; feelings blocked off and unavailable; rejection; sadness; loneliness; barrier to get through; keeping something out or in; feeling as if you are climbing the walls; driving someone up the wall; some off-the-wall idea; building walls or tearing them down; afraid that some walls have ears. Who has put your back to the wall?

wallet identity change; financial difficulties; buying too much on credit; overspending. How have you been acting careless with something important and private to you?

wallpaper cover up; not standing out enough to get the attention you need; blending in so well you become invisible. What are you tempted to cover up?

walnut good furniture; nuts are good for you; a nutty person who bangs on your wall. Whose picture do you have on your wall?

waltz time for a romantic evening; old fashioned; the past; something of Walt’s; 1,2,3 .... do it. Who is dancing as fast as they can?

wand strong intuition about something that’s surprisingly true; hot, fiery feelings; something pointed out; hoping or waiting for something magical to happen; wands as in a suit in the Tarot Cards If you had magic wand, what would you make happen?

war suppressed rage; conflicting feelings about an issue that need to be resolved; depression; what you wore might be important; remembering a war; afraid of war-clouds looming; giving the war cry; experiencing a war of nerves; a war pension; a war widow; a war zone. How are you making a conflict so expensive and complicated?

warehouse homelessness; insecurity; loss; unable to find where you belong; a new life experience in store; bringing something from your past in preparation for this new thing; feeling in need of a home as in “where house”; looking for your true home. What are you storing up for the future?

wardrobe look at what your clothes say about you; adventures with a “lion” and a “witch”; sort through your clothes and recycle some. What new clothes might better express your new, and emerging identity?

warm sometimes our dreams incorporate a physical feeling and use this as a symbol for another thing; warming up to something; being given warmed up leftovers; feeling embarrassed; cozy and safe; cuddly. What situation makes you feel overly warm?

warrior fighting mad; protecting others; defending your honour. Who is being a coward?

wash needing to clean something up; changing the way you talk to people; feelings of failure; time to begin fresh; feeling all washed up; something now colourless; washing away something; something that will “come out in the wash”; a wash-and-wear type of person; washing your dirty linen in public; washing your hands of a situation; expected to believe something that “won’t wash”; a wishy-washy person. What needs a good cleaning?

wasp bad-tempered and spiteful; making nasty comments; needing to stand up for yourself; feeling safe and secure; feeling stung by another’s comments; a White Anglo Saxon Protestant issue. Why are you being so critical of yourself?

waste not using something appropriately; grief over things not accomplished; wasting your breath over a situation; waste not, want not; wasting words with someone. (See waist) Who is wasting their life?

waste basket throwing out something you might need to keep; concern over your waist; wasting something; wasting your breath; wasting words over something; wasting away. What do you need to get rid of?

watch warning; pay attention to situations that may not be what they seem; under pressure; time running out for something; feeling pressed for time; being watchful; taking your turn on duty; watching your step; someone watching you; in a watch tower; a special watch someone gave you; little reward for long labour. (See time) What time constraints are worrying you?

water deep feelings of love; events happening beneath the surface; look in unlikely places for the answers; water is a central and significant symbol in dreams symbolizing emotion or the unconscious; water behind a dam might might signify emotions being bottled up; stagnant water could indicate your emotional life has become stale or unhealthy; running water might indicate lively emotions, deep water, deep emotions; check if you are drinking enough water; casting your bread upon the water; something being watered down; making your mouth water; a waterbed; Water Closet (toilet); meeting at the water hole; walking on water; needs softening; water sport; it’s all “water under the bridge”; watercolours; a waterway; feeling waterlogged; waterproofed; a watery grave. How is the water in your dream like your emotions in your waking life?

watermelon summer memories; don’t worry about eating neatly; juicy; sweet. When was the last time you didn’t care if watermelon juice dribbled down your chin?

wave things will get better; be patient; unresolved issues from the past may be confusing your present-day problems; waving goodbye; riding the wave; on someone else’s wavelength; on a wave of success; letting go of a claim or right; having a heat wave; someone making waves; wave it aside, it’s not important. What is relentlessly coming back to you over and over again?

wax pregnancy; big life-changes that will mean letting go of something to get something even better; mourning; don’t be so hard on yourself; light a candle; something melting away; a need to soften up; put a protective coating on; being wax in a person’s hands; waxpaper; waxworks. What are you protecting and why?

weak acting pushy; afraid to take a stance; check all the links; believing there actually is a “weaker sex”; feeling weak-kneed; having a weak moment; finding their weak spot. What’s coming up for you next week?

wealth money worries; powerful; feelings of inferiority; fear of poverty; there is enough for everyone; deserving more. How much do you need to feel prosperous?

weapon armed and ready; defending or attacking. Why do you need a weapon?

web hooked on the Internet; deception; preparing a trap; feeling trapped; a web-footed creature. Who in the whole, wide world would you like to talk to?

wedding putting together people and/or things that are opposites; romance; a waking life wedding; important spiritual considerations; a union. What part of yourself do you need to know more intimately?

weed addictions; too hemmed-in; time to break out of old, stale patterns; boredom; a need to express wildness; something overgrown; it will grow anywhere; a widow, or widower’s, weeds. What needs to be weeded out?

weight there is a right time for everything; you have waited long enough; loaded down; concern over your’s or someone else’s weight. (See wait) Who isn’t pulling their weight?

welding joining two beings into one form; parents; grandparents; relationships. What needs to be brought together with fire?

well be honest about your sad feelings; tell someone you trust about it; check your health; wishes really do come true; something deep down that needs to be brought up; leaving well enough alone; a well adjusted person; well aware of something; well behaved; well born; well beloved; well chosen; well built; well connected; well done; well dressed; well endowed; well established; well fed; well heeled; well kept; well liked; well made; well mannered; well matched; well organized; well paid; well prepared; well read; well rounded; well spoken; well thought of; well used; well worth it; “well,well,well”. Who has been dredging up stuff from the past?

west wanting to go west; Mae West; the western hemisphere; getting away from it all; aboriginal wisdom tells us west is the direction of strength and introspection; the west coast. What is in the west for you?

wet training for a new position; drink plenty of water; a lack of enthusiasm about something; time for a change; someone being a “wet blanket”; having an erotic dream; nurturing others as a wet-nurse. Who is a little wet behind the ears?

whale stop keeping big things to yourself; relax and have some fun with someone you haven’t seen for a long time; crying won’t help. What part of yourself do you find lovable and at risk of extinction?

wharf ready to take a dive off the deep end; time to unload your burden. Who is waiting for their boat to come in?

wheat time to claim your rewards; ask for what you want; prosperity and a change for the better; food allergies. What is ready to be harvested?

wheel repeat performance of something you have done before; fulfillment; satisfaction; completion; take hold of the controls; something has come full circle; someone wheeling and dealing; wheel of fortune; feeling like a cog; wheels within wheels; doing stunts such as “wheelies”. Who is acting like the big shot?

wheelbarrow pushing or pulling a big load. Who is the big wheel that you are tired of pushing around?

wheelchair out of control; ask for assistance; drive carefully and take your challenges seriously; hating to stay put; feeling stuck. Who is struggling to do too much alone?

whip a painful situation; moving too fast; unable to defend; unfair punishment; someone likes “cool whip”; turn around very quickly; “whip-up” something; whiplash. Who is acting like the whipping post?

whirlpool going around in circles emotionally; getting pulled or sucked into something you are trying to resist. How is your life getting out of control?

whirlwind fast-paced; hectic. What is lifting you up and placing you on a new life-path?

whiskers covering up a part of your identity; making careful judgment. Who has whiskers?

whisper inner-voice messages; speak quietly if you want to be heard; telling yourself something that you are having trouble listening to. Who is the gossip?

whistle time’s up; getting caught “red handed”; attention-grabbing; as clean as a whistle; blowing the whistle on someone or something; wet your whistle; whistling in the dark; living in a whistle stop; a whistling kettle. What is demanding your attention?

white purity; innocence; blindness; hot; difficult to define; an issue is really hot; removing a piece; covering something up; a need to mourn; wanting to “white out” something; an issue being whitewashed; “bleeding someone white”; processed goods, as in white bread, white flour, white sugar; a white-collar worker; someone who wears a white coat; a white feather is the symbol of cowardice; a “white-elephant”; surrendering; white-knuckle fear; a little white lie; a white tie affair; whitewater adventure; a white wedding. What feelings are frozen?

whore not valuing yourself; selling yourself cheap; only a fantasy. What part of yourself are you selling?

wick burning up; center of things; passivity; waiting; the need to shed some light on something; annoyance; working your way down to something. What are you feeling stuck in the middle of?

widow(er) feeling abandoned; loneliness; a second chance. Who is afraid of being alone?

wife the “better half”; identity changes; commitment. Whose wife are you interested in?

wig cover up; acting insincere; illness; hair loss; acting another part. Who is concerned about losing their attractiveness, or their power?

wild angry; ready to attack; instincts running wild; illegal strike; sowing wild-oats; holding a wild card; authors Oscar Wilde or Stuart Wilde; the wild west. Who is wild and reckless?

willow time to put down roots; tension; boredom; making peace with a difficult person; bending with the circumstances; weeping; feeling droopy; lithe and slender; easy to grow; a blue Chinese pattern on plates. Where can you go to find the materials you need to begin your building?

wimp resignation, acceptance of things that you might be able to change; hidden anger; feeling ashamed for not speaking up; a need to be less aggressive; angry at someone for not defending themself. Where are your fearful feelings out of sync?

win afraid of losing; being victorious; win over someone; win the day; feeling that you can’t win; needing to be a winner in order to be accepted; a person named Win. What are you competing for and why?

wind unpredictable and surprising messages from someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time; unseen strength; change; going around and around; something beginning to wind down; not getting enough exercise; passing wind; getting your second wind; getting wind of something; figuring out which way the wind blows before acting; off like the wind; having the wind taken out of your sails; throwing caution to the wind; a wind instrument; wind power; a windfall; feeling tense and all wound up; to wind down; winding someone around your little finger. Who is the “wind bag?”

windmill low energy; false start; returning to basics; going Dutch; needing more energy; going round and round; alternate energy source; tilting at windmills by attacking an enemy that isn’t there. Where are you conserving your energy to meet your own needs?

window look out; be watchful; the eyes are the window of the soul and so are your dreams; open your eyes to what is in front of you; stop hiding behind a facade; something transparent to you; working on your computer too much lately.; something no longer useful and out the window; window shopping. Where is that window of opportunity opening up?

wine in mythology the nectar of the gods; a change in spiritual direction; change of heart; something to be transformed; experiencing an altered state of awareness; feeling sorry for yourself; a religious experience. Who is the whiner, or wino?

wing escape; having to get away from a situation; restriction of freedom; acting flighty; staying back behind the scenes waiting for your cue; someone under another’s wing; a desire to fly away; on the wing; stretching your wings. Who needs “a wing and a prayer”?

wink keeping a secret; flirting; a hint or a warning; a need to take forty winks; doing it in a wink; briefly seeing half the picture. Who is the big tease?

winter being stuck; feeling cold or indifferent to those who are having problems; time to cool down over an issue; something needs to rest for a while; cozy down; someone being unfriendly; time to hibernate and rest. How can you bring more warmth and sunshine into your life?

wire feeling wired and tense; walking a thin line; expecting a message; a wiry person; getting your wires crossed; being wire tapped. Who do you need to contact?

wisdom learning new things; being patient; take all sides into consideration before making your decision; a time to reflect back on what happened in the past that relates to the present; someone looking up to you; a wisdom tooth; wise woman How did you feel about your latest or a forthcoming birthday?

wish wishes coming true; a wishing well or fountain; making a wish a reality; make a wish and say it three times. What if you really get what you wished for?

wisteria climbing up the social ladder; a good time to make important connections in your community; smelling nice. Who smells like a spring day and is so beautiful you want to stare at them for the rest of your life?

witch magic; coincidental; amazing event; blaming; difficulty making a decision; the witching hour; having secret knowledge. What or who is bewitching you?

witness afraid of getting involved; being objective; getting a perspective on the situation. How are you observing life and not fully participating in it?

wizard powerful skill or insight; an old man with wisdom; look for the magic in your life. What wizardry is this?

wok eat fresh vegetables; watch the fats in your diet and get regular exercise; perhaps the answers you seek are in eastern philosophy; feeling as if there is a fire underneath you. (See walk) How can the Orient provide some answers?

wolf hungry; loyal to the family and tribe; community; mate for life; time to howl; eating too fast; being the hypocrite; call members of your family and plan a get-together; fitting in with your work colleagues; something wild and natural that is howling to come out; feeling overly protective; perhaps crying out for help too often; . who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?; struggling to keep the wolf from the door; a wolf in sheep’s clothing; wolf whistles; feeling as if you have been thrown to the wolves How are you protecting the young?

woman nature; mother; feminine values; liberation; woe to man. Who is the special wise woman in your life?

woman friend someone you love, admire and envy; confident; exactly like you, or exactly your opposite. How does this woman help you to form your identity?

womb being safe and in need of protection; containing something precious; don’t bring your project out for public scrutiny too soon. Where can you safely withdraw for a while?

wood being honest; acting self-conscious and feeling regretful; sleeping too much; out of danger; natural materials; not seeing the woods for the trees; too caught up in details; being wooden and unfeeling; memories of a woodshed; woodwind instruments; someone who works with wood; would. What are you making excuses for?

woodpecker noise-maker; persistence; irritation; communication; not being heard; beating your head to no avail. Who is being persistent and annoying?

wool cozy and warm; difficulty; struggle; daydreaming or “wooly thinking”. Who is trying to put the wool over your eyes?

word if you remember a spoken word in a dream this is probably a specific message for you; something painful; a promise made to a loved one; a warning; an argument; take back what you said; have the final say; come to the point; be brief; speaking for someone else; someone who broke their word to you; keeping your word; a person of few words; difficulty putting something into words; giving your word of honour; word of mouth; a word processor; a word to the wise. When do you not pay attention to what people are saying to you?

work feeling valued; getting something done; following through on a commitment; something pressing on you from behind the scenes; in the planning stages; getting rid of something quickly; the whole thing; getting all worked up; out of work; not working at what you like to do; working your fingers to the bone; stuck in the Protestant Work Ethic; a need to work out something; working wonders; a workaholic. Who is spending too much time on achievement and too little on leisure and relationships?

world focusing on petty issues; broaden your perspective; being more holistic in your approach; success; in high spirits; something wonderful; going on forever; feeling worlds apart; getting the best of both worlds; thinking about the next world; plans that are out of this world; wanting to travel and see the world; world weary; worldly wise. What have you learned about yourself lately that has contributed to your feeling more mature?

worm snobbishness; not acting down-to-earth; crawling around; wriggling out of trouble, or into it; another dimension; having a worm’s eye view; your life force is in all of you, so if a part is cut off you will survive. Who is weak and sneaky and great fish bait?

worn working too hard; getting too close for comfort; a warning; tired and weary; Warren. Who is all worn out?

worry a need to take action; being too passive; time to claim your own power; write out the worst that could happen and let it go. Why do you worry so much when you know worry never solves anything?

worship looking for a hero; needing guidance; feeling vulnerable and weak; going to a higher source. Who do you believe in, besides yourself?

worth lack of confidence; feelings of inferiority; start to value your time and your talents; you deserve the best; deciding what something is worth. What can you start doing that will improve the quality of your life?

wound healing; someone saying something that was offensive and you are having trouble forgiving; look for what can heal you; try relaxing; old wounds surfacing. How have you been working on forgiveness in your relationships?

wrap completion; protection of secret that is burdening you; taking the blame; a gift; keeping something under wraps; taking the wraps off; feeling all wrapped up in something. (See rap) What is all wrapped up?

wreath moving in circles; something twisted around; in mourning; remembering Christmas. What has encircled you?

wreck survival after a serious mistake; pay attention to your driving; see what you can learn from this mishap; somebody always seems to ruin it; a rec centre. What is left that can be salvaged?

wrench heartbreak; rejection; give it a good twist; move slowly. How are you having trouble letting go of an old hurt?

wrestle sexual feelings; struggling with a difficult issue; conscience might be bothering you. What needs to be brought under control?

wring being in a tight squeeze; frustration; a need to relax; feeling forced to do something you don’t want to do. (See ring) How can you be more assertive in stating your needs?

wrinkle problem brewing with a new project; conflict that needs to be resolved before proceeding; concern over aging. How are you working toward aging creatively and bringing your life-purpose to fruition?

wrist blocked creativity; time getting away from you. Who has been tying your hands?

write receiving an important letter or message; feeling right about something; cancel something by writing it off; write down your dreams; a writer; pay attention to the writing on the wall. (See right) Who have you been meaning to write to?

wrong having the wrong idea about something; time to re think an issue; needing to be right all the time; afraid of getting on the wrong side of someone; feeling someone can do no wrong; on the wrong side of the tracks; get started on the wrong foot; feeling wronged. Who do you need to forgive?

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